To Have Loved
The Sequel to The Mystery of Love


~~~POV-Legolas Thranduillion~~~

There was no happier man in this realm, than the one that stared back at me in the mirror. Two months ago, Reyna Lindele had been named Queen Reyna Thranduillion. Now, my wife was merrily watching the young elflings in the Hall's nursery. Since we had decided not to have children of our own, due to the curse that plagued my lovely partner, she has been watching the soldiers' children while they stood guard and their Others were busy with household chores.

Nothing made me more contented than watching her play with the young children. Her eyes lit with joy and her laughter brightened all of their moods. The children loved her, and she refused to let them call her Queen Reyna; she was just Reyna to them. Every time I found a spare moment to look in on her, a smile came to my lips.

Though it caused me to smile outside, I was aching inside. Seeing her with the children made me realize that she was meant to raise children and I wanted children of my own too. Every spare second my mind found, it struggled to uncover a weakness in the curse. I had read the actual spell, used centuries ago, over and over.

Pilin was the only soul who knew of my secret study; so naturally, when he approached me in the Throne Room with an excited expression, my hopes leaped skyward.

His ivy colored eyes were flaming with zeal. He smiled. "Your Majesty!" He stood patiently as I asked the Dwarven ambassadors to grant me a moment.

I had to fight the urge to run to Pilin. "Mani na ta?" {What is it?}

He smiled. "I have a theory."

Doubt grew immediately. "Based on what reality?"

Pilin ignored my question. "I think I may have found a ambiguity. In the curse used, it says 'the pure-blood heir' but Reyna is a half-breed. If I hadn't been thinking of how both of us lived rotten childhoods due to our ancestry, it never would have crossed my mind. Reyna is half-elven and half- Fae, correct?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yes, tis true."

"Well that would imply she is not a pure-blood."

My face fell. "The only way to test your theory would be to test it out on Reyna and put her in jeopardy."

Pilin looked at the ground. "I am afraid this is true."

I let out a cry of frustration. "I am not sure if I, or Reyna for that matter, am ready to make such a brazen provocation. I will discuss it with her when I feel the time is right, until then, please continue to look for another way out."

He smiled. "I would be glad to. Good day Your Majesty."

Upon returning to the Dwarves, they smiled uneasily and continued to talk about an more friendly relationship between elves and dwarves.

~~~POV-Reyna Lindele~~~

Young Gaelin, Loraine's son, was crying as he woke from his nap. I walked immediately over and held him in my arms. Luckily, I had put three of the seven children to sleep and the other four were playing a quiet game of Orc hunting.

The four older boys ran up to me with a smile. The eldest looked up at me through his blue-green eyes and smiled. "Lady Reyna, can you please tell us again about your Orc hunting?"

I blushed. "Cerion, I have told that tale many times. The War is a tale you have all heard repeatedly."

They pouted. "Saes!" {Please!}

With a defeated sigh, I sat down with Gaelin in the crook of my arm and smiled. "Almost three years ago, there was a great war between the dark forces and what is known as the Great Alliance. Men and Elves from all around had rallied to defeat the evil Uruk-hai and their leader Rauko. Leading the allies were Haldir and Lirawen of Lothlorien; Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen of Imladris; Aragorn of Gondor; Eomer of Rohan; and Legolas and I leading Eryn Lasgallen."

Excitement twinkled in their young eyes as I continued. "The Great Alliance was almost four thousand five hundred men strong, but we were outnumbered considerably. Somehow, the Uruk-hai's numbers had multiplied quickly to nearly twelve thousand."

The little blue-eyed children gasped, wide eyed and begged me to continue. "Once we assembled in front of the forest where Rauko was hiding, thousands of Uruk-hai ran from the foliage to attack. Luckily, we had about eighty Elves and Fae healing the wounded to we were better off. Whilst our troops fought, Legolas and I entered the fortress. After a long duel with Rauko, Legolas wounded him with an arrow with the help of Elrohir, Aragorn and I. Elrohir kept us from killing him because of Lord Elrond's decree. After he was killed, Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan and I rode to Imladris for the trial with Rauko bound to his horse."

The suspense in their eyes was priceless, even if they had heard the story repeatedly. "Once he was put on trial in Imladris, I shot him execution style with an arrow. He fell dead in an instant. Every Uruk-hai was killed but we lost only two hundred and thirteen soldiers. This war was the first time the alliance between Men and Elves had been renewed, but now, even an alliance with the dwarves is being discussed in case of future threats. This war had its casualties, but it also had its terrific advances. Thanks to this war, I am here to tell you such tales as Queen of Eryn Lasgallen."

Cerion grinned. "Thank you Lady Reyna. I love that tale. I want to be a soldier when I grow up."

I ruffled his blond locks. "You can be anything you want little lord."

Legolas entered the nursery with a faint smile. "Lisseamin." {My sweet.} Two female elflings giggled as they woke from their naps.

A slight blush came to my cheeks. "Mela en coiamin." {Love of my life.} I embraced him, careful of the babe in my arms.

"You look so lovely holding the young child." He smiled.

I flinched lightly. "It is a shame that life is so cruel."

He looked up. "Pilin has found a loophole in the curse, but the only way to see if he is correct is to test it out."

Realization sparked in my eyes. "By getting me with child."

Legolas nodded. "I am not saying I wish to do it, for at the moment I am unsure, but I wish to consider it."

I nodded. "What is the theory?"

"The curse says 'pure-blood heir' yet you are a half-breed. Pilin thinks this may grant you immunity."

"Truly?" My eyes twinkled with joy. "Legolas let us see, it is our only hope!" I embraced him tightly. "Do not wear yourself out too much today, for tonight I have plans."

My lover blushed a bit himself before smiling. "I shall keep that in mind." He bowed and bid me good day before returning to the Throne Room.

The first guard shift ended and I handed several children over to their parents and smiled as new arrivals came it. Loraine came in shortly after to aide me with a smile.

"Ariane has told me of Pilin's theory. Do you believe it?"

I blushed. "Word travels fast here. Yes, I do. I believe it is worth a try."

She clutched young Gaelin to her breast. "Does that mean that you have plans for my younger brother tonight?"

Laughter flitted out of my mouth. "I suppose it does." My cheeks were flaming red with embarrassment. Loraine was just smiling.

"I wish you the best of luck, mellonamin."

With a nod, I smiled. "Thank you so much mellonamin. I pray that all will go well. Before nightfall, I think I may consult Mother."

Loraine's eyes sparked with curiosity. "May I come? I would like to watch over such a ritual."

I smiled. "Of course. An elf maiden is due any moment to take my place. We will go then."

She nodded. "Then I will prepare you for tonight." I blushed.

"Thank you. I am so nervous."

Loraine laughed. "Don't be. Just have faith. Legolas will be gentle."

I bit my lip. "It is not that." I told her of my wedding night, and how I had been too scared to proceed.

She sighed. "I am sure you are ready, or you would know otherwise."

With a confident smile, I nodded. "You must be right." My replacement entered and I smiled. "Let us go see Mother." Loraine followed me outside the Halls.

~~~To Be Continued~~~ There is the prologue to the sequel. What do you think? I hope you all like it! What will Mother have to say? Good news? Or poor omens? Find out next chapter! R&R!

Dedicated to Emily Bowman: Sept. 6, 1987-August 5, 2003.