It was after dark outside. The air was crisp and cool, humid from being on San Francisco Bay. The stars were out in force but Buffy had no time to admire them as she ran. She had made sure she went to the other side of the building from where the guests had fled to. They didn't need some Andorian or Vulcan getting killed by accident.

Buffy ran straight for Trip. He saw her and raced to meet her, handing her the weapon that he, Mal and T'pol had cobbled together. Touching her stomach gently, "Be careful darlin'."

She nodded and made for the large grassy area where recruits would line up, it was lit up like a baseball stadium. She tucked the weapon in the folds of her dress and waited, feeling the pain shoot up her back. She knew she was in active labor now but pushed her fear back and concentrated.

The being shimmered in front of her, much more solid than before, but still unrecognizable.

Buffy smiled, "Wow, you got me. What are you going to do with me?" she taunted.

He held up a weapon, "This is a biogenic weapon, it destroys living tissue and breaks down live flesh."

Fear for her baby made her knees weak and Buffy prepared to duck when he turned and pointed it at Jon who was headed towards her. Her heart leaped in her throat, "No!" she didn't hear herself scream.

Time slowed as the Being fired and Angel jumped in front of Jon.

Everything snapped back into focus when Angel lifted his head, his vampire face on, "Sorry. No living flesh here!"

Buffy pulled up her weapon and fired repeatedly.


Malcolm and Trip had liked Buffy's idea for a temporal weapon. They had gotten the Captain's permission to gingerly poke around Daniel's quarters and found the schematic for something similar. Malcolm had taken notes on the possibilities and Trip had taken notes on how to engineer it. Buffy had watched in fascination but stayed out of the way to let the experts work. The weapon had an adaptive interface link between their technology and what was found in Daniel's quarters. It used a temporal compression wave through a forced plasma beam, making it hopefully able to pierce anything temporal. (a/n No, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, just go with the flow.)


The phase discharges entered the temporal shield and scattered, making the figure inside scream in pain. As the whole thing started to explode, Buffy threw herself to the ground, hoping the concussion blast would miss her.

The blast rocketed out, knocking everybody to the ground. Shaking his head to clear it Jon sat up to see Buffy lying on her side in the grass, not moving.

"Buffy!" Jon raced to her side to roll her over. "Oh God Buffy you better be ok. I can't live without you." He said shakily, picking up her hand to twine their fingers together.

She blinked a few times, "I'm still here I think." then gasped in pain. Angel was there as well, kneeling beside a worried Spike and he looked up, "She's in labor."

"You think?" Buffy asked sarcastically, then moaned. Jon looked up wildly and saw Trip and Malcolm hovering.

Trip smiled, "Phlox is on his way Jon." And there were sighs of relief from all of the men present. Their crew had raced around the building and now was keeping the small crowd back, their last duty to their Admiral and his wife that had led them safely for 4 years.

"I just want drugs." Buffy moaned as another contraction tore through her.

Jon chuckled at this and brushed her hair off of her forehead with a gentle hand. "I think it's too late for that now."

Dr. Phlox pushed through the crowd to kneel beside her. "Well, looks like I get to deliver the baby after all." He said cheerfully, running the scanner over her.

Buffy snorted, "Hi Doctor, good thing you didn't go home yet." She suppressed a groan.

"Mm hmm. Active labor. You should have stayed home Buffy. Everything seems to be normal, though your son is in a hurry." Dr. Phlox smiled.

She grabbed his hand, "Not here?"

They could hear the ambulance and he smiled, "I certainly hope not. Gentleman, we need to get her into the ambulance.." his words were cut off when Buffy gasped, her eyes flying to Jon's. "I can feel the baby!"

The Doctor went to kneel between her legs to visibly check and sighed, pulling her dress back down. "She's right, he's coming now. I'll need towels, blankets and sheets for privacy, we're going to deliver the baby here. Buffy, don't push yet." He ordered.

Buffy whined slightly, "But I need to!" and panted to get control.

Malcolm and Trip raced to the ambulance to get what was needed.

Jon went pale.

There was organized chaos and soon crewmembers were holding up sheets to protect Buffy's privacy. Buffy was leaning against T'pol, her hands clasping Jon's as she moaned thought another contraction. Liz Cutler was assisting the Doctor as their baby appeared into the world.

Buffy was teary eyed and laughed as Dr. Phlox held up her son, "Oh Jon look, he has your dimple." She smiled through her tears of joy as the Doctor cleaned the crying baby and handed him to her. Malcolm, T'pol, Travis, Hoshi, Trip, Spike and Angel looked on as Buffy and her husband looked at the baby in awe.

Buffy looked up Jon, love shining in her eyes, then at their son who was looking sleepy, "Welcome to the world Jon Henry Archer." Buffy said. She heard Jon's gasp at the name and he held his wife and baby son close, pressing his lips to her hair, "I love you Buffy."

"I told you the right name would come to me." She murmured, smiling at their son.

After she was cleaned up and loaded onto a gurney to be taken to the hospital, Jon stopped to speak to the crowd, his son in his arms.

"I want to present my son Jon Henry Archer." He called and everyone burst into cheers and clapping.

In later years Jon Henry Archer would become a legend in his own right, as much as his father and grandfather before him. Others, Charles Malcolm, two sisters, Dawn Hoshi and the youngest Alexandra Willow, would soon join him. They would all go onto to distinguished careers in Starfleet and keep the Archer name in the stars forever.

~the end~