A Magical Romance

By Robin Gurl

Chapter 12


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The spring sunshine was warm but it allowed the chilled wind to still blow through the junkyard. It woke up any sleeping form, Tom, Queen or Kitten and reminded them it was morning.

In one such place it wasn't much different. A figure hovered over a tiny black and white form, the figure turned out to be Tugger and he was hovering over Quaxo. He leaned down and placed a kiss on the warm forehead, "Good morning."

Quaxo swatted at Tugger playfully before opening one eye, "Just how early is it this time?"

"Early enough to still eat breakfast with the rest of the tribe, if you want." The older cat stretched and curled around Quaxo to give him more heat.

"I'm not sure they are ready yet, they are still scared of me." Quaxo whispered.

"No they aren't. They are just weary about McCavity being possibly still being alive." The reassurance didn't do it's job, it just sent a shiver down the younger Tom's spine. "Stop worrying, I'm here."

A knock was heard and Munkustrap appeared, "Are we eating breakfast alone or with everyone?"

The tabby glanced around the room and watch as the small black figure sat up, "With everyone, its time I faced them."


Together the three of them walked into the main part of the 'yard at once all the cats came running, the older queens hugged Quaxo tightly and the young Queens were waiting for a turn as well.

"Don't look so shocked, I told you. I don't know where you got the idea that people could going to hate you." Tugger grinned.

"We heard what you did and that's so cool!" Electrica exclaimed.

"It's so romantic too!" Eccty chimed in. "Even if you did steal Tugger from me. But I'll forgive you."

"That was a heroic thing you did, Quaxo. I am proud to have you in our tribe." Old Deuteronomy explained. "Thank you, both of you, for all of your hard work!"

Tugger smiled at Quaxo who smiled back and they both took a bow, behind them ghostly forms of Mistoffelees and Takio appeared waving as well.

In the shadows however, McCavity was awaiting the next chance to strike knowing he would be beat however stopped him each time he got an idea. He vowed to get them once and for all one day.


After breakfast Quaxo pulled Tugger down past their home and further into the junk yard, "I've got something to show you!"

Tugger laughed and let the young Tom pull him down. "I'm coming, what is it?"

"Ok, watch this!" Quaxo closed his eyes and in a shimmer of purple light, his coat changed to ebony black again but this time his eyes stayed the same. "I can control it now!!"

"You can change at will?"


"I'm glad, I think you are much more beautiful like this." Tugger whispered pulling Mistoffelees in for a passionate kiss. Above them Takio and Mistoffelees' spirits appeared and they kissed as well.

All is well as goes the Magical Romance.

End Story