Phelan's Grunts

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Universe or any characters that originated there, I just own the Grunts

Notes: Same as in chapter 1

Summary - chapter-15

I hoped you enjoyed Phelan's Grunts, this is my first fan-fiction and I would appreciate all reviews.

I am thinking of calling the team just 'The Grunts' what do you think?

Now, just to keep things straight here is a list of The Grunts.

Base Team:

Stefano Phelan - Leader - White/Male - 41 years of age
Billionaire Industrialist and financier of The Grunts (no powers) - certified genius with PhD's in physics and Mathematics.

Bran Toryn - consultant - White/Male - 71 years of age
Former NSA scientist (retired) (no powers) - certified genius with PhDs in physics and biology.

Field Team:

Brian McCall - Skymaster - Field leader - White/Male - 25 years of age
Powers: Ability to fly, can fire force beams from his hands (similar to Cyclops optical blasts), can project a nearly impenetrable force shield. *Half brother to Stefano Phelan - same father, different mothers*

Samuel 'Sam' Franklin - Dark Force - Black/Male - 33 years of age
Sam is a former Marine fighter pilot and NASA astronaut - Powers: Became symbiotically attached to six space creatures during a space mission for NASA. He calls them the companions, they will do anything he pictures them doing, they can change shapes, change density, they can pass through things harmlessly or they can punch holes through things.

Adam Gulann - Mystic - Half alien/Half human - looks White/Male - 21 years of age
Raised in a NSA government lab - powers: Master of the mystic arts, he can form the mystic energy into useable weapons such as guns that fire bolts of mystic energy, swords, knifes, and other weapons.

Eve McCall - Teletrix - Half alien/Half human - looks White/Females - 18 years of age
Raised in a NSA government lab - powers: Super quick reflexes, can teleport, she can teleport to anyplace she can physically see, she can teleport to anyplace she had physically been to before, even if that place is moving like a car or plane, has the ability to look into anyplace she has been to before with her mind before she teleports, this is a safety measure to keep from teleporting into something that might be in the way. *Half sister to Brian McCall - same mother, different fathers*

Florence 'Flo' Smith - Speed Demon (sometimes just called Demon) - Black/Female - 21 years of age
Raised in St. Mathews Orphanage - powers: Able to run at speeds approaching the speed of sound, the faster she runs the quicker she tires.

Rebecca 'Becca' Conroy - Voltrix - White/Female - 21 years of age
Raised in St Mathews Orphanage - powers: Has complete control over electricity, from absorbing it, to projecting it.

Janna Martin - Titan - White/Female - 19 years of age
Raised in St. Mathews Orphanage - powers: Super strong, her body is very dense making her almost as hard as diamond, so despite her size she weighs close to four hundred pounds and is strong enough to go toe to toe with Juggernaut.