Phelan's Grunts

Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Universe or any characters that originated there, I just own the Grunts

Notes: This story takes place in the X-Men Marvel Universe, but since they play only a small role it could take place at almost anytime in that universe, I feel that it takes place during the time of the first X-Men cartoons or the X-Men comics and novels of the mid to late 1990's. This is my first fan-fic. I hope you enjoy it.

Beginnings - chapter-1

October 1993

Stefano Phelan was sitting quietly with his grandfather, Thomas Phelan, in the living room of their home just outside of New York. He is reading the latest budget report of his newly formed Phelan International Enterprises, while his grandfather reads the New York Times. Suddenly a scream breaks the silence. "Help me! Somebody help me. Stefano help!"

Stefano leaps to his feet and races for the stairs leading the to upper part of the house. He heads straight for his half brother, Brian's room. Stefano's father, Ashwyn Phelan was the U.S. ambassador to Italy. While there he meets and marries Teodora Calabria, a first cousin to an Italian Duke. Stefano is their only child or so his father thinks. While in Italy Ashwyn has an affair with an American embassy secretary, Mary McCall. Teodora finds out about the affair and threatens to divorce Ashwyn unless Mary McCall is sent back to America. She is sent back to the states and six years later Mary is killed in a car crash. It is at this time that Ashwyn finds out that Mary had his child, a son, Brian McCall. Ashwyn wants to adopt Brian but Teodora will not hear of it. Brian is sent to live with Stefano, who is living and working with Ashwyn's father, Thomas Phelan. Stefano is 22 years of age. They welcome Brian into their home. Ashwyn Phelan has since retired from his duties as ambassador and continues to live in Italy with his wife. They rarely ever see Stefano and Teodora refuses to allow Ashwyn to have anything to do with Brian.

Brian's cries for help continue as Stefano approaches his room. Thomas is following much slower. Stefano burst into the room and the sight leaves him speechless. There in his room, Brian is flat up against the ceiling. "Stefano, help me."

"Brian what is going on?"

"I don't know. I was sitting at my desk doing homework, when I got this funny feeling and then I floated up here. Get me down!"

"Calm down" Stefano steps up under Brian and reaches up, "Reach down to me." He grabs Brian's hand and pulls. As he begins to pull him down he can feel something pulling against him, trying to keep Brian in the air.

"Harder Stefano, pull harder." Brian sticks his other hand down in a quick motion and red beams of light shoot out of his fingers punching five holes in the floor at Stefano's feet. The blast causes him to jump back releasing Brian who flies right back up the ceiling, where he hits his head, "Ouch!" Then as if a switch is thrown to the off position he falls onto the bed that is below him.

Stefano rushes to him, "Brian? Are you all right."

"What is the hell is going on in here?" Thomas Phelan finally gets to the room.

Both turn to look at the older man. "Granddad, I was sitting at my desk, using my computer." Brian points at the computer and another red beam shoots out of his finger, penetrating the computer monitor causing it to explode. "Aaaaa." Brian throws up his hands and suddenly a pale white wall of light is between himself, Stefano, and their grandfather. The flying glass from the exploding monitor hits the wall of light falling harmlessly to the floor and then as suddenly as it appeared the wall disappears.

Brian and Stefano both look at their grandfather, "Grandfather?" Stefano starts but stops, he has no idea what to ask the older man.

Thomas comes farther into the room, "I think I know what's going on."

Stefano helps Brian off the bed and to his feet, "Would you mind sharing with Brian and me please."

"I was just reading a story in the Times. It was about mutants and about how they usually come into their powers in their teens and Brian is 15."

"You mean you think that Brian is a mutant?"

"I don't know of any other answer."

"Granddad does this mean you're going to send me away?"

"Hell, no!" The older man barked without hesitation, "Where did you get that idea?"

"I've heard them talk about mutants at school. They say they're monsters and should be locked up."

Thomas Phelan could hear the fear in his grandson's voice. He walks up to him and hugs him. "You aren't a monster, boy. You're a Phelan. Though I think Stefano and my competitors might think some of us Phelans are monsters." Thomas watches a small smile form on Brian's lips. "What we are going to do is get you some help and I know just the person."

Stefano steps up and rubs Brian's hair, "Who grandfather?"

"It was in the Times too. A Charles Xavier. He runs some kind of fancy school for gifted children and is suppose to be an expert on mutants. We'll contact him and see what he has to say."

* * * * * *

"Gentlemen, please sit down" Professor Charles Xavier waves to the chairs in front of his desk that he sits behind in his wheelchair. " We have finished our evaluation of Brian."

"So, is my boy a mutant?" Thomas Phelan interrupts.

"Yes, Mr. Phelan, Brian is most certainly a mutant."

"What do we do now Professor? What are our options?" This time it was Stefano who speaks.

"Gentlemen, please allow me to finish. Yes, Brian is a mutant. A mutant with some fairly amazing abilities, in fact he is one of the more powerful mutants I've seen. He can fly under is own power, he can project force beams from his hands."

"Force beams?"

"They are beams of light with the electrons so tightly packed that the beam of light is like a solid object. He can project these beams with enough force to punch holes completely through an armored tank. He can also project a force field that is practically impenetrable." Xavier paused for a moment, "There is a problem though."

"What kind of problem?" Stefano moves to the edge of his chair.

"Brian, is what we consider a low powered mutant."

"But, I thought you said he was one of the most powerful mutants you've seen?"

"Yes, when his energy levels are at maximum. But unfortunately he runs out of the energy needed to power his abilities in 30 to 60 seconds depending on level of use. It then takes his body just over an hour to absorb the needed energy back to maximum."

"So, what you're saying is that for about one minute out of every hour my brother is one of the most powerful men on the planet."

"Simply put, but basically correct."

"Now what?"

"Well, Brian still needs to learn to control his powers and I think my school is the best place for that. He will get a top rated education, meet and interact with other children like himself, plus learn to control his powers."

Stefano looked at Brian, "Well, Brian the choice is yours."

Brian had been sitting quietly listening. He leans forward to look and Stefano and his grandfather, "Stefano, I agree with the professor. I think this will be the best place for me till I get these powers under control or I might hurt someone, maybe even you or Granddad. I don't think I could stand hurting you guys, so I hope you understand?"

"We do boy." Thomas Phelan looks at Xavier, "You got room for my boy here?"

"Yes, Mr. Phelan I do and we'll take good care of him. There is also an open door policy for families of students, you can come and visit anytime and as often as you like."

"Very well Professor, how much?" Stefano begins to reach for his checkbook.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said, how much. How much will it cost for Brian to go here?"

"There is no cost for a student to go to school here. I started this school to help mutants learn to control and live with their abilities. Brian is welcome here for as long as he wishes to stay."

Stefano, Brian and Thomas stand, Stefano pulls Brian into a hug, "Well, little brother you better stay out of trouble. We'll have your stuff sent out today. Always remember there is a room for you at the house anytime you want to come spend time with the old man and me."

"Who's an old man?" Thomas hugs Brian, "Remember boy, you're a Phelan and there is always a place for you with us."

"Thanks Stefano and Granddad. I'll miss you guys."

* * * * * *

May 1996

Brian settles onto the back seat of the limo with Stefano, while the driver and another man put his things in a van for the trip home. "A limo? You've come up in the world Stefano."

"A man must play the part he is given in life. How are you Brian?"

"I'm good. I didn't expect you to pick me up."

"I'm sorry that I haven't visited as much during the last year, but since grandfather passed away Phelan International has kept me hopping all over the world. How about you giving me a hand?"

"Me, an international playboy? I don't think so."

"I'm not a playboy and you know it. "

"That's not what I read in the papers."

"You know you can't believe what's in the papers."

"So, your mom didn't try to fix you up with the daughter of an Italian Duke?"

"Well, that much was true."


"She was very beautiful but, too much like mother, if you know what I mean? Now, that you're out of school what are you going to do?"

"I'd like to do something with my powers, but there's not much of a chance of that, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

"Speaking of your powers, what's their status?"

"Under control and good to go."

"I'm pleased to hear this, I've had some ideas about your energy problem"

"Yeah! Well, tell me."

"They're still mostly in the thinking stages right now. I shouldn't have said anything. But just to let you know, I have R and D playing around with a couple of ideas. Now, since you don't want to be involved with Phelan International directly, I do have one other thing that might interest you."

"I'm all ears."

"I've just purchased several apartment buildings, to supply low cost housing to the new clothing plant's workers and I need someone to run them. How about running them for me. It would give you a place to live since I know you hate the manor and something to do until you figure out what you really want to do with your life."

"You know Stefano, that's not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all. Ok, I'll take it."

Stefano reaches out a hand to Brian, who takes it and shakes it. "Welcome home little brother."