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Link stood in the ruins that was the Lon Lon Ranch. The stables and house were caved in, and the bodies of dead animals were sprawled out everywhere, droplets and puddles of blood surrounding him. Mr. Ingo and Talon's bodies both hung from the iron spikes of a faraway gate.

He looked straight ahead, and saw way across the dead field, Ganondorf stood there watching him as well. He had that same malicious grin as he did the other day.

Link glared at him. He had killed enough. This was going to be the end.

Link had then suddenly heard the flutter of wings, and a blue illumination surrounded the area by his right ear. When he turned..he was face to face with…

"N..navi?" He asked, amazed. The little blue fairy smiled sweetly at him.

"I had the feeling…that I was going to be needed…and I heard that you and Zelda were going to get married, so I decided that I had to come back," she replied. Link smiled at her.

"It's been so long…but the wedding will have to wait right now…we have a little…problem.."Link said, gesturing towards Ganondorf with his eyes. Navi eyed Ganondorf, then nodded.

"I can't do much…but warn you for when he comes…or cheer you on," she said quietly, slightly hanging her head.

"It's okay, Navi…I'll be fine," he winked at her, then turned back to Ganondorf. He pulled out his sword and slowly proceeded towards his foe.

He never kept his eyes off of him and by the time he arrived within feet of Ganondorf, he had brought on a new hate towards him. He gripped his sword tightly, and Ganondorf…disappeared?

Ganondorf had suddenly vanished into an eerie cloud of smoke before him. When it cleared, Link was standing there alone.

"LINK!" he heard Navi cry. He turned around quickly to see Ganondorf bring his sword down at Link.

Link dived out of the way, but had picked up on a bad cut up his arm, the arm that he carried his sword in. He should have known that Ganondorf was going to try something like that.

Link got up painfully, grabbing his sword in the hand of his aching arm, he flung himself at Ganondorf, missing another attack from him.

Ganondorf smiled wickedly as he swung his sword over and over again at Link madly, each time Link had to duck, and he kept backing away.

Link kept looking for a break in between Ganondorf's wild swings, but he couldn't. Ganondorf was going so fast, Link could only keep his sword up to protect himself from the massive blows that his opponent's sword was bringing on him. Link only hoped that Ganondorf would wear himself out, and soon.

Before Link had knew it, he had backed into the fence that was still standing. Now he wondered out of everything that WASN'T standing, why did this one object HAVE to be standing?! And before Link could do anything else, his sword was knocked clean out of his hand.

Link saw it land, and while Ganondorf went to stab him, hoping to finish Link off, Link dove down after his sword and grabbed it again. Even with his tight grip, he could still lose his sword..and he really needed it now if he was actually going to kill Ganondorf!!

Link suddenly felt a pull on the back of his tunic, and he then realised that Ganondorf had grabbed him from behind.

Ganondorf blasted Link over the broken-up corral, in which Link collided with it's destroyed iron fence. While he hurriedly struggled to get up, Ganondorf had blasted him again from behind, sending Link front-body first into a tree which had then toppled over.

By this time, Link was barely able to keep in consciousness. He slowly raised his throbbing head. He could feel his blood running from his mouth and nose.

Voices ran through his head…there was Ganondorf's laughing…the king scowling at him…Saria's voice from years ago, encouraging him…then there was Zelda, who was back at the castle confident with the thought that he was coming back. He couldn't let her down…not Zelda…not tonight, not before their wedding. They had waited so long.

It was then that his fuzzy vision had shown him that his sword was laying within arms' reach away from him. He had lost it again…how could he? He lifted an excruciating, almost-limp arm and reached for his sword. It wasn't appearing in his hand…why? He looked, it was still there. He stretched his fingers out, he pushed them, he swore that he could FEEL them stretch and grow into longer fingers. His fingertips touched the handle. The encouraging voices of Saria and Zelda came back to him…and Malon…he promised Malon! He could feel his fingers curve around the handle, and he slowly started bringing it back towards him, glad that he was back in the fight.

But his hopes were suddenly crushed, as were probably his fingers, for a large armoured foot had stomped right on his hand, forcing him to let go of his sword.

Link let out a deafening scream of pain and clenched his teeth. He stared up at the cruel, desert man who was still standing on his trampled hand, smiling. This horrid man wasn't ashamed..nor would he ever be…he was proud of himself. He thought of this funny. That same malicious smile stared back down at him. His eyes seemed to laugh hysterically at him and his dreams, his love for Zelda…everything, everyone was laughing at him. Ganondorf was finally satisfied. He had gotten what he wanted…Link to feel pain. Link at his mercy…

Link's death….

The last thing that Link saw were Ganondorf's cold eyes laughing mercilessly at him, as he brought down his sword into Link's now lifeless body laying on the ground.

Ganondorf looked down at the fresh blood flowing from the warrior's body. He watched excitedly as it dripped down his sword. He was like a child again, so easily amused, watching this little drop of blood, slide down his sword, drip off the handle and onto his finger, and to his other finger…and down the others, until the little drop finally fell to the ground.

He then laughed insanely when he realised that he was still standing on Link's hand. He got off, still laughing. Link couldn't feel any pain now, what was the point in still standing there?

Navi hovered from a far area behind a tree. She had seen everything. She had finally gotten to see her friend again before a major battle, and now he was dead. Despite the fact that she was tearful, she flew as fast as her wings could go and told a pair of anxiously waiting guards by the entrance to the town what had happened. One immediately ran to warn the other guards to keep a watch, and ran to tell the king and Zelda.

Ganondorf sat around for a while…just thinking. Now that Link was dead..he had no enemy…he had no one to hate…no one at all. But…he shrugged, he DID have a lot of pointless people in this world now to get rid of if they don't like him. And then there was Zelda.

He stared down at Link, then at his back-hand. Link looked even more lifeless when he had taken the Triforce of Courage from him…

Ganondorf laughed hysterically again. This was all so funny to him, he couldn't believe it. He then remembered that he still had the Triforce of Wisdom to get, and decided to get up and head to the Hyrule Castle immediately.

He dragged Link along with him all the way, even after they got into the town. People gasped in fear and ran in all directions, hiding and vanishing into houses to hide from the Evil King of the Gerudo.

Ganondorf looked at the nice set-up everyone had made. He knew right away. Link and Zelda? Married? HA! Not while he was around…he had made sure that Link's life was more of a living hell rather than a happy one. The two pillars in the centre of the town seemed very intriguing to him, and staring at Link again gave him an idea. The two wanted to be together forever…well, he was feeling quite 'generous'…he'd make sure they were together forever….

He slowly approached the pillar and attached Link to it with what seemed to be magical black vines that seemed to have thorns. He left Link hanging there and stared up at the Hyrule Castle and smiled viciously again. There was only one more…and the two of them would be together..just like they wanted…


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