Vengeance Demons, Vulcans and Klingons, Oh my!

            This is my story about Buffy in the Enterprise Universe. I am not the owner of Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek, or Star Trek the Next Generation, nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am just the puppeteer. If you have read any of my stories before you'll know that I like to use Buffy in crossovers. I'm evil that way.

            This is set after the Buffy series ended and I have her end up in the future. I have a few spoilers for Enterprise, and have borrowed a few pieces from a couple of episodes, it is all original stuff and such. I already have 33 chapters written so I'll try to keep on top of it and update everyday. Reviews are needed like air so review, Review, REVIEW!

            This has romance, gratuitous sex and some violence so the R rating is for real. I've made up some technology, so you Trekkies don't grouse too much and go with the flow. Enjoy!