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A year after the last chapter…

            A wind blew Kagome's finely combed hair out of place.  She pulled a few strands out of her face with a finger and sighed and put the flowers she had brought down on the crudely marked grave in front of her.

            "Suzume. How long has it been? I suppose it doesn't matter.  I came to tell you what happened to us after you…" she paused searching for the right words. "You…well... ya know.  I live here now.  In the futile era, with Inu Yasha.  After Sesshoumaru died without an heir, it left Inu Yasha the responsibility to lead the western lands." She giggled "Believe me, I didn't think he'd make a good king either, but he's doing quite well.  In fact… we were married a few weeks ago.  We took everyone on this side of the well to the other side, and I had a real wedding!  Sango was my bridesmaid… I don't think Yuka liked that too much." She giggled "Miroku and Sango still don't get it." She sighed "I'm beginning to think they aren't gonna work out, that's okay with me though. As long as they're happy.  Miroku sealed a position as Inu Yasha's personal advisor, and Sango is head of security.  I couldn't think of better jobs for them.  Jaken was angry though.  He vowed revenge or something like that.  Unfortunately, he ran away before Kirara could turn him into a cat toy. Oh well.  Rin was fairly understanding, she's much more Mature then she acts actually, she and I get along well.  I think that's everything.  I have no regrets, and neither should you. Everyone is happy now, and most of us owe you something for that.  I can't believe it's all over. No more malevolent Jewels, creeps in monkey suits, nothing but an occasional rebellion that Inu Yasha can take care of.  I'm not sure I'll be able to come visit you again.  To be honest, I feel kinda silly talking to a grave. No offense of course.  Well goodbye Suzume, and thank you."  She smiled, feeling much better about herself and began the long, long trek back to Inu Yasha's castle.  'Not his castle' she thought. 'but home.' She smiled. 

"Home." She said aloud.


The End.

Well, that's it, the end. No more! Not another word.  I quite enjoyed it.  I tried to leave room for a sequel, but I don't think I'll ever want to write one. Anyway. I've decided what I'll be writing next, so it's time for the….

*~*~*~*SHAMELESS PLUG!!*~*~*~*

Enter Higurashi Kagome, the straight A student.  Enter Fujida Sango the strong-willed punk.  Seem like opposites? Things aren't always as they seem.  How will they ever figure that out?

Whatcha think? Sound interesting? Keep an eye out for Peer Counseling.