Sorry about the long wait. I had just gotten home from my first real vacation ever, and

found out that my friend Conrad (may god be with him) had fallen off a cliff to his death

while I was away. Then there's school starting, my birthday, and I just got a full time job.

I have no time WHATSOEVER!!!! NOTTA!!! So if this chapter sucks, it's rushed stuff

that I write just before school or work! SORRY!!!


The last target was decimated, and Nathan stood triumphant over the demolished

beginners course. His clothes were ripped and torn, once again, since he was determined

to finish the course even after he had destroyed all the other inorganic objects within arms

reach of him.

"Nice job, Kid." complimented Wolverine "But keep in mind, this was the sissy course.

Tomorrow, we go to the REAL danger room!"

"Hey!" exclaimed Cyclops, annoyed "That's up to the professor, remember?"

"Whatever." shrugged Wolverine, walking back to the mansion. Cyclops and Nathan

watched Wolverine walk away in silence.

"That guy" growled Cyclops, assured that Wolverine was out of hearing range "is really

starting to get on my nerves!"

Nathan looked suspiciously at Cyclops. He was acting differently than at lunch. At lunch,

he seemed helpful and level headed. But over the course of Nathan's targeting "lesson",

he seemed to become more impatient and less balanced. It seemed very strange.

"What did you say?" asked Cyclops, looking toward Nathan.

"Hm? I didn't say anything."

"Oh. I thought you said something." mumbled Cyclops, turning away and looking at his

watch. "Holy... is that the time? It's almost dinnertime! Let's get going, Nathan."

Nathan slipped on his pair of sandals and headed in after Cyclops, to change his clothes

and to eat.


"So," the professor remarked, not long after dinner. "Wolverine has told me about your

newest discovery. I congratulate you on finding so much about your newfound power in

just one day! Perhaps this evening we could try to control your breaking ability again?"

"Sure. I'd like that." replied Nathan, walking beside the professor's wheelchair. "It would

be nice to wear some *real* clothes again!"


The crickets chirped in the distance, the moon was high in the sky, and Nathan was

getting frustrated. Professor-X was rubbing his temples, and Nathan suspected that the

professor felt just as frustrated as himself, only making his mood worse. As powerful as

Nathan seem to have become, there didn't seem to be an off switch to his power! For

hours, Xavier had been trying different techniques and approaches, but none seemed

effective. Only when Nathan fell asleep, during yet another meditation attempt, did

Nathan's breaking ability completely shut off. Finally, at midnight, it was decided that he

would sleep outside, as a safety precaution for everyone, in a tent in the back yard. A

strong, sturdy one.

*********************************** Memorial to Conrad:

Even though we weren't the closest friends, he was a great guy. He was talented, smart funny, nice, and a bit of a looker, too. He made people around him feel good, and he wrote/sang/improvised some amazing songs. Religion is helping, thought, knowing that he's watching us now, in a place where his great personality, character and creativity won't be tampered or torn by life. My greatest sadness is that he'll never experience some of the joys of life, like getting married, having children, or any of the other things I think he was looking forward to. It's a shame that so many good people die. Life may not be fair, but it's all we have... for now. This ginger ale's for you, Conrad!

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