Title: That Long Hot Summer

Rating: PG-13

Summary: What would happen if Jackie didn't break up with Kelso when he was in California. 

Notes:  This was supposed to be my summer project, but writers block hit and I didn't look at it for months.  Thanks to Annie for looking it over.


The first rays of sun filtered through her bedroom curtains, giving the room a rosy pink glow.  Clothing and blankets littered the floor, discarded during the hot summer night.  A morning breeze, welcomed after the burning heat of the day, cooled her exposed skin. 

She glanced at the clock; five-thirty in the morning, soon the spell would be broken.

What started out as innocent, turned flirtatious, then the flirtation changed to lust.  And once given into, the lust consumed them, changed them so there was no going back.  Waking the sleeping figure beside her would end the fiction she had been living.  They had an agreement, this was their last night; it had to be over.

They spent the last three days alone, sheltered from the world.  With a pretence of covering for their friend, they made every excuse to leave the confines of the basement sanctuary.  Trips to the mall were frequent, but no purchases brought home.  Countless movies had been attended, but if questioned, neither would have known the endings.

And three nights had been spent in her room, together; wrapped in a cocoon of post-orgasmic bliss.  In the night they could shut out the reality of the situation, pretend it was just the two of them.  Looks and touches forbidden in the harsh light of day were common place.  They gave completely, no words or promises.  By silent agreement the nights remaining were never mentioned.  There were no time limits when the sun went down.

But it wouldn't change the inevitable.

Michael would be home in six hours, and she still hadn't told him the truth. 

Three months ago she would have been waiting at the end of the driveway, ready to throw herself into his arms.  Two months ago she would have sauntered up and waited for his apology before taking him back.  Four weeks ago she might have shown up, but only to tell him exactly what she thought of him.  Last week she didn't even take the call that told her he was coming back. 

But this morning, with six hours left; all she wanted was one more night.

Continued in Chapter One