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Scrolls of Love

Chapter 7 The First Daughter

The little elf appeared back at the house an hour little, she walked over to Moony and curtsied.

"Master Harry says to pass these onto Moony, and that he should read them in private. Master Harry found them in Mistress Petunia's private hide-hole" The house elf the curtsied and left Moony sitting at the table staring at the parcels he had been handed.

"Remus didn't you and Petunia meet up a bit that's summer she and Lily stayed with James?" Asked Snape.

Remus only nodded never taking his eyes off the little bundle he had been given. Untying the string that held it together the brown paper unfolded and inside a pile of letters where carefully folded. The faint scent of Petunia Evans embedded into the numerous letters.

Picking up the top folded letter he unfolded it to scan for a date.

As the other in the room watched the werewolf, he went a very pale shade of white, his eyes widened and his hands begins to tremble slightly. He stood and left the room, not saying a single word to the others.

Remus Point of View

Untying that bundle I caught the scent of the mate I lost so long ago. I always dreamed of her, I have never moved on. No-one wants a Werewolf.

Memories flooded back the first day we meet she was so beautiful, and as soon as I meet her I know she was the one, she was my mate.

But the day I told her, the day I confessed my deepest and darkest secret I lost my heart, my soul mate. Hope was the only thing that keep me alive/

That date May 29th written on the top of that first little in the bundle I was given, My Birthday, I had to leave I have to know what she wrote. I have no idea how I managed to get to my room, all I remember is the day Lily and Snape married my Soul mate walked behind Lily, her cream dress flowing around her, her hair curled and loose flowing drown her back. That day I had thought about so much how I wished it was her walking towards me.

And now it won't happen my mate is dieing and there's no hope. I'm dieing inside. Sitting on the chair in front of the fire I open the top letter, my nerves running high, hands trembling. I read what my mate has written.

"My Dearest,

Happy Birthday. Harry wrote to me saying you where okay, telling me of the book he found for you, for your birthday.

This will most likely be my last letter I write, Harry is home tomorrow, Vermon is in a foul mood and I pray we all live out this summer.

I have news, I had the test results back from the hospital today, they called at 1pm. My cancer has spread; there is nothing they or I can do. They can't treat it, years of doing nothing, it has left if the chance to spread.

Harry and Dudley will find out tomorrow I can not hide this from them, I am dieing and I will not live out past this summer.

What makes this harder is that I am carrying a little girl, I am 4 months gone, I will not see her grow, but then she may not survive ether, the doctors are unsure of what will happen to her.

My dearest if you are reading this then it means Harry is carrying it what we planned so many years ago.

Harry knows of where I had these kept, hidden away from my prison guard, a secret never spoken of in his presence, he locked us all away. We all have our roles to play and Harry's is the hardest. He is my protector as is my onlu boy, but Dudley is not my only child.

My mate you have read this letter first which means you will have no idea of my life, of the 2 little girls I have given up, to protect them, from what I and my 2 boys share.

Remus the reason I left and broke both our hearts that night wasn't because of you being a werewolf; it was because I carried your child.

Lily knew I swore her to the secret, I had to know what our life would be like with a child, and it scared me. Hey would take my child and kill it, thwy would kill you also.

So I did the only thing I could, I hide the child. We were wrong barely 17. Mama and Papa found a couple to take our child. She was born 4 years before Dudley and Harry.

Our daughter carries the name of Jasmine Elizabeth Evans- Lupin. She was 20 at the end of May

She lives with a wonderful French couple in the South of France. But that's is all that I know, Harry will know more, he always seems to know and I know that he has found her.

Do not hate me, I ask your forgiveness, I can not change what has been done, but I can not move on to let go without doing so with a eased heart.

I have grieved everyday for the two girls I let go of. My two beautiful girls, our Daughter Jasmine and my Daughter Rose Eve Evans, it broke my heart letting them both go. But I had to let Jasmine go to protect us all, I could not watch as they slaughter her and you.

My heart still belongs to you and may we meet someday, do not give up. My children need someone to look out for them, as does Harry, he will never forgive Severus, too much has happened. He lost Padfoot, don't let his loose someone else.

All my love

P x"

I lifted my eyes from the letter and stared at the fire, I had a daughter but not a child, I had a daughter of 20 years of age, a young women.

I wondered what she is like and what kind of a life could she had lived, does she have one as terrifying as mine, being scared of every corner.

I need answers, and my mate had said Harry would hold some of the answers.

I made my way down the 2 flights of stairs, in search of the tiny but intimidating house elf, and found her in the kitchen Knitting.

I walked over to her and kneeling in front of her, she looked up at me, I am scarred that she will send me away and keep the answers from me.

"I need to talk to Harry, it's about Jasmine" The house elf nods her head and moves from her chair, placing the knitting down she turned back to me

"I will go to Master Harry and collect him, he knew you would want to talk to him" and with a pop she left.

She did not return for half an hour and in that time question kept coming to me, and I need to the answers I hoped for the answers about my Daughter.

(End P.O.V)

The rest of the people the kitchen when Remus walked in, they watched his pale and shaking body as he walked over to the house-elf and asked for Harry and someone by the name of Jasmine, the watched as the werewolf collapsed on the spot in which he had kneeled upon to speak with the house-elf. Ron and Arthur picked him up and placed him on a chair, Molly placed a cup of tea in front of him, but the Werewolf did not notice this all he saw was the letters, the ones the group know where by Petunia.

Remus did not even seem to make it aware that when the house-elf popped back, and his time with others, Harry and 3 others.

The Order just watched as Harry let go of a boys had, a boy of the same age, he was a lot taller then Harry, with brown wavy hair and pure blue eyes, his skin, sun kissed. Harry walked over to the seemingly broken man and placed a photo on top of the letters and in a whisper spoke

"Moony that's your Daughter her mate and her twins, Jake Remus Lupin, and Skye Petunia Lupin,"

The Werewolf looked up at Harry his face seemed to drain even more, as Remus tried to make sense of this extra information.

"She's real?" The question seemed strained as if he could not believe that she was there as of this was a horrible dream and it would be taken from him at any point. Harry Nodded

"Yes Jasmine is real, as are your Grand children." A Smile graced Harry's face as he watched the man he had started to consider another godfather

"Mooney She and the children will be here tomorrow and the rest of the pack in 4 days" A look of disbelieve graced the faces of those in the kitchen and that of Remus. Who looked back as Harry as if asking if was true, and he got a nod in reply.

"Go sleep, Jasmine wants to meet you and so do my godchildren"


"Yes I was with her when the twins where born and she asked my and I said yes. Now go and get some sleep, the twins are very full of energy and you will need some to keep up with them." Harry smiled and then took something out of his pocket.

"Moony take this" Harry handed him a photo framed of the small family sat on a beach. "By the Way he Mate is Alex from the leading pack of French werewolf's and he is the son of the leader" Harry laughed even more at the look on the older name.

As Remus left the kitchen Harry tuned to the other he brought with him

"Daisy could you show Ja and Papa R where Remus room is so they cas get him there and them show them and Mama A where they own rooms are, so that they can sleep." Harry turned to boy he had arrived with, and kissed him on the check

"I won't be in tonight." Harry stated and the other boy nodded. He watched to other leave and then turned to those in the kitchen. He sat down a pick up the first picture he had placed in front of Remus and smiled.

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