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~2 year after Hitomi left from Gaea to the mystic moon~

It had been 2 years since Hitomi had left Gaea to the mystic moon.

"I miss you so much Hitomi." Van said to himself sitting on the damp rooftop. "One day I know you'll come back to me. I'll be waiting for you." He said looking up at the luminous mystic moon, which looked beautiful in the mysterious night sky.

"You really miss her a lot don't you?" Van jumped at who was questioning him a turned around quickly to find Millerna smiling at him warmly.

"Damn it Millerna don't sneak up at me like that."

"Sorry, just wanted to check up on you. I was worried." She said sitting down next to Von.

"Well I'm fine. You don't need to worry."

"Oh but I do. You haven't eaten well lately. You need your energy and I've noticed that every night you go up here. Von you know you can talk to me anytime you want."

"I don't want to talk about anything. Like I said I'm fine and you don't need to worry about Me." His voice rose higher than before.

"But." Millerna was cut off by Van that was now shouting at her.

"Fuck off Millerna just go away. I just want to be left alone ok."

"Well excuse me for being worried." She got up and began to walk off. 'I love it when he's angry.' She thought to herself with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

"I must pull myself together. I'm putting my anger on Millerna and she hasn't done anything wrong to me. Man, I need a shower." He got up from the spot he was sitting on and headed to the shower room

~Shower room~

Van entered and turned on the shower not knowing that someone was watching him from the open door. Taking in every single detail of his wet, well built body. 'Damn he's so hot. I want to touch you like no one has ever touched you before.' She thought gasping a bit. 'How I wish I could fuck you senseless, so senseless that you wouldn't even know you were being fucked. If only I can kiss you from head to toe. That, day will come. I guarantee it.'

"Shit he's coming out." Malerna said aloud and ran out of the room.

"Is anyone there?" He came out of the shower and put his towel around his waist looking around and no one was there to be seen. "I swear I just heard Millerna's voice. Must be my imagination."

~Van's room~

Van put his sleeveless top and his brown trousers back on and fell flat on his bed. "Maybe I should just forget about you Hitomi. You probably found someone already and forgotten about me. Well, I guess this is goodbye." Von said softly closing his eyes so the waterfall of tears building up wouldn't slide downs his cheeks. He wiped the tears that finally slid down and got up from his position to switch off his lamp. He pulled his cover up to his waist and fell deep into peaceful siesta.


Millerna slowly opened Van's door quite quickly knowing that he would be asleep. She tip toed unhurriedly towards his bed and took out two handcuffs. She locked one of the handcuff on each wrist to the bedpost and positioned herself on top of him. Van felt quite a heavy weight on top of him. He squinted his eyes and gradually opened it completely and gasped at whom he had seen.

"What the fucks do you think your doing?" Van shouted. "It's 12.50 in the morning."

"I want you Van and I know you want me too." Millerna said sounding drunk.

"No I want Hito." Millerna placed her hand on his lips.

"Your gonna be mine Van."

"Have you been drinking?" Millerna ignored Van's question and ripped off his red sleeveless top and began placing kisses down his broad chest. Van let out a long moan. He tried to get up but the cuffs were keeping him down including her weight. Millerna tugged his trousers down and his boxer shorts. She moved herself lower and began circling her tongue around the end of his manhood. Van was moving about like crazy from all the pleasure he was getting from her. 'Hitomi never made me feel like this before' he thought. He didn't want to feel like this but he couldn't help it. He felt so lonely for the past few years and wanted a little comfort. Millerna smiled at how he was reacting and knew she was winning him. She unzipped her pink frilly dress and slowly began brushing herself against van. He felt a jolt in his stomach and felt the urge to touch her all over and kiss her as wildly as wild can get. She removed her silky black bra and panties and rubbed herself again up and down his chest. Van couldn't take anymore of this and arched his back up yelling,

"Ok I want you badly just take these handcuffs off!"

"I knew you'd come through." Millerna grinned wickedly and took the keys from the pocket on her dress and unlocked the two handcuffs. Van smiled at her and placed his hand on her curved hips. Van moved Millerna closer to him and thrust his erected shaft inside of her making her moan so loud that her moan echoed around the room. She lowered down to him and brushed her breasts hard against his chest up to his mouth allowing him to suck one biting it gently then moved to the other one sucking it as if he was a vacuum sucking up dirt. His trust grew even harder making her moan even louder. The headboard banging into the wall gradually banged even faster and louder as the pace became faster. Sweat coating them became more obvious to see as they moved in perfect rhythm.

"Millerna you don't know what you're doing to me." Van yelled as she slid her fingers through his black silky hair. This was driving him wild. He began kissing her slipping his tongue inside of her mouth wrestling each other madly. The final strong thrust was set making her scream.

"Yes!" Millerna yell as she collapsed on top of Van exhausted. The sheets were sticking on to them.

"D-that w-was amazing Millerna. You k-know, you're h-hard to say no too." Van panted and stuttered at the same time while stroking Millerna's hair.

"I guess it's a talent." Millerna looked up at von and smiled at each other forgetting about Hitomi both fell peacefully asleep.

~Next Morning~

"Hitomi I'm glad your back." Allen said.

"It's glad to be back Allen. I've missed all of you. So where's Van?"

"He's probably still asleep." Allen answered.

"I'll go and surprise him then with the presents I bought for him." Hitomi said smiling.

"He missed you a lot you know."

"Yeah I missed him too but now since I finished school on earth I can now stay here longer."

"That's good."

"Yeah, I'm going up to see him now."

"Ok then. See you later." Hitomi headed upstairs to Van's room. She wore a white sleeveless top with a red flower on it and a pink mini skirt. She had now grown her hair past shoulder length and has grown much taller. She had a big smile across her face and opened the door.

"Van I'm ba...ck." her eyes were wide looking at the sight of her good friend and her boyfriend kissing so passionately.

"Van." Hitomi said almost whispering.


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