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Chapter Four- Waiting

Reyna sat at her vanity, brushing her thick brown locks out. She was dressed in a simple periwinkle dress with an empire waist. Below the waistline, the curve of her stomach showed. With a warm smile on her face, she rose to face the day. Elearion was sitting next to her, watching her. She frowned, "Why are you not out with Ada?"

Legolas and Reyna had decided to teach the boys elvish and the girls fae, or both if they wished. Elearion sniffled, "Im na seled." (I'm scared.)

She hoisted him in to her lap, stroking his soft golden hair. "Shh. There is nothing to fear love, I promise you. Come, I shall do with you."

Her son seemed calmed by this and nodded, tottering beside her as they headed to the archery range. Ariane was helping Gaelin wield a light bow, which his father had carved specifically for him. Legolas stood beside them, talking with another elven soldier.

The moment Reyna's presence was noted, the elven men quieted and turned to hear what she had to say. She smiled, still finding this amusing after years of their company. "Your son misses you." Reyna embraced her husband, kissing his cheek tenderly. "Perhaps you should teach him how to wield a sword? He has been frightened often lately, though I am unsure why." She spoke in Westron to make sure her son remained ignorant of their conversation.

"Ada!" Elearion wrapped himself around his father's legs happily. The three year old was tall for his age, and growing strong.

Legolas bent down and hoisted him in to his arms, "Le merna gowl?" (You want to learn?)

Elearion nodded confidently, "Uma."

"En rant, le na ionen." (Of course, you are my son.)

Reyna gave a nostalgic smile, kissing her son's forehead and then kissing her husband. "Im mela le." She turned to head back to the grounds, Arwen would be awaiting her. In fact, as she entered the nursery at Imladris she noticed Lirawen, Loraine and Arwen awaited her. Lirawen's stomach was terribly swollen and her child would come in to this world any day now. I smiled at my companions, enjoying my new life as a mother. Arwen had Vanyawen in her arms, rocking her to sleep and Loraine had her own child in her arms. "I saw Gaelin," I noted to Loraine.

She smiled, "He is so excited to learn to use a bow. I think him too young, but Ariane insists."

The four of us laughed, all understanding such. Arwen smiled, "Aragorn has already gotten our son on horseback alone. It frightens me so, Eldarion is merely 5!"

Lirawen chuckled, "I am so anxious. I cannot wait to watch this little one grow."

"Are you expecting a girl or a boy?" Arwen's prudent eyes observed the pregnant woman.

Her violet eyes twinkled, "I pray for a girl, so Haldir cannot scare me so!"

Loraine laughed, "I was thankful this little one was a girl." She coddled Celebria gently. "Have you picked a name?"

"Halmir, after his father, if it is a boy," she said decidedly. "If it is a girl, I wish to name her Ivernial."

"Vanima..." (Beautiful...) Reyna murmured softly. "Haldir would be touched."

Lirawen nodded, "He has blessed me with a happy home and a full heart. The least I can do is bless him with a son."

Reyna smiled. "Such a beautiful thought."

"Aragorn would never want us to name a son after his lineage," Arwen gave a soft smile.

Loraine nodded, "Ariane never knew his family. He was raised an orphan. I must admit, I do wish to name our next son Thranduil, after my father."

Arwen raised an eyebrow, "Your next son? Planning already?"

Another bout of laughter proceeded. It was noontime when the men came back in, three weeks had passed since the Ehtele'mele festival and yet none of them had left. It was so nice to enjoy one another's camaraderie. Arwen sat with Eldarion on her right and Vanyawen on her left. Aragorn sat on the other side of Eldarion. Legolas and Reyna sat with Elearion between them, Loraine and Ariane sat next to one another with Celebria in her arm's a Gaelin on his left. Lastly, Lirawen and Haldir sat next to one another, smiling happily.

The meal was terrific, mead and food was passed around and the group got along like a family. Haldir and Reyna caught up on many things that had come to pass since she'd left the Golden Wood. Aragorn and Legolas boasted to their sons stories of the last two Great Wars. Ariane was entertained by Lirawen and Arwen's talk of Caras Galadhon, as he had never been.

It was almost sunset by the time the meal was finished, but then again, that was the way of the elves in peacetime. A moment of quiet fell over the group as they all paused, their hunger sated and their eyelids weary. "Daeradar!" (Grandfather!)

Eldarion raced forward and embraced Lord Elrond as he entered the halls. Smiling graciously, he picked up his grandson and viewed the company around him. "Ta na maer ele lye." (It is good to see you all.)

Reyna, Lirawen and Loraine rose out of respect, causing all the men to rise. Arwen stood as well, watching Vanyawen scamper over to her grandfather.

"Manen na le, daeradar?" (How are you grandfather?) She looked up at him curiously.

Elrond patted the top of her head, ruffling the raven locks. "Ni na mae." (I am well.) Vanyawen took her turn in her grandfather's embrace before the two returned to the table and the dinner guests began to break up. Elrond sighed softly, "Reyna, merin quetë as elyë." (I wish to speak with you.)

Reyna's toffee eyes filled with worry as she handed Elearion over to Legolas. "I will only be a moment." Kissing his cheek, she turned to Elrond with concern. Once the Hall was empty, she spoke. "Mana?" (What?)

He frowned gravely. "There is grave news from Glacia."

Her eyes widened in fear, "Mana?! Mana?! Á quetë!" (What? What? Tell me!)

Lord Elrond seemed reluctant to speak, but relented. "It would seem that every one of the four children due to be born in the past month... Have been stillbirths."

A lump built in her throat, one could be written off as tragedy... But four in a month? That as far from normal, with Fae magic there was little likelihood of any complications. Chewing her lip in worry, Reyna nodded. "Hantanyel..." (Thank you.) Her quenya was rough, but she was pretty sure she'd spoken correctly. Oh, her mind was digressing again. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she smiled politely. Bowing politely, she turned to leave, the dangling pearl on her crown flying about. "Namarie tenn' rato." (Farewell until later.)

Once she was out of view, she dashed to her chambers, a protective arm cradling her growing stomach as if to guard it. "Meleth nin! Nae! Meleth nin!" (My love! Alas! My love!)

Legolas, with Elearion's hand in his, opened the door. "Man?" (What?) His blue eyes were filled with grievous concern.

Reyna sobbed, "Hain na gurtha..." (They are dead.)

"Man? Mas?" (Who? Where?) He wrapped her in his arms.

"In laesan..." (The children...) Her brown eyes were clamped shut in pain.

"Man? Man? Ada? Atara?" (What? What? Daddy? Mommy?) Elearion pulled on his mother's shift.

Looking down to him, she ruffled his fine golden locks. "Alnad, ionen." (Nothing, my son.)

Legolas stroked her hair, "Meleth nin, u-chenion." (My love, I do not understand.)

Reyna frowned, deciding it best if her son knew nothing. "The children in Glacia, lately not one of them has been born alive..."

His blue eyes were slightly wide with surprise, then a frown marred his lovely face. "Gerich naergon nin," he whispered. "Bedithatch annas?" (You have my deepest regrets, will you go there?)

"Ah le." (With you.) She whispered. He ran a hand through her thick locks, nodding.

"En rant, tolo." (Of course, come.)

Elearion frowned, "Mas?" (Where?)

Reyna smiled down at him through her tears of worry. "Bar nin." (My home.)

"Ar nin?" (And mine?) He followed them in to the room curiously, watching his ada packing their clothes in to saddlebags.

"En rant, pen tithen." She smiled, kneeling down to his height with a little trouble. "Bar nin na bar lin." (Of course, little one. My home is your home.)

Elearion kissed her cheek dutifully. "Le hannon," he smiled at her brightly. (Thank you.)

She managed a genuine smile, standing erect again with a slight groan of effort. "Meleth nin, I do not need anything. I must travel light."

Legolas nodded, "Henion." (I understand.) He turned to her. "Ready."

Elearion grinned, "Can I wide my own horsey?"

Reyna picked him up, shaking her head. "Not yet, pen tithen." The two walked out to the stables, Reyna regretted leaving her friends behind but it was a matter that only the Queen could solve. "Noro!" (Hurry!)

She slipped Elearion in front of her on the saddle since Arod was burdened with what little they had packed. Giving him a soft kick, Kemi sensed her urgency and took off. Arod was close behind. Reyna closed her eyes, praying to the Mother that there would be a plausible explanation. How could there be? They broke through Mirkwood forest in a rush, the horses speeding up as they galloped over the open plain.

Legolas caught up to her, riding side by side. Reyna smiled as she reminisced. Of course he was beside her, they would always stand beside one another, strong and courageous. That's what Eldarean, Others, did.

-End Chapter Four-