Chapter One:

Gazing up at the high towers of Hogwarts, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron were all transfixed on what was happening. A tear of regret slid down the bushy- haired girls face. As they all knew when they were admitted to Hogwarts, in seven years it would be over and they would be full-fledged witches and wizards. As exciting as it seemed in the beginning, also meant a feeling of loss for everything that had made them what they were now, standing in front of the most formidable wizard school, all grown up and filled with more knowledge then most of their graduating class. They had covered many obstacles and succeeded in maturity and bravery, but the real tests were just beginning.

"Ah, my now grown-up students" muttered a soft voice from behind them, "this is not goodbye after all. You are welcome back here whenever you like." Headmaster Dumbledore placed a gentle, yet gnarled old hand on Harry's shoulder and another one on Hermoines, pulling all three of them into his arms. Hermoine let loose a fit of hysterical sobs and Harry's eyes glazed over with tears, but Ron just seemed to hold his posture yet was clinging to Dumbledore tighter every second that passed, as if letting him go meant it was all over. "You three have done more for Hogwarts then even I, and this old place will always remember all of you, even when the stories become legend and people only believe Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weasley were characters made to put their children to bed at night...Hogwarts will remember you for what you truly are... heroes." With one final embrace he stepped back and bowed gracefully, opening the large wooden gated doors and dissapearing into the school.

"W-w-well, then," sniffed Hermoine, fisting away the tears from her face. "S-shall we g-g-go..." She began sobbing again.

"Oh, Hermoine, it's ok. I mean, we still have each other," consoled Ron, leading her down the path that leads to the Hogwarts train. "Well I have to return to the Burrow and Harry has to go back to Privet Drive for a week, to close things up there. You, of coarse, get to go to Holly Horris Witch & Wizard ski and beach resort a week early!" Ron encouraged with a weak smile.

"I-I know but a vacation isn't going to be like the Hogwarts library." Harry groaned with a kind smirk on his face. "Hermoine," Harry explained, "when I get settled into the Burrow with Ron for good, and we get to Holly Horris's, you won't even be worried about studying! We'll be having too much fun!"

"Yes," she said, brightening up. "It was so sweet of you to take Ron and me on this trip, Harry."

"We were in desperate need of a vacation."
Ron nodded. "Right you are."

Ch. 1

"Hermoine dear, are you sure you want to use so much of your money on an extra week at a resort? What about a home of your own, and possessions of your own? You always said you wanted more of a life then living with us."

"Yes mother I know," Hermoine said, quickly re-folding the clothes her mother had neatly folded for her before, "but I just want to spend some time to myself and I don't want to have to buy a house or rent an apartment just yet." "Oh dear," sighed her mother, rubbing her hands together nervously. "I suppose you're of age now but...oh dear." She turned on a heel and shuffled out of her room and into the den, muttering to herself.

When Hermoine finally had filled three large luggage bags full of "necessities" and had loaded them into the Wizards taxi (with the help of father Granger, mother Granger, and the small yet somehow mildly strong taxi driver), she hopped into the taxi, waving at her mother and father until the taxi became invisible and took flight into the blue skies.

"How long does this trip take?" asked Hermoine, a tinge of annoyance in her voice. Beads of sweat began to pop up on her nose and forehead. The air condition must be out, or this guy is just cheap, she thought to herself.

"Aiya, juss no more 'en thirty-minute O'd say. Why don't cha juss take a nice 'ittle view of thee ground down 'ere. We're passin' o're Mt. Fuji, we are."

She looked down excitedly and gaped and the mountains that looked like large pillars jutting up from the clouds. "Beautiful, but why is it so hot in here."

"I go o're this place lot. Got me good 'ole car trained to change tempetures to keep me comfy."

Hermoine shook her head but couldn't help laughing. There's always something new in the wizarding world. Even thought she was still depressed about Hogwarts, she had to admit it wasn't so bad thus far. She was still managing to smile without her two best friends by her side and it gave her an odd sort of comfort. She had met them on the train their first year, and, although not at first, became the closest and most reliable trio she could ever ask for. They had had their ups and downs, especially her and Ron. In their 6th year they had dated for a little while but their personalities clashed one too many times and Hermoine found herself wishing that they could just be normal friends. She wanted someone she couldn't understand, and had mystery shrouded about them. She wanted a good challenge. She knew everything there was to know about Ron, and he wasn't exactly a challenge. He was always eager to kiss Hermoine any chance he got, and would even pout around when she was reading and not paying full attention to him. "But I'm not going on this trip to find romance. I'm going to relax," whispered Hermoine to herself.

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