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~+~ A Forgotten Friendship: the nightmare that tells all ~+~

Naraku made his way to kagomes bed and stood over her. He was about to touch her when a voice rang out

"don't you dare!" he yelled they all turned around only to find Inuyasha

"if you touch her I promise you will pay...with your life"

"now Inuyasha dont do anything you might regret" Miroku said

"yea Inuyasha dont hurt Naraku" sango eyeing him slowly

"he doesnt mean any harm to kagome" she said tring to calm him down "yea Inuyasha I dont mean any harm to poor kagome" Naraku was trying to regain his trust

"Naraku im warning you leave her alone" Inuyasha said showing teeth that caused naraku to back up "ok Inu ok I wont touch her I promise" he said and sat down in a near by chair Inu was at ease for a while

"she sleeping?" Inuyasha ask moving over to her "yea she got tired after awhile and I also tryed to get inside her head" Miroku said sitting down keeping an eye on Naraku something just wasnt right but they didnt know what it was "again?" Inuyasha ask all Miroku could do was roll his eyes "yea Inu again im trying to help here hello?!" he said very annoyed

Inu chuckled "yea Miro I know did she freak this time?" he ask "yes Im afraid so she might have some very unhappy dreams though" this caused Inuyasha to sigh "what do you mean 'some very unhappy dreams'?" he ask taking her hand in his

Inuyasha looked very old at the moment as if he had no sleep he could barely keep his eyes open "I mean she didnt take it so well knowing that we all think that Kouga tried to kill her she was so upset that she went back to her old ways" he said taking a pause

Inuyasha looked at her with concern "she was saying something about her oldself making a return and helping you she didnt want you to leave her again like you did when you met Kikyo...she wants you to stay with her like it always was. Kagome and Inuyasha where one was the other couldnt be too far behind you know?" he ask

Inuyasha looked at him knowing what he meant he knew what kagome was talking about and he also wanted that back 'I never meant to hurt you kagome im sorry' he said to himself then sighed "I didnt mean to hurt her" he said out loud "we know" sango said "she just wants you back she missed you dearly" sango ended

kagome was in a state of dreams while all that was going on she was thrashing about in her mind but her body was calm...

~enter dream~

kagome was walking around in a dark ally as if she was looking for someone "Inuyasha? Miroku? sango? Sesshomaru?" she ask but no answer she turned around face to face with kouga 'wait a min' she thought 'he wasnt there a few mins ago' she thought to herself he grabed her by the arm

"LET GO OF ME" she yelled pulling back

"No, Kagome I've waited far too long to let you go now..." he said pulling harder Kagome was scared she had never seen Kouga act as he was acting now.

"Kouga what has come over you?!" she all but yelled trying to free herself

he smirked "the question is what hasn't come over me" he looked into her eyes for a moment "kagome for years I have liked you and yet nothing now I am taking it into my own hands you tore out my heart and stepped on it while you gave yours to Inuyasha" he said growling

"you're wrong" kagome said in tears "I dont love him...." she said wiping her eyes with her free hand "kagome you are lying you love and but sadly you dont love me" Kagome looked into his eyes seeing no emotions 'theres something wrong this isnt the kouga I know...' she thought to her self

'his eyes are more like....oh no it cant be!' she said in her mind "now I am making sure you never love again...if I cant have you then no one will" he said grabing her up and taking her to a near by room

"why you would love someone no something so distasteful is beyound me" Kagome screamed "I DONT LOVE THAT JERK!" while kicking free she ran and she ran until she hit something or someone.....

"Kagome are you ok?" the voice ask

"....." no answer

"Kagome answer me are you ok?!" it yelled

~end dream~

Kagome awoke in a startle "kagome are you ok?" Inuyasha ask holding her hand "dream....nightmare...kouga something not right" she was panting "breath" sango said going over to ger her some water "here drink this" Naraku said taking the cup from sango and trying to give it to kagome

she looked at him 'those eye....THOSE ARE THE EYES KOUGA HAD!' her mind screamed she just stared at him like a deer stuck in head lights "here kagome drink this..." he said once more

"n...no thank you" she said still hypnotized with those same eyes how she wondered why....she couldnt answer those simple questions something wasnt right and she was gonna find out wither it killed her or not


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