This is the last chapter of this story. Anyway, I am 13 years old. Bet you didn't think I was that young! Please don't let that stop you from reading my stories! Anyway, this Saturday, I will be leaving for New York and will not return until next Sunday, so expect a new story or update next Monday. I can't wait! My grandparents in New York are going to spoil me rotten! Anyway, enjoy the last chapter of the story! -Yuugi-chan

It was Sunday and the last week of school. Yami had a large red mark on his cheek because Yugi's mom was now deathly afraid of Yami and had gotten into the habit of slapping him with whatever she was holding at the moment whenever he appeared. This made things a lot easier on Yugi, who didn't have to be distracted whenever Yami asked questions of modern-day things he had never seen or heard of. He was to busy nursing his wounds inside his soul room. The principal avoided Yugi and anybody associating with him for fear of them having an alter ego. Another good advantage because now Yugi could start food-fights in the school cafeteria.
The week had gone by so fast and it was now Friday night. Yugi was laying in his bed wide awake with excitement at the thought of tomorrow being the last day of school and the start of summer vacation. Yami appeared by the windowsill, rubbing his still red check.
"You happened to stop by when Mom was cooking hamburgers for dinner, didn't you?" Yami asked, now thoroughly amused.
"Unfortunately, yes," replied his other, "She hit me with the thing she had in her hand- What was it called again?"
"The hamburger flipper?"
"Ah yes, the hamburger flipper. Anyway, it was still hot and she nearly burned my skin off!"
"Well, at least she only got one layer of skin this time. That's a big improvement over last time."
"Yes, but by Ra it HURT!!!!"
"At least you didn't get splashed with the cooking oil, or a stale rice ball she left in the fridge too long."
"I guess, but-"
"I know, I know. It still hurt."
There was a long pause and then Yugi asked, "Yami, why did you drop out of school?"
"Aibou, I kept getting swamped by tons of girls who were asking for dates, but that wasn't even the worst of it. The cafeteria ladies scare me. They smile way too much!" Yami shuttered at the thought.
It was the last ten minutes of school and final report cards were passed out. Everybody got pretty good grades, even Yugi's passed off as exceptional, except Jounouchi. He had cheated off of Yami in English, which earned him a solid F. Yugi glanced down at his report card, and two things caught his eye.
The first thing was the line where the student's name should go. Here, instead of it reading 'Yugi Motou,' it read: 'Yugi Motou/Yami Motou. The second thing was even more surprising. In blue ink was the principal's handwriting was a note: 'Yugi Motou gets extra-credit for being a descendent of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned 3,000 years ago.'