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Epilogue: Happy Families

The evening sun carried light across the Undying Lands; the air was cool after the scorching heat of the day, offering relief for all the residents of the palace. The day had been spent lounging around by rivers and streams, occasionally dipping in for a swim to cool off or to indulge in some childish play.

One girl however was not out in the sun all day; instead she lazed about in the shade of a large tree, its leaves blowing gently in the wind. Two horses lay at her side, the stallion was large and black, his muscles rippled even in his relaxed state as he casually grazed the grass around him. The other was female and more delicate; she had a shining white coat. Two opposite points on a spectrum. The white mare raised her head from the black flank of her partner as a gentle whicker came from next to her. Lying between the two horses was a small filly, a pure bred Mearas. Her coat was a soft dappled grey, not the shining white of a normal Mearas, but then with Moridin as a father it was no surprise.

The foal stood up and sorted her legs out before nipping her father playfully on the ear. She jumped back instantly before butting him, wanting to play.

"I think she wants something Moridin." Amy said laughing as the filly trotted over to her and snuffed at her face.

"I'm up. I'm up." The black horse said heaving a huge sigh and standing up to his full eighteen hands. "Come on little one I'll race you to that tree and back."

Amy laughed as she watched the dappled filly leap in joy at her father's engagement in her game. The mare next to her blew through her nose and shook her head in resignation. As if to ask whether her mate would ever grow up.

"I'm afraid not Folara. Yet Mimic definitely brings out the best and worse in him."

Mimic was the filly's name as she copied everything that her father did and followed him everywhere. She was an intelligent foal and occasionally Amy felt the soft whisperings in her mind that led her to believe that she would eventually be able to speak in her mind to people.

Amy looked down at the small bundle in her own arms and hoped that she would bond with the filly in a few years to come. The tightly wrapped bundle gave a small hiccup and flailed fists around wanting to be held closer. Amy obliged and undid some of the wrappings and held the small baby girl to her chest where she started suckling greedily. The baby quietened down just as Legolas came and sat at her shoulder.

"How is she?" Legolas asked sitting down next to the dark haired girl. The baby, hearing her father, broke away from his mothers breast and reached towards the blonde elf. Obliging Legolas took the baby girl out of Amy's arms and bounced the girl on his lap.

"Fine now it isn't as hot. I don't think she liked the heat earlier." Amy said smiling softly at the blond elf and their tiny daughter.


"I am not going father! I do not want to go! You cannot make me!" The young girl said staring angrily up at the blonde elf in front of her. Her crystal blue eyes blazed with power and annoyance.

"Carnil you will come in for your lessons now." Legolas said standing firm in front of the small girl in front of him. Her black hair was shining and her slight form was quivering in anger. He could make out the form of her bonded; Mimic, in the background, the dappled horse keeping well out of the way of the father and daughter argument.

"I do not want to go in for my lessons! They are boring and grandfather said that Wing did not go to his lessons either so why should I?" Carnil said.

"I do not care what my father said; we are talking about you not my brother. Come in now." Legolas was losing his patience and there was nothing he could do about it. Now he finally sympathised with his father.

Enraged as he was he did not notice Amy walk up behind him, amused with the whole situation. She loved watching these arguments they made her feel warm and loving towards her family. Still she agreed with her daughter on this one, the lessons were so boring she could barely stay awake when she decided to sit through them, but she was not about to tell Legolas that.

People believed that the blood of the Maia was too dilute in Carnil for it to have much power, yet Amy knew different and had been training her daughter for a few years now. Now seemed like a good time for the young dragon to show the world her power.

"I am not going in father and that is final." Carnil said catching the look her mother gave her over her fathers shoulder. She brought her hands up behind her back and clasped them together and flames danced in her fists.

"As the Princess of Mirkwood you shall go to your lessons!" Legolas said.

"I do not think that I shall ever see that land so I do not need to go to those Valar forsaken lessons!"

"Language!" At this point Legolas noticed that his daughter was smirking slightly. To his horror he saw her beautiful blue eyes, which she had got from him; darken to a deep midnight blue. He took a step back as her smirk changed to a manic grin.

Carnil brought her flaming hands before her and started running at her father. Legolas being sensible turned and ran as fire lanced from his daughters finger tips.

Legolas' bellowing yell filled the air. "Carnil!"

The smell of smoke wafted back to Amy as she imagined that part of her husband's tunic had gone up in flames. She smiled as Moridin's head came over her shoulder followed by Folara's, who had bonded with Legolas. Mimic came out of the trees and tossed her head in amusement.

"Happy families." She said as Legolas yell came through the forest again.

The three horses and the girl laughed.