Title: In Mourning

Rating: PG

Author: Mac (col_sarah_mackenzie@yahoo.com)

Spoilers: The Expansion

Disclaimers: Enterprise and her characters do not belong to me. Although Trip would fit nicely in the corner of my room...


Trip glared at Malcolm and stormed off. He couldn't stand this anymore. The other 7 million people deserved just as much as Lizzy did. If not, more.

"'She was important to YOU!'"

Trip felt tears coming to his eyes just as he saw Hoshi coming around the next corner. He slipped into the mess hall. Luckily, it was deserted. No one really felt like eating much lately.

He sank into one of the chairs near a window, leaning his head against the cool glass. That's when the tears began to fall more freely. He thought of Lizzy and what she might have been doing in the last few minutes she was alive. Most likely cataloging some big fossil she found.

Trip screamed and in one swift motion, he stood up, grabbed a chair, and threw it across the room. Lizzy would never be doing that again! He would never talk to her again, never hold her again. He felt as though someone had ripped out his heart and was squeezing it.

Things like this weren't supposed to happen! People like her weren't supposed to die! Why? Why did she have to die?

"Why?" Trip cried, sinking to his knees.

He didn't noticed the hand on his shoulder at first. When he did, his head snapped up. It was Hoshi. Go figure, she must have walked right by the mess hall the second he threw that chair. Instead of yelling at her to get out and leave him alone, he found himself staring at her.

Hoshi looked into Trip's haunted eyes. The eyes of someone is so much pain. It was the way her father looked when his mother died. "Trip," she said quietly.

Disregarding any thought to what people might think of him, Trip let Hoshi take him into his arms as he cried. Hoshi soothed him with calming words, each sob tearing at her heartstrings.