A Moment in Time

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Warning: This story will contain slash (i.e. male/male relationships) and mpreg, although neither will be graphic.

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Epilogue - As It Should Be

The History of Magic professor looked out over her current first year class; she tried not to smile at all the rapturous young faces that were staring up at her intently waiting eagerly for her next word. Each student had been caught up into this amazing historical story of true love, unparalleled heroism and betrayal of the worst kind. This was probably her favorite segment of history to teach. The Great War against Darkness, as it later was known as, was almost as fascinating as the many beloved individuals who played such consequential roles in the conflict.

After the destruction of the Dark Lord and the capture or disbursement of his loyal followers the Death Eaters, the wizarding world had been able to rebuild itself thanks to the brave men and women who fought for that freedom; none more so than the beloved, Harry Potter. If packaged and sold, there would be no doubt that the story of Harry Potter would top the best seller lists around the world, a more popular historical figure had certainly never existed.

A soft whisper brought the professors attention back to the eagerly awaiting students, many of whom had their hands raised with questions. The professor nodded, recognizing a sable headed boy. "Excuse me Professor, what did Harry Potter do after the war? I mean did he stay here or did he go back to America?"

"Did Harry and Draco ever get married, Professor?" blurted out an overly excited Hufflepuff. She clearly had been unable to restrain herself any longer and the question just burst forth and was met with the latest round of giggles from the many females in the class.

"I know we all want to know how this story ends, especially for those of you who are muggleborn and may not have already heard of Harry Potter's legacy, as Harry Potter was a very private person and took many measurers to preserve what little privacy that he and his family did have. Now back to your questions, Harry Potter went on to do many things after the war was over. After marrying his life-mate Draco Malfoy-Potter the pair elected not to return to the United States and instead made the newly remodeled Malfoy Manor their home.

"Draco turned out to be a financial wizard, literally, and made a killing in the reconstruction of the wizarding community. Later in life he divested their unparalleled financial holdings into the muggle world and even today their descendents control the vast majority of the technology, pharmaceutical and entertainment industries.

"Immediately after the war, much to the disappointment of many, Harry elected to stay out of the lime light and spent his time raising his children."

A shy but intelligent Ravenclaw, slowly raised her hand; she just had to know the answer to her question.

"Yes Alaina, what is your question?"

"Professor, did the Potters have any more children?"

Professor Smith nodded to the muggleborn who apparently wasn't much of a quidditch fan. "Ever one to defeat the odds, Harry and Draco welcomed into their home and into their hearts another baby boy in the Summer of 2005 and then a gorgeous baby girl a little less than two years there after.

"Nathanial 'Nate' Draconis Malfoy-Potter was a bright inquisitive young boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Like his father before him, Nate fell in love with Hogwarts and is rumored to have had a special affinity with the old castle. After graduating the top of his class, Nate was offered the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position here at Hogwarts. Many years later, Nate became the first Malfoy or Potter to assume the position as Headmaster. His portrait remains today in the Headmaster's office as the most popular and most visited portrait in the castle.

"Victoria Rose Malfoy-Potter turned many heads in her day. As with Nate before her, she also possessed the Malfoy fair locks, but Victoria had the most unusual eyes, the color of the purest aquamarines. Not only did Victoria stand out for her incomparable beauty but also for her talent at quidditch. Victoria became the youngest professional quidditch player in the history of the sport and personally led her team to a remarkable twelve Quidditch European Cups and four Quidditch World Cups before she retired early from the sport to get married and have a family. Victoria remains today to hold the record at Hogwarts as being the only person to start in every game from her first year through her seventh and to never miss the snitch. Victoria married James Sirius Black, son of Sirius and Nicole Black in a long anticipated ceremony in 2035 in the presence of her family and friends."

As she answered yet another question, the history professor sighed as yet an additional four hands popped up. Grateful that this was at least one topic that all the students seemed to paying attention to, she called on yet another student to ask his question.

"Professor, what happened to Matthew and Evan?"

The professor took a sip of water before answering yet another expected question, it was only reasonable that everyone would want to know what happened to the famous Potter twins.

"After graduating from Hogwarts as co- Head Boys and scoring a near perfect scores on their N.E.W.T.s, Matthew and Evan Malfoy-Potter both accepted positions working for the Ministry of Magic. Matthew went on to eventually become the Head of the Department of Ministries while at the same time assisting his Father in the global financial markets, while Evan was later elected Minister of Magic. Evan Potter is commonly thought of as the strongest Minister of Magic that this community had ever known, for his guidance during the long reconstruction process and the many laws that he saw passed to reform the judicial system. He made sure that the travesty that happened to Harry and to Sirius could not be repeated.

"Both men went on to eventually marry and raise loving families of their own".

"Professor, when was Hogwarts reopened; and, why are there now five houses as opposed to the original four?"

"Joseph, it is very apparent that you have never read 'Hogwarts, A History' or you wouldn't be asking such things. The answers to your questions are easily available had you bothered to read your assignment." The student's laughed at their classmate's embarrassment at being caught not having read one of the books that had been on their start of term recommended reading list.

"Hogwarts reopened for students in September following the end of the war. Parents knowing that Hogwarts remained the only safe place during the war elected to send their children here as opposed to any of the other magical learning institutions that were also in the process of being reopened, and in all honesty the fact that Hogwarts was also the institution that trained "The Great Harry Potter", didn't hurt either." The Professor paused for a moment before continuing on with her answer. "With the large influx of students, enrollment swelled. Knowing that soon there would be an even larger demand for space to accommodate the 'baby boom' that followed the war, Albus Dumbledore and the then Board of Governors at Hogwarts decided that it was time for Hogwarts to welcome a fifth house into its halls. It was unanimously decided to call the house 'Potter', after the man who through his selflessness saved the wizarding world and Hogwarts itself.

"Hogwarts itself seemed to approve of this decision for no sooner had the Governors voted and passed the resolution than the Hogwarts school seal changed to what we see today to accommodate the plum and silver colored phoenix that represented the fifth house. All of the Malfoy-Potter children were sorted into House Potter and Nate served as the Head of this house before he assumed his role as Headmaster."

"What happened to Headmaster Dumbledore? He was really old when the war happened so did he just like retire?"

"That's a good question, Drew. From the Headmaster's own autobiography we know that the situation with Harry changed Albus Dumbledore more so than any other event. Albus became almost humble after that and he acknowledged that no man was infallible, not even himself. This was an important moment in his life. After the war was over, Albus and his second in command Minerva McGonagall set about returning Hogwarts to its former glory. Eventually, Albus Dumbledore retired as Headmaster, Minerva retiring at the same time so that they could continue to be together."

An attractive Slytherin in the third row calmly raised her hand. "Professor Smith, did Professor Snape and Remus Lupin ever get together?"

The Professor bit back a grin, why was it the girls that always asked about relationships. Professor Smith nodded answering the student's question about a former head of her house before expanding on her answer in more detail. "Yes, Lisa. Severus Snape and Remus Lupin were life long companions after the war. Although they never formalized their relationship with an actual bonding and they never had any children of their own, we know that both men were deeply in love with and committed to the other. Both Severus and Remus continued to play important roles in the Malfoy-Potter household until their deaths some eighty years later."

"Professor, did Mister Potter ever forgive his old best friends, Ron and Hermione Weasley?" A bright Gryffindor asked from the back of the room.

Professor took her time to answer this question, as it was probably the most important question asked yet today. Forgiveness. Did Harry forgive his former best friends from not believing in him, for betraying him? That certainly was a loaded question.

Professor Smith clasped her hands behind her back as she slowly walked through the room, listing intently to the debate that had sprung up amongst those that thought that Harry did forgive his friends verses those that thought that he did not. Discussion was always encouraged in this class and many parties took advantage of that fact by chiming in on both sides of the issue with valid reasons as to why and why not they thought that eventually Harry was able to get past what had happened and start over again. But that was the whole point wasn't it? Only Harry would know if he truly in his heart of hearts was able to forgive Ron and Hermione for the part they played in his false imprisonment and Harry had taken that secret to the grave many, many years ago.

The Professor knew that she would soon have to intervene as the heated debate started to get out of control. Clearing her throat was all it took to bring the student's attention back to her as she paced in the front of the classroom.

"To be honest I don't know. Harry Potter never wrote his memoirs and all reputable accounts of his life that exist today were written by family and friends close to him. It is commonly believed that Harry kept a personal journal, but unfortunately if it exists it has never been found.

"I do know that Harry's relationship with Ron and Hermione was never what it had once been. We know this from Hermione Weasley's own chronicles of the time. Although they were able to work together and be together even socially, it was Hermione's belief that Harry never truly forgave them and in her own hand, she didn't blame him for that.

"The Malfoy-Potter family and the Weasley family were able to bury the hatched, so to speak. I personally feel that Ron's role in saving Evan in those last days of the war was a large contributor to that feat. There certainly was no outward hostility between them and many individuals who observed Harry's interaction with Ron and Hermione over the years thought that they were very friendly. In fact one of Harry's grandchildren, I believe it was one of Evan's sons married the granddaughter of Ron and Hermione.

"So did Harry forgive them? I'd like to think so, but had that been me I'm not so sure that I would have been able to forgive them, so should I once more ask something of Harry Potter that I myself may be unwilling or unable to do? Again, I just don't know."


Toward the back of the Charms sixth year classroom, a raven-haired boy with brilliant emerald green eyes, currently full of mischief, playfully reached out and pulled on the long platinum blonde curl in front of him. The owner of that particular silky curl turned in her seat and scowled at the offensive immature boy, before her face couldn't keep the affection that she held for the boy a secret any longer.

Seeing her silver eyes light up as she adjusted the hood of her plum and silver trimmed school robe took the boy's breath away. Not wanting to get caught passing notes in class again, the boy pointedly looked at the girl in front of him and then towards the windows.

Grinning, the girl nodded. She had understood and agreed to his request to meet that evening after dinner in their usual spot by the lake. For all the boy's reckless and clueless ways, she really did love the boy.

Somewhere deep in the heart of the great castle a marble snake tightened his grip around the neck of his beloved lion, prompting the large cat to purr in response. After sharing a knowing look, the snake lovingly nipped at his companion's ear before whispering something only the two of them could understand. 'Yes indeed', the lion thought in agreement with his observant mate, 'things certainly were as they should be.'

The End.

Final Note:

That should help tie up any questions that were still out there. Thank you to everyone for hanging in there with me. Writing this story has been a wonderful experience largely in part due to the responses and encouragement I received from all the wonderful readers of this story. When I started this, I never expected it to be this popular or to have the loyal following that it did. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Special thanks to J.K. Rowling, who so lovingly created this wonderful playground for which I an extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play in for awhile. To those of you who have asked for a sequel, I am flattered but the answer is no I am not planning on one at this time. I want to maybe take some time and work a different story for a while. Take care.