Note: This fanfiction takes place when Team 7 (Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) was still an official team, training, and going on missions. The Third is still the current Hokage.

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Note: The names of the techniques in this fanfiction are taken from the official US manga version of Naruto (except for the ones I created). For example Naruto's "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu " will be "Art Of The Doppelganger" as named in the US manga. I know many Naruto fans are used to the Japanese names of the techniques, so I apologize for any inconvenience (yes, I know they sound kind of stupid).

Change of Heart

Chapter 1: Training, Naruto vs. Sakura

"Ahhhh!" yelled Naruto in pain as four of his sensei's shurikens strike his left leg. He was weak, so weak, he has been training with Kakashi for only five minutes but it felt like it was for more than an hour. Kakashi was so strong and fast that Naruto had to push himself to his limits to actually keep up with him. Sakura and Sasuke were watching out from the side as the fight went on.

"Man, Naruto is getting pretty good, if he can keep up with Master Kakashi." said Sakura to Sasuke, but he did not answer back, instead he just watch as Naruto threw a punch directly for Kakashi's face, only to be dodged.

Kakashi then using his free arm, the other arm was holding his favorite book, send Naruto flying through the air, then as fast as he could Naruto threw a swarm of shuriken back at Kakashi, as he hit a huge tree trunk that made him yelled in agony as the pain started flowing trough his body. Kakashi was hit mostly in the face but also the arms, and what hit the ground was not him but a log, only to see him sitting in a nearby tree reading his Make Out Paradise.

'Oh, man. I hate this guy. Everything I throw, he just block them all.'

Naruto finally got up with a lot of effort. "Well, at least you could keep up with me." said Kakashi without even looking up.

"But you need to practice more, for a ninja you are very weak, even Sakura may be able to beat you. So we shall see. Sakura, you will battle Naruto now, and whoever wins, I will give a new scroll jutsu and also take you out for ramen."

"Whoa! A new scroll and ramen! Ok then, if that's the deal then I'm sorry Sakura but I can't hold back for you." said Naruto smiling.

"Oh yea, I will make you eat those words Naruto, I don't even like ramen much but I will win and eat it right in front of you and use that new jutsu on you as practice, just watch." yelled Sakura furiously.

"Ok, salute your opponent." Sakura jumped from where she was hiding and saluted Naruto with her eyes still looking at him and as soon as Kakashi said go, she was running at top speed and hit Naruto right in the face with a kick that send him flying across the field and landed in a bush.

Naruto did not even see it coming, when he pulled his head up and heard Kakashi said go, he saw a foot right in front of his face, which send him through a bush.

'Whoa! Not bad.' Thought Sasuke. "Yea, I know, she is getting pretty good." said Kakashi who appeared out of nowhere right behind Sasuke, who was already on guard with a Kunai at hand, but when he saw it was only Kakashi he drop his guard, just a bit.

"Come on, Naruto. We don't have all day." yelled Sakura.

Then Naruto emerged from the bush, blood streaming from his mouth, he wiped it off.

"Damn it, Sakura, you could have at least let me pull my head up before up before you attacked, but I cannot lose to you. Ok, I'm ready, LETS GO!"

Naruto voice echoed through the woods as he said that. Then suddenly Naruto surrounded Sakura from all over.

'Crap, he must have use his Art Of The Doppelganger jutsu', thought Sakura but still kept her cool.

"HEY, SAKURA, I KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS!" said the Narutos.

"Oh, do you?" said Sakura with a hint of fear in her voice.


Then Naruto did the doppellganger jutsu, when the smoke cleared, all around staring blankly at Sakura were Sasuke, all of them with a grin in their face.

Sakura was horrorstruck; she could not believe that Naruto knew her weakness, was she that obvious? He cared for Sasuke to much, she could not hurt him, but they're not him, they are Naruto, and I don't care much about Naruto.

"You know something, Naruto," said Sakura with a small smile at the corner of her mouth.

"WHAT? WHAT IS SO FREAKING FUNNY?" said the Sasukes as the grin vanish off their faces.

"I know where you are truly hiding."

As soon as she said that she jumped in the air, and threw about a dozen shurikens at a nearby tree, only to see the doppelgangers disappear and Naruto hitting the ground hard five seconds later, with a least six shurikens over his arms and legs.

End of chapter 1.

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