Meet You There

Chapter 17 - Tryouts


Harry jumped slightly as he turned in the corridor, seeing Professor McGonagall looking at him.

"Yes Professor?" he asked, unaware of what he could possibly of done now, he looked at Ron curiously but he simply shrugged.

"No need to look so nervous Potter, it's good news" she explained, "I'm actually quite pleased to tell you that you've been chosen as the new captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch team."

Harry simply gaped at her, not talking for a couple of seconds. He certainly hadn't been expecting that.

"You're joking…" he said in a whisper, positive he hadn't heard her right.

"No I am not joking Potter…you've earned it" She was smiling and looking quite proud, while Ron stood next to him beaming.

"Well done mate!!" he said grinning, patting him on the back.

"Why would you pick me?" he said looking still as if he didn't believe her.

"Come off it Potter, you're a fabulous seeker, an excellent leader and an over all likeable person." She said easily, "…and you're every bit as passionate about Quidditch as Oliver Wood, if not more."

Harry stood there staring at his teacher in disbelief when he suddenly exploded, "Bloody hell I can't believe it!" he shouted looking ecstatic. "Oh I could just kiss you professor! THANK YOU!!"

"Well I'd rather if you didn't Potter but you're most certainly welcome, you deserve it." She said, laughing lightly at his excitement.

Harry just couldn't wipe the grin off his face, as he looked between Ron and McGonagall, seemingly rendered speechless.

"Well I'm glad to see you're so enthusiastic about it" she said, watching him. "But I still need to fill you in on everything else Potter, so follow me will you? He'll join you in a minute Mr. Weasley"

Ron nodded, waving as he went down to breakfast and Professor McGonagall led Harry into her office.

Entering the Great Hall Ron smiled as he saw Hermione, glad she was already there. Harry would probably be happy to tell her the news.

"Morning, Mione" He said happily, sitting down next to her.

"Good morning Ronald" she said coldly, not looking at him.

 Ron looked at her cautiously; clearly something was wrong if she'd called him…ugh…Ronald. "What's up Herms, what've I done?" he asked, completely lost.

"Do you remember who you were with yesterday, and what you said to them? Clearly thinking that no one else had heard you?" she said, looking at him angrily. "And please never call me that again"

He scratched the back of his head, "Well I don't really remember much of last night to be honest" he said laughing.

Hermione looked at him sourly, "You're joking"

"No, why, did I make a fool of myself?"

"You made rather an ass of yourself actually" she said shortly.

Ron looked at her strangely, "Hermione did I say something to you, or embarrass you or something?"

She faced him slightly disappointed, "You just…said a few things about me to lavender that's all" 

Ron stared at her, "What'd I…" he started, but suddenly he seemed to remember. "Oh bloody hell Mione…" he whispered, looking like he felt awful.

Hermione sighed, playing with the food on her plate.

"Hermione I didn't mean any of it honestly! I had no clue what I was talking about; I wasn't in my right mind. I think I thought if I said those things, Lavender would just…well never mind." He flushed slightly, "But really Mione…I'm so sorry, I'm really ashamed of myself."

She looked up at him…he did look sincerely upset about it.

"I would've apologized earlier Mione but I didn't remember I'd even said it! Or that you'd heard it for that matter…"

Hermione smiled at him, deciding she needed to get over it. "Ron, it's all right you can stop" she said lightly.

"Are you sure Mione, I'm surprised you're not shunning me or something"

Hermione laughed, "You've said you're sorry Ron, and I believe you" she said simply.

Ron grinned, "You're the best Hermione, thanks"

She smiled at him, but didn't say anything else until she saw Harry bounding down towards them. "What's he so happy about?" she said, his grin making her own face light up as he reached them.

"Did you tell her Ron?" he asked excitedly.

"Nope, thought you'd want to mate" he said chuckling.

"Excellent, guess what Mione?!" he asked, his eyes shining with exhilaration.

Hermione shrugged laughing, "No idea, what is it?" she said curiously.

"McGonagall's made me Quidditch Captain!"

Hermione screamed in delight and jumped up to hug him. "Oh congratulations Harry, you're going to be fantastic!" she said happily as he hugged her back.

"Thanks" he said, grinning from ear to ear.

As they sat down Harry looked to Ron, "We've got to be up at 5 tomorrow to get ready for the try outs" he said, still looking excited but Ron groaned.

"5 in the morning? Why so early??" he said not exactly sharing Harry's feelings. 

"Because we have to get them done before classes start so we can post the list Tuesday morning, and have our first practice" Harry explained.

"But why can't they have them next weekend, what's the rush?" he asked confused.

"Ron, they're already pretty behind. The tryouts were supposed to be last week, but McGonagall says they lost track of time…don't know what they could've been doing" he said, shaking his head as if nothing was more important than Quidditch. Harry nor Ron didn't seem to make too much of this information, but Hermione looked slightly worried.

"What if something's happened…with Voldemort I mean" she whispered, checking to see no one was listening as Ron flinched. She rolled her eyes at him and turned to Harry.

"I mean, the professors are really organized with Quidditch…this would usually never happen. They must be distracted by something else...and I wouldn't be surprised if it was something to do with the Order" she continued, looking rather worried.

Ron and Harry looked at her in slight awe.

"I never would've even bothered to think of it like that" Ron said, shaking his head.

"Well…Voldemort is still in power, and there's no doubt he'll be angry at your last escape Harry…he ought to be planning something, he always is."

"In fact…I'm rather surprised you haven't been having anymore of those weird dreams, like last year." Hermione said, looking at him slightly suspiciously.

Harry looked away from her guiltily, "Erm…"

Hermione glared at him, aghast "Harry! How many have you had, why wouldn't you tell Dumbledore about them?"

"I only had one..."

She looked at him sceptically.


Another look and Ron snorted. 

"ALL RIGHT! Four! But one of them didn't seem to have anything to do with Voldemort and I haven't had one since we got here" he said, looking annoyed with her for knowing him so well. "And two of them weren't really dreams anyway, it was more sensing what he was feeling than anything…that's different"

"Harry, please tell Dumbledore…I just don't want anything bad to happen to you" she said softly.

Ron looked at him seriously, "She's right mate, I reckon you're going to have to take some of those Occlu…ocul…well you know, those lesson thingies"

"Snape refuses to do it any more Ron, I…" but he stopped himself abruptly, forgetting he hadn't told them about what he saw in the Pensieve.

"What do you mean he refuses Harry?" Hermione said sharply, "You said that he told you you'd had enough and you could manage on your own!"

"Well, not exactly…see I kind of…oh just forget it Hermione will you?" He said furious with himself for bringing it up. It had brought back the memories of the vision he'd had on that miserable night last June…maybe if he'd taken those lessons seriously Sirius might still be alive…

"Harry, what happened?" she asked stubbornly, but stopped as she saw the sadness in his eyes as he stared at his plate, and the warning look in Ron's.

She sighed and put her hand on his shoulder, rubbing it soothingly as Ron returned to his large pile of pancakes.  

"I'm sorry Harry I won't push it" she said apologetically. "I'm sure everything will turn out eventually"

Later that day in the common room, Ginny came up to the trio, who were all surprisingly immersed in their potions homework. However when she looked closer, Ron was simply doodling on his essay paper and Harry had only wrote two lines on his page.

"Hermione?" Ginny said rather timidly, it was dangerous at times to interrupt her while she was working.

However it seemed she was in a good mood, as she looked up at her calmly. "What is it Gin?" she asked, placing her quill down beside her.

"I need to talk to you" she said, not waiting for an answer as she pulled her friend off of the couch  "I'll only be a minute" she added to Ron and Harry.

Hermione looked at her strangely as she allowed herself to be pulled off to a corner by the portrait hole.

"Is something wrong Ginny?" Hermione asked, looking lost.

Ginny shook her head, "No, I just wanted to talk to you…and Harry too really but that's not possible without looking suspicious…" she trailed off, looking at Ron.

 "All right, what is it?" Hermione asked.

"I just want to know what you and Harry are doing about the situation exactly" she said, and Hermione eyed her oddly.

"What do you mean what are we doing?" she asked, not sure if she liked where this conversation was going.

"I have a feeling you haven't told Ron about it have you? Or anyone besides me for that matter…" Ginny said, looking disapproving of the idea.

Hermione sighed, "Ginny we don't want to hurt Ron! This will just add to his stupid theory that Harry always gets everything Ron wants but can't have!" she explained, trying to keep her voice down.

Ginny nodded as if she understood, "It's natural for his two best friends to not want to hurt him but believe me Hermione, Ron would be more upset if he found out from someone else" she explained rather wisely. "He'll be more hurt that his friends lied to him about something so important."

Hermione was about to say something but stopped as she glanced over at the couch and saw that Ron wasn't there. Harry must have felt her looking at him because he lifted his head up from his work and smiled at her.

"Where's Ron?" she mouthed, not wanting to shout.

Harry got up and walked over to them, "He went to go get something for the prefect meeting" he said and Hermione gasped.

"Oh Merlin, I completely forgot about that!" she said worriedly. "You can talk to Harry about this Gin okay? I have to go!"

At that moment Ron came bounding down the stairs, "Ready?" he asked Hermione and she nodded. They quickly left, waving at the pair hurriedly before closing the portrait rather loudly.

Harry looked at Ginny curiously as she dragged him over to the couch. "What is it we're talking about…?" he asked as he sat down in the chair opposite Ginny.

"Basically I was just telling Hermione that you two ought to tell Ron about whatever's going on" she explained. "I think it's adorable and everything, but you have to tell him."

Harry looked at her amazed, "Do you realize how badly he'd take that? He already seems to be jealous of me, about what I have no idea…but this will just make it worse!" he said, repeating Hermione's thoughts.

Ginny ran a hand through her long mane, "Yeah but Harry, don't you think it would be worse if he found out you two were going out and that you lied to him?"

Harry knew she was right but didn't want to admit it, keeping his mouth shut.

Ginny looked at him exasperatedly. "Harry you'll have to tell him one day! You can't hide this forever, and the sooner you tell him the better."

Harry shook his head, "I just don't think he'll understand Ginny, he's never heard me talk about Mione like that he'll think I'm just fooling around with her" he said dejectedly, "I don't want him to think that"

Ginny smiled at him warmly, "Just tell him how much you care for her then" she said softly but he shook his head once again.

"Guys don't talk about that sort of stuff" he said rolling his eyes. "I'm sure he wouldn't want to hear it anyway"

"Ginny looked at him tiredly, "Look, Ron has nothing to be mad about, it's not your fault you love Hermione, he has to understand that! I mean come on…" she continued to talk but Harry interrupted.

"Hermione practically rejected him for me! I always get what he wants and can't have! That's got to be really frustrating for him" He said, bringing his voice back down to a whisper after he realized he'd been talking way too loud.

Ginny rubbed her forehead, as if she had a head ache. "Harry I'm getting sick of this conversation, are you going to tell him or not?"

"We will tell him eventually Ginny, we've just got to wait till the right time all right?" Ginny could sense he was starting to get rather annoyed so she decided not to press it.

"Fine…I just hope you don't regret this Harry, I don't want to have to say I told you so"

Ron woke up the next morning to Harry yelling enthusiastically at him, fully dressed in his Quidditch uniform.

"Come on Ron, it's Quidditch tryouts this morning! We have to go meet up with Katie so we can go down together!" he said, moving around with the air of a child on Christmas morning.

"Bloody hell Harry be quiet, you're going to wake everyone up" he grumbled, groaning as he looked at the time. 5:01am.

Harry simply laughed, "Dean and Seamus are trying out Ron. And Neville's coming down to watch" he said, pulling back Ron's covers.

Ron muttered a few unflattering words as he noticed Dean and Seamus talking noisily while they got dressed, and Neville sitting on Harry's bed already ready.

"You lot are way too cheerful in the morning, honestly" Ron mumbled, getting up to pull on his red and gold uniform.

"Okay everyone, if you're trying out for the chaser positions make two lines in front of me and Katie…if you're trying out for the beater positions, line up in front of Ron."

Harry, Ron and Katie had finally made it down to the pitch, and Harry was clearly excited to start the process. Ron was pleased to see that Katie looked just as drained as he did.

"I hope you all brought along your own brooms, if you didn't you can borrow the schools but you'll need your own if you're going to play on the team"

A couple people looked at each other anxiously, clearly having forgotten theirs, or perhaps not having one. But everyone else lined up happily, clutching their brooms to their sides.

A young and very nervous looking blonde girl stepped up to Harry. He could've sworn she was literally shaking.

"Hi, it's Natalie right?" Harry asked, remembering her from her sorting a while back. He grinned friendly at her as she stared at him in awe, clearly she was quite taken aback that he would know her name.

"Y-Yes I'm Natalie Mc...I mean Macdonald" she spluttered, blushing.

Harry smiled at how cute she was, writing her name down on a piece of parchment, "And what year are you in?"

"Third" she said shakily.

"All right thanks Natalie just stand over there while we get everyone else ready" he said, smiling again and pointing to the middle of the pitch.

She nodded and hurriedly walked away as fast as she could looking mortified.

It went on like this, with many nervous girls and boys of all ages, shivering in the cold as they stood in front of Harry, Ron and Katie. Ginny and Kate had also shown up, along with Dean and Seamus all of them looking rather excited.

When the last chaser had left, Harry and Katie looked up at Ron to see him sitting lazily on the grass waiting for them to finish. "There aren't too many people trying out for beaters" Ron said yawning.

"Oh well, I'm sure we'll find someone" Katie said positively.

"Good attitude Katie, I'm glad we still have you" Harry said laughing as they walked towards the large groups.

And with that, the tryouts were under way. Despite all the kids who had come to try out for the chaser positions, many of them could hardly fly at all, the only chaser that had really wowed him was Ginny. Harry knew he was being really picky, but he just wanted everything to be perfect, he didn't want to let anyone down while he was captain, and he found himself finally understanding Wood's thirst for the Quidditch cup 3 years ago.

At the moment, Harry was watching Ron, Katie and a second year girl attempting to pull off some beater moves. Harry shook his head, sighing and rubbing his temples to get rid of the massive head ache he'd gained from the horrible experience.

The young girl had managed to hit herself with her bat instead of the bludger.

"OKAY GUYS, COME DOWN" he yelled up at the three flyers, trying his best not to sound angry. They all swooped down, the young girl landing rather awkwardly, and blushing profusely as Katie looked at her pityingly.

"That was just embarrassing" Ron muttered as the girl walked away with tears in her eyes.

Harry didn't say anything, but nodded in agreement and gritted his teeth, turning away from him.

"NEXT!" he shouted, trying his best not to let his irritation show through. But as saw little Natalie Macdonald walking towards him clutching her nimbus 2000 nervously, he felt his annoyance ebb away slightly. He didn't want to make the young girl feel worse than she already did.

"Just relax sweetie it'll be fine" Katie said warmly, obviously having taken a liking to her along with Harry.

Ron smiled at her too, "Just pretend all these people aren't here, and we'll see what you can do all right?" he said kindly, but he turned to Harry with a gloomy look on his face. "I hope to god she's better than the others, the last decent effort was Ginny…and that was at least 7 people earlier" he muttered.

Natalie nodded nervously, seeming to relax a little as Harry smiled at her encouragingly.

Ron sighed rather loudly as they all flew up into the air with her to start her tryout, Harry glanced at both him and they shared a similar look of apprehension, bracing themselves for a lousy performance.

A few minutes later, they were sharing looks of astonishment, Natalie had been stunning. She had passed the quaffle with extreme ease to Katie, and caught it every time, not once dropping it, and Harry had only managed to get it away from her twice. She had just scored yet another goal past an astounded Ron when Harry stopped her, grinning.

"That was bloody brilliant!" Ron yelled happily as Katie hugged the younger chaser with excitement, the two of them floating down to the ground.

"You've got an excellent chance Natalie" Harry said smiling, she'd put him in a very good mood.

Shortly after her performance however, Harry was dispirited. It seemed the bad streak of chasers had returned.

"All right, I think that's it, there's no one left is there?" Harry was asking an hour later. Everyone shook their heads, some of them looking quite ashamed of themselves. "Great, I'll post the list in the common room tomorrow evening, thanks for coming out" he said half heartedly, trying to look appreciative.

Ron swore loudly as they all left the pitch, "That was worse than the keeper try outs last year, honestly."

Katie shrugged, "There were a few good people" she said, yawning as they entered the school. "I'm going back to bed"

Ron watched her go up the stairs, turning to an exhausted looking Harry when she was out of site. "I would mate, but I'm bloody starving"

The moment they sat down at the table, or collapsed into their chair in Harry's case, Ron pulled every possible plate towards him. Harry rested his head on his arms, looking like he was about to nod off any second.

Ron looked at him guiltily, "Hey, maybe you should go back to Gryffindor tower Harry" he said, watching him lift his head up sleepily.

"That's okay Ron, I don't want to leave you alone down here" he replied yawning.

"He doesn't have to be alone mate, we're back" came a voice from behind them, the two of them turning in surprise.

There stood Dean and Seamus looking very alert. Ron grinned at Harry, "There you are Harry, go ahead"

He smiled gratefully at his three friends, "Thanks…I don't think I'll be up there long anyway" he said, getting up and walking down the hall.

He was turning a corner when he saw the one person that could make him smile when he was feeling so miserable. She didn't seem to notice him, as she wasn't watching where she was going, smiling to herself. 

"Hey Mione" 

Hermione looked up startled, but her small smile had turned into a grin as she saw him and for some odd reason, a blush rose on to her cheeks.

"Morning Harry" she replied, with a small smirk as she took in his appearance.

"What are you smirking at me for Mione, you look like Malfoy" Harry said, laughing as she smacked him playfully, but her cheeks went pink again.

"It's nothing…" she said, shaking her head, "How did Quidditch tryout go?" she asked, changing the subject.

Harry looked like he was going to continue teasing her, so she hoped to distract him by putting her arms around his neck, and bringing his face closer to hers. "Did they go well?" she prompted, looking innocently at him as if she hadn't done anything.

Harry laughed, knowing very well what she was doing but he honestly didn't care. He was rather enjoying the feeling of Hermione draping herself over him, and soon enough, his arms had snaked around her small waist.

"They were completely miserable" he answered, pulling her closer to his body and backing her up towards the wall so they weren't in the middle of the corridor.

Hermione smiled warmly at the feeling of being so close to him, "Why, what happened?" she asked, knowing neither of them were really thinking about Quidditch.

"We just…uh…don't have too many, you know, good players here" he stumbled as he watched her run her tongue over her lips in anticipation.

"You must be just knackered" Hermione said, smiling slyly at him.

"I am, yeah" he replied, chuckling in that sexy way that never failed to make Hermione squirm with pleasure.

She looked up at him and no matter how out of character she was acting, she simply couldn't control her desire anymore.

"Enough of this Harry, just kiss me" she said in close to a whisper as her eyelids fluttered shut

Harry was pleasantly surprised at her statement and didn't exactly hesitate to consent to her wishes as he smirked playfully at her before capturing her lips softly. Hermione held back a girlish squeal as she felt his tongue trace her bottom lip and she willingly gave in to him.

She let out a soft, happy sigh into his mouth, as Harry moved one of his hands up to her cheek to stroke it gently with his thumb. Harry felt himself smiling inwardly at the action; he'd never thought he'd see the day when he'd be kissing Hermione in the hall.

As they pulled away for air, Harry opened his eyes to see Hermione smiling at him mischievously. "Every time I've seen you in your Quidditch uniform I think I've secretly wanted to do that" she said blushing.

"Every time I've seen you wearing anything I've wanted to do that" Harry replied cheekily and she laughed, hitting him playfully before she kissed him again.

She shivered as she felt Harry's hands slip under her shirt and settle on the smooth skin of her lower back, caressing the skin. Unfortunately, a second later they were disrupted by a sneering voice.

"Well would you look who it is?"

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