A Hylian Quest: Chapter 2

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For those of you just starting to read this fic, it is a Zelda/Lord of the Rings crossover with original characters filling in the roles of LOTR.... basically a retelling of Lord of the Rings. It will be a bit different, I suppose...

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Anyway, here are some of the roles assigned:

Malin = Frodo

Hadwin= Sam

Sean= Merry

Ossian= Pippin

Osred = Gandalf

Hyman = Bilbo

Wynne= Rosie

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"Osred, wh-what was that?" asked his Kokiri friend. Hyman lay on the ground, trembling at the night-piercing shrieks that came from below the treehouse.

"It was a Shadow Sage, and it seems that Balor is alive and well. He has servants everywhere, and most likely he has arrived in the main city of Hyrule," Osred said gloomily. He sat down but was greeted by shadows that were thrown across the doorway.

"Malin, come in. Hurry," said Osred. Hyman looked from Osred to Malin, still speechless. The bearded Sheikah took Malin kindly by the arm and sat him down.

"Malin, your uncle Hyman is going to take a journey. He is going to see the Great Hall of the Zora," Osred explained. Malin's bright eyes were filled with curiosity and a deep sadness.

"Why do you want to go there, uncle?" he asked in an innocent voice.

"For many years I have longed to revisit the people of the Sea. I am getting old, and the Festival of June has ended. So now I will head out of the Kokiri Forest," he said in a wistful voice. Hyman could hear the waves gently playing on the shore, almost musically, and he could see the swift white fins of the Zora, powerful as they swam, nearly commanding the ocean.

"Zora? I always wanted to see them too, Uncle Hyman. But isn't it dangerous to go out alone, away from the forest?" Malin asked with a furrowed brow.

"It may be dangerous, but it will be one of my last journeys. How I love the ocean," said Hyman serenely, his voice trailing off. The white-haired Kokiri began to pack a small bag for his week-long journey.

"Before you leave, Hyman.... you must leave the Triforce of Courage here," said Osred quietly. Hyman nodded and pulled the shining triangle from his pocket with effort, a great dismaying sadness in his eyes as he gave it to Osred.

"You will be missed," Osred said as he and Malin bid Hyman farewell, each embracing the Kokiri. Hyman climbed out of the treehouse, humming to himself the song that was written about the Zora long ago:

In the ocean dwell the creatures

White of fin and swift of movement.

Masters of the waves, diving children of the deep.

Swim, O Zora, reach the distant ocean.

And when you reach that edge, tell me what you see.

Oh, cross the waves and return to me,

And tell me what you see.

"Now that he has left, the Triforce of Courage must remain hidden. It cannot be safe here in the blissful Kokiri forest; only creatures of power and wisdom can guard it," Osred mused, aware that Malin was listening.

"I'll follow Hyman," said Malin in a small voice. He already missed his jovial uncle, the one living relative that he knew of.

"No, you are too young to go alone," said Osred in a fatherly voice. Malin frowned, then added, "When I reach the Great Zora Hall, they can keep the Triforce there," said the Kokiri softly.

"Malin, why do you insist on going on these dangerous adventures? You are too much like your uncle," the Sheikah said with a smile.

"I guess that I am... but I want to go. I want to hide the Triforce forever from Balor, so that he will not destroy the lands of Hyrule," Malin said determinedly, taking the golden object.

"If you go, Malin, you will need fellow travelers. I know of one already---" he said loudly, pulling down Hadwin from the ceiling beams.

"I saw you there, Hadwin the pottery-maker. I knew that you were listening to us," said Osred fiercely.

Hadwin's eyes were wide with fear. "Please don't hurt me... I don't know anything of what you're talking about," he sputtered, then added : "Well, I did hear about Balor and a quest and something about the Triforce."

Osred glared at him. "I knew it."

Malin smiled as Hadwin watched in fear. Osred eventually smiled, but then became serious.

"You can go with Malin on his journey to the Great Zora Hall, for I know that you are a trusted companion," he said. Hadwin nodded, still slightly confused.

"Malin," Osred said, turning to the young Kokiri, "You must head directly for the main city of Hyrule. I will meet you in a few days at the Inn of Ailanthus," he said.

"In the days before we meet, I will try to find out information on the Triforces of Courage, Power, and Wisdom. Hold the Triforce of Courage carefully, to your heart. Do not let the Shadow-Sages get it," Osred directed. He smiled before throwing down a cloud of smoke and disappearing.

"What is going to happen?" Hadwin asked Malin. Malin looked at the bright object in his hand, the fine gold catching the fiery candle-light.

"We're going to leave tomorrow morning," said Malin in a firm voice. He was glad to not be journeying alone, though he would prefer more company.

The sun crested in the sky early the following morning. Malin had prepared a few packs for himself and Hadwin, and had three extra bags ready in the case of a few extra travelers.

Hadwin met him at the base of the old treehouse. His brown-haired friend smiled unsurely, not wanting to leave the comfort of the green forest.

"Malin, maybe we can get your cousins Sean and Ossian to come with us," Hadwin suggested. Malin felt uneasy; his cousins were notorious troublemakers but they did have adventurous spirits.

"Sure," he replied, heading towards their huts. Ossian did not wake until Hadwin threw a bucket of water over his curly head, and Sean had to be dragged out of the covers and out the door.

"Wake up, you two," Malin said loudly, smiling. Sean blinked, looking about himself.

"Where are we going? I don't want to miss any feasts while we're gone!" Ossian groaned, feeling a distinct thirst for some ale. Sean also frowned, grumpy at this time of the morning.

"Both of you stop complaining. We have to help Malin," Hadwin said sternly, glaring at the two.

"Where are we goin'?" Ossian asked, scratching his head.

"To a city in Hyrule," Malin said. "We're going to meet Osred there," he added.

Ossian frowned a little, knowing that Osred didn't approve of his mischievousness all of the time.

"I'll go, as long as they have a nice tavern there," Sean said loudly. Ossian agreed, and the four Kokiri children approached the exit of the forest. Beyond these woods were the fields of Hyrule, the open land where danger often roamed, even in broad daylight....

Malin lead the way, handing a bag to each of his friends. Then he put one small foot into the green shadows, feeling a summer wind touch his reluctant toes. Then, with a deep breath, the Kokiri child walked out into the blinding sunlight of Hyrule Field.

All of them gasped. It was so open, so..... bright. Swaying golden grass stretched in every direction, and a faint path could be seen through the grass.

"Let's follow the path," exclaimed Malin as they walked for several miles across the field. In a matter of hours they tired out, and the sun's light was waning in the west.

"We have to be careful, Malin," Hadwin warned. An eerie wind zipped across the grass like some primeval, erratic melody.

Ossian shivered and Sean chewed on a piece of old bread. Malin clutched the Triforce of Courage inside of his pocket. For some reason, he felt it being placed in his hand, and his fingers instinctively curling around it. He brought out the Triforce piece and watched it catch the sunset in its golden surface.

"Put it away, Malin. It's not right to have such a desired object so obviously uncovered, even here," he said softly. Malin did not respond. He was mesmerized by the triangle, so much so that he did not notice the thundering hoofbeats that came behind them.

"Look out! It's a rider on a crazed horse!" shouted Hadwin, shoving Malin to the ground. Ossian and Sean also dove out of the way. They turned to see a rider with a concealed face. His cloak was dark and his horse was a stallion the color of night.

The horse turned around to follow them, but Sean spotted a small boat in a narrow stream. "Come on! This river might lead us to safety!" he shouted, untying the boat and helping Ossian and Hadwin in. Malin still held the Triforce of Courage loosely as it shone in the twilight.

"Malin! Put away the Triforce!" Hadwin yelled as he pulled Malin into the boat at the last minute. The Shadow Sage turned away from the Kokiri children, its steed frightened by the sudden appearance of water.

"Where are we going?" asked Malin weakly as he put away the Triforce.

"We're heading towards the main village of Hyrule," said Ossian. He had heard about this boat from Hyman once.

They all huddled closely in the boat, and Malin began to softly sing fragments of a song from the Kokiri forest:

Maybe someday I'll leave the forest

Instead of tending to the gardens...

Maybe I'll sail far away

And then return on a distant day.

I'll have seen the world in those traveling years,

Seen lands of wonders and of fears.

I'll tell of the Great Zora Hall

And how I answered the ocean's call.

I'll have climbed the Goron's montain

And seen the Great Fairy's fountain.

Oh, on that bright and distant day

It's in the forest I'll forever stay!

"That song takes me back to my childhood," Ossian said with nostalgia. The Kokiri chattered quietly until Hadwin suddenly stopped talking.

There, on a rock beside the river, sat a Zora. She wore a shimmering dress of aqua-blue and her face was more human-like than fish-like. Her eyes were a deep sapphire and the fins on her arms were of purest white.

"What's she doing here?" murmured Ossian as he watched the Zora woman in the darkening twilight. She sang a low and tumbling song with the rhythm of ocean waves.

The Zora looked up at them for a moment, and she seemed to look into their souls with her large eyes. She did not smile but merely watched them, forever still. She watched the Kokiri children pass before they sailed off into the night.

Her song continued until they could no longer hear the words of the Zora.

All of the Kokiri children sat in awe, amazed that they had seen a Zora by chance, during their escape from a Shadow-Sage.

The four of them sailed down the river until they reached the banks of a small settlement just outside of the main City.

"Let's find Osred," said Malin as he and the others climbed from the boat.


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