Mind Opened Book

How It Began

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This story is somewhat based on the fifth book, SOMEWHAT. meaning O.W.L.S and other stuff. but mainly AU, the thing, where everyone thought Harry was ballistic about seeing Voldemort never happened. In addition, he never asked Cho out... and I think I am going to be mean to her in this fic... cause I hate her. 1st Warning... this is a slash fic... meaning male/male. Harry and Draco... still don't get it... your loss and don't flame me about shit. 2nd Warning this has swearing in it. 3rd Warning, this is my first attempt to write a Harry Potter fic.


As a 15 year-old Harry ran down the large corridors of Hogwarts castle, he pulled his robes over his pyjamas and tore down the hall to the dungeons. He had woken up late, and Ron didn't bother to wake him up that morning. He had stayed up doing the usual five-foot stack load of homework. Now, he was late for Potions, which was as bad already having Snape, but ever since Draco became a prefect, the Gryffindors had been losing a lot of points, and being late to a Slytherin-loving teacher, meant big troubles.

Harry pushed the doors open and everyone inside turned to look at the green- eyed boy. Ignoring the stares, he moved over to the bench where Hermione and Ron sat. He squeezed him in between the two, pulled out his wand, and placed it upon the table.
"What did I miss?" he whispered as Hermione answered.

"Nothing much really, Snape hasn't noticed you were away yet and has
been having a go at Neville-" Hermione stopped short as Snape caught
her eye.

"I see Potter has forgotten to change...." Snape said in his drawly
voice as the Slytherin side broke out in laughter. Harry squirmed
slightly in his seat and mumbled. "May I go get changed."

"You may certainly will not, and don't think I didn't see you sneak in Potter, 50 points off Gryffindor." Snape walked away, aware of the glares he was receiving from the Gryffindor tables. Harry slowly turned to Hermione as she mouthed a *sorry*.

"Today we will be doing a slightly different potion, and because
Potter has been late to class, only the Gryffindors will try the
potions." There was a sudden uproar of yells and groans. "What it will
do is, once you have consumed it, you will act of whatever you put
into the potions. Such as, if you put a frog's leg into the potions,
you will act like a frog for ten minutes. The instructions are on the
board and the ingredients are on my table, I will be choosing your
partner and it will be from different houses." Once again the
Gryffindor groaned in annoyance, the Slytherin table wasn't to upset
since they didn't have to drink the potion.

Snape looked around the class and named the pairs. "Weasley and Goyle. Longbottom and Crabbe. Granger and Pansy." Snape hesitated a bit before continuing. "Draco and Potter" the two boy groaned as Snape glared at then angrily before Harry got up and walked slowly over to Draco's table. Harry could hear Snape still going on with the rest of the class before he heard Draco sniggering.

"Love the broomsticks" Draco smirked as he caught sight of Harry's
pyjamas before he closed it from view with the rest of his robes.

"Should see the boxes, their a lion chewing up a snake." It was
Harry's time to smirk as Draco turned away and carried on writing what
was on the board.

"Since there are some pretty interesting choices on the table, I'm
letting you chose. Harry looked over at the table was frowned at the
labelled ingredients. There was birds feathers, puppies tails, donkey
hooves, kitten paws and pigs ears. Harry didn't really want to be any
of those but he thought the puppy tails was the safest. He walked over
to the professor's table, picked the scruffiest, and unmoulded one out
of the lot. He looked back at Draco as he put out the equipment and
began throwing in things into the cauldron. Harry went back to their
table and watched Draco carefully, in case he poisoned it, soon the
potion slowly turned orange.

"Harry!" Harry turned to the voice, and accidentally pushing a blank
scroll and a quill into the cauldron and it turned green while Draco
had left to get new ingredients. Harry saw Hermione holding a kitten
paw and she waved at him once she had his attention. Harry showed his
own puppy tail and looked over at Ron as he blew his feather into the

"Okay Potter, throw in what ever you got." Draco's drawly voice ringed
as he came back. -D- Funny I thought the potion was orange. -D- Draco
thought as Harry turned suddenly knocking the cauldron down. Some of
the potion had jumped onto Draco's face and into his mouth; he
swallowed a mouthful before he gagged. "You fuck-wit -cough- look at what you've done -cough-" choked Draco as Snape came up to see what was going on.

"What happened here?" Snape demanded as Draco tried to spit the fluids
into the sink.

"Potter knocked the cauldron down, and I think I've swallowed some."
Draco coughed some more.

"Did you put the main ingredient in yet?"

"No" said Harry as he held out the tail in his hand.

"Well, nothings going to happened to you then Mr Malfoy, take what's
left of the potions in the cauldron and cut the tail in half and drink
a mouth full of it." Harry nodded as Draco glared daggers at Harry
before he pour the rest of the potions into a bottle and added the
tail and the green liquid turned black. Harry hesitated before
draining the rest of the potions down and gagged himself into the

"See Potter, it isn't *that* bad." Draco raised a brow at him as
Harry's head turned to face him and he gave him a low vicious growl.
-D- Is that the potion, or does he usually growl like a dog -D-.
Suddenly Draco heard a little voice in the back of his head.

-D- Bloody fucking git-- Oh, kitty, chase, kill, die!-D-

"Huh?!" Draco whirled around looking for whom ever it was making that
voice. Draco shrugged his shoulders as the class broke out laughing as
they watched Ron flap his arms for his life as Hermione tried to claw
at him as she pounced up and down on the table while Harry was still
on the ground, on all fours trying to reach for Hermione, barking
away. Again, Draco heard the little voice.

-D- Aww... can't reach the fur ball, hey where's my tail? -D- Draco
spun round again looking for who ever was talking, but everyone was
over the Gryffindor side of the class watching the little group making
a fool of them self's.

The class broke into another fit of laughter as Harry tried to bite Neville who was also on all fours oinking away. Apparently, the four were the only one's who had drunk the potions, and Harry soon came back to his senses and stared blankly at the class with bits of robes in his mouth and his leg behind his ear. He spat out the robes and looked over at Hermione who seemed to have a mouthful of red hair.

"Oww! Hermione, what's the deal?! Biting at my head like that?" Ron
yelled at Hermione as she coughed out a hairball. She then did a
complicated flick with her wand and the missing patch of hair on Ron's
head grew back.

-H- Dumb fucks -H- Harry heard Draco's voice.

"Keep your mouth shut Malfoy!" Draco looked at him funny.

"I didn't say anything" -D- What's he's problem?-D-

"Your my problem!" yelled Harry as the class stared at him.

"Harry, why are you yelling at Draco when he didn't say anything? Not
that I'm defending or anything." Ron asked.

"But he did say something"

-D- What did I say anyway?-D-

"There, he's doing it again!" said Harry as he pointed a finger at

"Harry, he never said anything" Hermione said as she pushed his arm

-D- I think Potter's going crazy, maybe I put to much slug slime into
that potion, now where's that chocolate cake I stole -D-

"Huh?" -H- the hell, when did Malfoy learn to speak with his mouth
closed? -H-

"I don't speak with my mouth closed..." said Draco suddenly and Harry
looked up at him funny.

"What did you say?!"

"I said, that I don't speak with my mouth closed" Draco repeated when
Harry lashed his arm out and dragged Draco out of the class. No one
had noticed the two left, not even Snape, but Hermione and Pansy did.

Once outside, Harry hauled Draco against the wall.

"Ow, what?!" Draco recoiled and slumped against the bricks.

"You can read minds" Harry said flatly and Draco looked at him

"What kind of a game are you playing at Potter!" Draco spat as he
pulled him-self together and was about to leave and Harry pushed him
back by the shoulders and kept him from moving.

"I'm not playing any games. Tell me Malfoy, what kind of evil scheme
are you doing now? What kind of Dark Magic did you put on your self to
read minds?" Harry yelled at the blonde-haired boy.

"I wouldn't use any Dark magic even if I wanted to, there are sensors
every where in this fucking school, and I'm not stupid enough to try
and do something like that." Draco yelled back as he tried to push the
other boy's arms off his shoulders but Harry was to strong.

"Come of it Malfoy, your caught now." -H- Can't he just drop the act

"What act!?" shouted Draco as Harry let go.

"Hah! You did it again, you can't deny it now Malfoy."

"Deny what?!" Draco looked blankly at him. -D- What in the bloody hell
is he going on about. I haven't done anything to him yet -D-

Harry's eyes suddenly widen as he slumped to the ground, Draco looked down at the black haired boy. "What the hell, are you doing Potter?"

"I think I just read *Your* mind" Draco's eyes widened as realization
struck him.

"We can read each other's mind?" Harry scoffed at him.

"What the hell have I been trying to tell you before?"

"You were trying to frame me for something I didn't do" said Draco as
he folded his arms.

"What do you mean? Its your fault that this has happened to us, you
stupid git !" Harry yelled at him before getting up and walking back
into the class, Draco scowled as he followed Harry to their seats and
found him starring at the ground. "What now?"

"T-that's my scroll and m-my quill, they were in the potion." Harry
said, stammering slightly.

"Oh, so this was your fault the whole time, and you were the one
blaming it on me." Draco's infamous smirked played at his lips.

"You're the one proberly threw them in! You proberly wanted to-"

"Think about it Potter," Draco cut in "If it was the scroll and quill
that gave us mind reading powers, you'll be the one drinking it in the
first place, not me!" Draco yelled as Harry gave him a quizzical look.

"You wanted to make the potions do something else to me if you haven't
had drunk it!"

"Come of it Potter, I would have no idea what would have happened! And
like I would want to read your mind anyway." Draco sneered at him in
disgust. Harry stared blankly back at his archenemy and back at the
soaked scroll, and thought.

-H- Well, blondy, you don't have much of a choice now. -H-

-D- BLONDY!??!-D-


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