A Hylian Quest by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: Okay, this will basically be a re-telling of Lord of the Rings (probably just the Fellowship of the Ring storyline for now) except in Hyrule, and with original characters from races such as Zora, Goron, and Sheikah that play the role of LOTR characters!

This is not a simple rip-off or LOTR script with changed words, it will evolve into its own story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns Lord of the Rings and Shigeru Miyamoto owns Zelda.


Chapter One

The sun fell warmly on the verdant Kokiri forest. It was a sleepy, slow summer day and several small inhabitants of the town were preparing for the Festival of June.

One particular Kokiri boy was still fast asleep in the lofty perch of his tree-house. Someone's sudden calling roused him from his innocent slumber:

"Come on, Malin! It's already nine o'clock! We have to get ready for the Festival of June!"

It was Hadwin, his longtime friend. Malin appeared on the porch of his treehouse as he waved and scampered down to join his fair-haired companion.

"I'm glad that you're finally awake, Malin, because now we can start to hang the banners and then---" Hadwin was cut off by two other Kokiri children tumbling headlong onto him.

"Oh, sorry about that," said one of them, a curly-headed boy named Ossian. He grinned sheepishly and helped up his companion Sean.

"Yeah, we didn't mean to. We was just lookin' for a cricket to put in the salad!" Sean exclaimed, a devious grin on his face.

"Well, don't go scaring Malin like that," said Hadwin, making sure that the smaller Kokiri boy was all right. Malin smiled peacefully, glad to be with his friends.

The four Kokiri boys were involved in a game of frenzied tag when they heard a faint movement behind them.

"Long time no see, eh Malin?" came a weathered, friendly voice.

It was Osred, a tall and powerful Sheikah. He smiled benignly and went over to greet Hadwin, Sean, and Ossian. They alll grinned widely as they saw the bearded man appproach.

"How have all of you Kokiri been?" he finally said after the four youngsters had settled down around him. They did not answer at first, still consumed in the pleasure of seeing their old friend.

"We've been wonderful, Osred. It is almost time for the Festival of June, you know," said Malin in his quiet manner. Osred grinned widely and nodded.

"This is precisely why I came back to the Kokiri Forest, Malin my boy. I came to visit you, and several other friends from long ago," he said in a voice like a friendly fire popping.

"Tell me, Malin, where is old Hyman?" asked Osred. Malin pointed towards the main table of the festival, and Osred got up and slowly walked over. Sheikah were not often slow, but as they got older, they liked to enjoy life at a different pace.

Hyman turned his snowy head towards his visitor and nearly dropped the plate he was holding. Apologizing to the people who he was conversing with, Hyman then rushed to embrace Osred.

"You finally came, Osred, and it is time for the Festival of June!" exclaimed Hyman. Even though he was technically a Kokiri child, Hyman was so old that his hair had begun to turn white.

"Yes, I have, old friend. Who is the master of festivities this evening?" he asked in a curious tone.

"Why, I am, of course," returned Hyman proudly.

The bright day eventually dwindled off into warm dusk. The Kokiri children stood about, watching the stars appear over their heads. Osred and Hyman leaned back and reminisced of their adventures from times gone by.

"Do you remember that time when we went to the Great Zora Hall? There are many fables about those creatures of the sea, and we actually got to meet them," said Hyman slowly as he chewed a piece of grass. Osred stood to his feet and walked to the center of the crowd.

"Now, which one of you Kokiris wants to see some magic?" he asked in a grandfatherly tone. Everyone cheered heartily, and with a flash Osred disappeared into the air. He reappeared in the tree-branches above the crowd and then waved to them.

Hyman grinned and turned to see Malin and Hadwin. Hadwin was quietly eyeing a young Kokiri girl with long brown hair. Her name was Wynne, and she was the most popular Kokiri girl of them all.

"Hadwin, why won't you go and talk to Wynne? You and her might end up getting married some day, if you'd only talk to her," said Malin. Hadwin blushed profusely, saying:

"No, no, she'd never marry someone like me. I'm but a mere pottery salesman, a lowly little chap." Malin shook his head.

"You are a loyal friend and companion, Had, and not a lowly chap," he said with a kind grin.

When the festivities had ended Osred went back to Hyman and Malin's treehouse. The ancient Sheikah smiled as he took out an old, worn tome and began to read by the dim firelight. He was reading a tale called: Tales of Hyrule and its People.

"You know, Hyman, there is something odd going on in the main city of Hyrule. There is talk of a mysterious stranger called Balor, someone who is attempting to steal the Triforce," said Osred, looking up from his book.

"The Triforce? Is that not the triangular artifact of the gods?" gasped Hyman in astonishment, his eyes glowing with a familiar light.

"Yes, Hyman, and you know very much about this Triforce. You once tried to get a piece of the artifact yourself, didn't you?" asked Osred curiously.

Hyman looked down into his hands, smiling with a twisted grin. He looked quickly up at Osred and shoved his hand back into his pockets.

"Why, no, I never did such a thing. Why would I want the Triforce of Courage?" he sputtered, then stopped in mid-sentence. He had said too much.

"How did you come across the Triforce of Courage, Hyman?" asked Osred, his eyes bright with anger. Hyman nervously licked his dry lips and then dropped something out of his hand.

It was a flat, two-dimension triangle medallion of a bright golden sheen.

"I will take this!" shouted Osred as he took the powerful object off of the ground and glared at Hyman. "How dare you lie to me about such an important issue such as this? Balor will search for the other pieces of the Triforce, and he will come here!"

Hyman shrunk back into the corner, terrified. Osred looked at him and then froze. He sensed a malevolent force outside of the treehouse, on the forest floor.

Teleporting quickly to the ground, Osred looked about in the obscurity. He could see a dark stallion, and upon its back a jagged silhouette against the moon.

"Give us..... the Triforce...... Hyman has the Triforce..." it hissed in an unearthly tone. It was a Shadow Sage.

"Be Gone!" shouted Osred, conjuring a spell and sending the Shadow Sage flying backwards into the darkness. It sped away on the stallion, most likely back to Balor.

The danger was not over.


end notes: Okay, I will try to update this soon. In the meantime, tell me how this crossover is with LOTR and the Legend of Zelda.

Just to let you know, Balor is an evil Fomor warlord from Celtic mythology (that's where I got this name), and

Malin is Frodo

Osred is Gandalf

Hyman is Bilbo

Hadwin is Sam

Ossian is Pippin

Sean is Merry.

This will not exactly follow the story of LOTR, but it will basically be a retelling.