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~+~ A Forgotten Friendship: a friendship that was not so forgotten after all ~+~

Sango walked into school rolling her eyes as she heard the usual ranting of Kagome and Inuyasha.







but by now shes gotten used to it it's been going on for as long as Sangos known her "they been doing this long?" Miroku ask walking up behind her "yeah all morning" Sango told him just as he groped her ass



everyone was used to that as well "ouch sango dear" he said as he was getting up while rubbing his red cheek "houshi how many times have I told you DONT.TOUCH.MY.ASS.AGAIN!!!!" she yelled at Miroku which only caused people to stair as if they were'nt already from Inuyasha and Kagome

"Inuyasha just get outta my face!!!!" Kagome screamed "how 'bout you get your ugly face outta mine" Inuyasha shot back "UGHHH!!!!!! Inuyasha just leave me alone!!!" she said on the verg of tears "i'll be happy to" Inuyasha said walking away hand in hand with Kikyou

Kagome had just spotted sango and miroku over my the door and soon walked over to them "Gods Sango I hate him" she said as she leand her head on sangos sholder "oh its ok kagome-chan he's nothing but a jerk anyway" sango said useing her free hand to knock Miroku out

"Miroku you're his bestfriend...." she paused for a min before going on she really didnt like useing the word 'bestfriend' because thats the title that Inuyasha always gave her when he was with his friends and kagome done the same with him

but now everything was different because of Kikyou "yes kagome-chan?" Miroku asked "well you're his bestfriend why do you think he hates me now?" the gray eyed girl asked "well im not sure kagome but just give it time im thinking that it has something to do with kikyou you know?" Miroku asked looking her in the eye

yeah he knew better then to grope kagome because he knew that if he did Inuyasha would come after him no matter if he was mad at kagome or not "I guess you're right" Kagome said before giving up and going to class

sango watched Kagome walk away quietly knowing that she better leave her alone you know give her time to fume "hey Miroku what was kagome talking about 'why do you think he hates me now?' what does all that mean?" sango asked "nothing sango kagome will tell you when shes ready lets just say there are some unforgotten memories between them two" Miroku said

'and whats that 'pose to mean?!' sango thought to herself Miroku went to class leaveing a very dumbfounded sango in the hall

~~**~~ Inuyashas prov.~~**~~

what did I just do? me and kagome used to be the best of friends I dont know what could've happend have I really changed that much since I met kikyou? NO! Kikyou is the best thing for me right now kagome just tried to change me this way is much better "Inuyasha whats wrong?" I heard kikyou ask me "uh nothing im fine" I just lied to her the woman that I love

ack did I just say love?! "Inuyasha are you sure?" Kikyou ask "uh yeah fine see?" I put on the fakest smile you've ever seen

"you better not be thinking about her Inuyasha!" Kikyou yelled "no kikyou im not thinking about that wench" I said as I kissed her neck

~~**~~ end Inuyashas prov. ~~**~~

Kagome was walking down the hall on her way to math class when she ran into something or should I say someone "Oi wench watch where you going!" Inuyasha yelled "nani?" Kagome was so deep in thought that she didint see Inuyasha right in front of her "I said watch where you're going!" he said once more

"oh gomen Inuyasha gomen" Kagome said ready to walk away when someone grabed her around her waist "NANI!?!?!?" she yelled "shhh kagome-chan dont worry its only me" the person whispered in her ear

"DONT TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagome yelled knocking poor Kouga on the ground

he groned in pain as he was standing up "well thats kagome for ya I should know i've known her long enough" Inuyasha said laughing "Inuyasha you stay outta this!" kagome yelled at him

and she walked away "well" Kouga said "thats what you get for turning your back on her you know you were they only person she could trust and now look what you did to her she's heart broken" Kouga said while smirking

Inuyasha look hurt I mean he didnt wanna stop being friends with her he didnt have much of a choice really it was either that or he couldnt go out with kikyou and in this case his choice was his girlfriend


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