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Prologue: Good bye my child

Galadriel of the Noldor sat gracefully on a carved wooden bench. Her long elven legs tucked up beneath her light and slender body. A long robe hung off her shoulders and covered her entire in ripples of satin and velvet. Golden hair fell lightly down her back and formed waves in the hood of her travelling cloak.

Newly arrived to this land she had yet to set the boundaries of what would become the Golden Wood. Lothlorien, a land where elves could sing in joy at their freedom. A land that would never feel the evil touch of death and decay. The giant Mallorn trees would grow forever, reaching unfathomable heights within the canopy. This land was in age second only to the Forest of Fangorn to the South West. Yet this land was by no means less ancient. This land was old before the great deluge that flooded Beleriand, and was even old when the second born, man, first took a breath in the air. Now the land had found a worthy ruler. An elf maiden as fair as the land itself and the land had taken no time in showing the elf its secrets, for in its heart the forest of golden trees knew that the elf had immense power. Yet no more power than the small babe she held in her arms.

The forest took a giant breath as Galadriel moved her arm from within her robe and pulled out a babe from within the folds. Slowly pulling back the material wrapped around the child she smiled as the babe woke from its Spirit induced sleep and let out an elvish gurgle. The forest let go of its breath, and sound resumed, for unknowingly everything in the forest had stilled when the babe was revealed. Bird had stopped flight, squirrel had stopped climb, the entire forest waiting for the babe that would come to rule.

"Awake my Little One." Galadriel said to the child. "You must leave this land, yet you will return when the time is needed."

Pulling the soft material off the child she held the babe naked to the soft wind and carried it towards her mirror. Placing the child in the water she stepped back as the babe pulled itself upright. "Bathed in the tears of the earth and dried by the breath of the wind. You will be sent towards the future, where no evil hand of this earth can reach you. You will return when you are needed most. I pray that time is long coming. Good bye my child." Galadriel said as she raised the small babe in the air again, this time with a long sword and a letter.

Brown almost black eyes met blue, as the stars aligned correctly. "Go now my child let your elven nature be hidden from wary eyes, and let your power be strong." With this a glow surrounded the babe and in the blink of an eye, child, sword and letter vanished. Not to step foot on this shore again in over 4000 years.

Far away in a far distant time, an empty crib was filled. A mother lost to grief from a dead child stared in wonder at the babe staring up at her. Taking the letter she read it carefully. Looking back at the small babe in an instant she saw the dark brown eyes flash black, and rounded ears turn pointy. Believing the letter she did not want to test her luck. For this night a child had been given to her to fill the hole in her heart.