Authors: Felicia McFurry, Ace and Isis


It had been a year since the death of Felicia's parents. But she
continued to have a nightmares about it. It was always the same nightmare
but everytime she dreamt it, it would scare her even more.
That night as Felicia slept the nightmare came back with a
vengeance. She was outside of the building all by herself. She could see
people banging on the door wanting to be free away from the building.
Felicia wanted to free them because she knew what was going to happen to
them but she couldn't move. She was frozen in place. Suddenly she heard a
loud buzzing as the bomb detonated. Then the building exploded. She could
see the kats inside yelling and screaming. Some disintegrated immediately,
some who weren't lucky enough to have a quick death were on fire, burning
to death. Her parents were among the unlucky ones. She could hear them
asking for Felicia to help them but Felicia could not. Felicia closed her
eyes to keep from watching her parents suffer. She dropped to her knees and
started to cry.
She heard a sonic boom and looked up at the sky. She watched the
Turbokat pass by without acknowledging the fact that the building exploded.
Felicia knew she was alone at the fact and thought that nobody cared that
her parents died from the bombing. Suddenly she heard Dark Kat's laughter
and she saw him walking right towards her. She got up and started to run
but he was right behind her. She reached a dead end and turned around.
"It's all over, girl. You are alone, so no one can protect you.", said Dark
Kat as he aimed his gun at her. He pulled the trigger, Felicia screamed.
She woke up from her nightmare in a cold sweat. She quickly held
her locket that Razor had sent her. She had lived with Felina because her
brother practically lived at Enforcer Headquarters and Felina had an
apartment. A week later from the bombing Felina returned from work and gave
Felicia a package. Inside was a note from Razor. He wanted her to forgive
him from being unable to save the kats inside the building. He felt sorry
for her and wanted her to believe him that he did everything he could. The
package also contained an envelope and a small box. Inside the envelope was
$100.00 and inside the small box was a silver sterling necklace with a
locket. Felicia was so grateful for him giving her the gifts. She used the
$50.00 of the money to buy food and clothes and used the other $50.00 to
give to Felina for allowing her to stay with her until she graduated from
high school.
She had to live with Felina because she had to sell her parents home
because she was unable to make the payments on it. She was unable to attend
the college because she had to use that money for college to buy her
apartment. The apartment was next door to Felina. She laid in the bed
thinking about her dreams and what happened in the last year. Felicia
wished that Razor believed that she had forgiven him. She knew he was right
about trying his best. She couldn't have done any better.
Suddenly a knock at the door made jump back into reality. "Oh, no!",
she cried as she quickly jumped out of her bed. She had forgotten that she
had promised Victoria to go with her to help look for a job. Victoria was
also unable to attend college because her parents were not wealthy to pay
for her so that meant for Victoria to get a job to help pay for it when she
was able to attend. Victoria also owned an apartment in the area but it was
in the next building. Felicia quickly ran to the door and opened it. It
was Victoria and she had a surprised look on her face. "Felicia, you are
not ready?", she asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Victoria.", said Felicia as she shut the door behind
Victoria. "Please sit down. I'll hurry up and get dress. I had another
nightmare last night and didn't get much sleep." Felicia ran to her
"Don't think you should go see someone about those dreams?",
Victoria called.
"Well, there's nothing much they can do about them until I get over
them.", Felicia said as she buttoned up her shirt. She picked up her shoes
and socks and walked into living room where Victoria was sitting on the
couch. Felicia sat down in the chair beside the balcony.
"I like your apartment, Felicia. Much more neater than mine.", said
"Well, you can thank my mother for that.", said Felicia as she put
on her socks. She suddenly stopped when she mentioned her mother. The
image of the bombing popped into her mind. Victoria knew what Felicia was
"I know you're going through a lot, Felicia. But you'll hang in
there.", said Victoria. The image popped back out of Felicia's head and
she smiled at Victoria. She put on her shoes.
"Who knows..", said Victoria as she picked up her pocketbook and got up.
"We might run into some cute tomcats."
"No thank you, Victoria. I don't need any more stress in my life.",
said Felicia as she also got up. She picked up her pocketbook and walked
to the door.
"Well, you still haven't changed your views about tomcats since
high school.", said Victoria. "You still don't like romance do you?"
Felicia opened the door.
"I don't need romance in my life. I'll never fall in love with
anyone. And do you know why? Because I don't need tomcats. I'm happier
single.", said Felicia as she and Victoria walked out.
"Felicia, if you weren't my friend, I would say you were crazy.",
said Victoria.
"And Victoria, if you weren't my friend, I would hit you for
saying that.", said Felicia as she locked the door. The two friends laughed
as they walked down to the parking lot. They got into Victoria's Mercury
Sable and headed downtown.
Victoria quickly walked out of the door. She was very annoyed with
Felicia right now. This was the fifth job offer they received and Felicia
refused to work there even though the pay was good. Felicia walked out of
the door and quickly ran up to Victoria, she could tell that Victoria was
pretty annoyed with her right now. "Come on, Victoria. Don't be mad at
me.", said Felicia as she tried to keep up with Victoria's pace.
"Felicia, I thought we agreed that we would find a job that would
suit us.", said Victoria. "That job was perfect. It can't get even more
perfect than that!"
Felicia knew that Victoria was right. But for some reason all of
these jobs were not very interesting to her. "Victoria, I know we agreed.
But I like military jobs. You know somewhere I can fly a plane, have a gun
and engage in combat.", she said.
Victoria stopped. "So, why don't you join the enforcers so I can
take a job somewhere else.", said Victoria.
"But I thought we wanted to work together?", asked Felicia with a
surprise look on her face.
"I do, but with the enforcers and that is the only job where you
can do all of the stuff you want to do.", said Victoria. "Quiet frankly,
I hate the enforcers!"
"I couldn't even agree with you more.", said a voice behind them.
Felicia and Victoria turned around and spotted a beautiful she-kat. She
was about 5 years older than Victoria. She had black pants with a red
Her strawberry blonde hair was up in a ponytail. "I am sorry.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Turmoil. But I couldn't help to
overhear about you girls arguing over job.", she said. "Well, I am looking
for young she-kats exactly like you. I train young she-kats for combat and
they don't even have to be in the enforcers. You also get to use better
guns than you would use with the enforcers.", said the she-kat.
Felicia couldn't believe it., now this was a job that she would
like. But her smile quickly disappeared as she thought on what Victoria
would say.
Victoria would pass down the offer. "Well how much do we get paid?",
asked Victoria. "The last employer was going to give us $25.00 by the end
of the week if we started to work tomorrow."
Felicia knew that the she-kat probably couldn't offer that much but
to her surprise, the she-kat just laughed. "Well how about this. You can
make at least $1,000 by the end of the month.", she said.
Victoria's eyes grew wide. "You're kidding?!", she said.
"Nope.", said the she-kat.
Victoria looked over at Felicia. "What do you say, Felicia?",
asked Victoria.
Felicia realized that Victoria probably didn't know about Turmoil's
past life. "Well, I don't know.", she said.
"Oh, come on, Felicia!", protested Victoria. "This is exactly what
you want."
"You don't have to decide right now. You can let me know tomorrow.
But if you do want to work for me then there's one thing you must do. All
of my troo-workers live at the place where they work at. ", said Turmoil.
But the room are very nice."
"We'll talk it over, tonight and let you know tomorrow morning.",
said Victoria.
"Think it over. Here's my card.", said Turmoil as she handed
Victoria the card and turned around and walked down the sidewalk and turned
the corner.
"Felicia, do you realize how much money we can make by the end of
the year?", asked Victoria. "You can buy you a new car."
"Yeah. I know. But I want to think it over first.", said Felicia.
She was still worried about Turmoil. "Let's just go home, my feet are