The Tent Summary: A short story about a fortuneteller that tells the fortunes of Gordo, Miranda, and Lizzie.

Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda were at the Hillridge Annual Carnival on the school grounds. " Ooh, look, a fortune teller." Miranda said, pointing to a tent. " A fortune teller, Miranda?" Lizzie said. " Get real. They want to steal your money." Gordo replied. " It's only a dollar!" Miranda cried. " I'm going." She pulled out her wallet as she ran. She went inside. Lizzie and Gordo stood by the cotton- candy guy for 5 minutes until Miranda came out. " Cool! Listen to this: Marry the first guy you go out with in your Fall Semester of your 1st year of college." " That's so bogus, Miranda." Gordo said. " No, Gordo, it isn't. Here's a dollar. It's worth your time." Miranda handed Gordo a dollar. He walked over to the tent slowly. He went inside. Soon, Gordo came out. " The woman said this: Marry a lifelong friend." Gordo said. Lizzie blushed. She liked Gordo and she knew Gordo liked her. " It won't be me," Miranda said, " I'm getting married to the Fall Semester guy." Miranda paused. " It's gonna be you, Lizzie." Gordo blushed this time. His cheeks turned a red color. He looked at Miranda, then Lizzie. Lizzie took out a dollar out of her pocket. " I'm going in." She marched over to the booth. Miranda and Gordo waited. " Miranda, that's so embarrassing." Gordo told Miranda as Lizzie walked away to the tent. " You didn't have to tell me I'd marry Lizzie." " God, I'm sorry." Miranda said sarcastically. Soon, Lizzie came out of the tent. " The woman said I should marry the next guy I lay eyes on." Lizzie said. " It's going to be you, Gordo." Miranda said. " They match. The first guy Lizzie saw was Gordo and Lizzie is Gordo's lifelong friend." " Will you marry me?" Lizzie joked. " Sure, McGuire." Gordo joked back. Lizzie stared into Gordo's eyes and knew, somehow, that he wasn't joking.