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Chapter 9

Koenma gasped, "This is it. The hero."

"It's a... girl," Kuwabara said

Yusuke walked up to the crystal, which stood vertically, and noticed that she looked about his age and height. He was reminded instantly of an angel, she looked so pure and peaceful while asleep.

Then a loud rumbling was heard, it was coming from the chamber they had just been in. The group turned quickly in the direction of the noise, a loud roar, like that of a dragon, was then heard.

Kurama let out a surprised cry, "The evil, it's here!"

"We have to wake her," Touya cried.

Yusuke turned around to face the crystal and punched it with all his might. He looked at it right after he'd done so and screamed, "Not even a scratch, what the heck." He then continued punching it yelling, "Wake up."

A loud crash was heard; he had broken through the door. Within a few seconds he was in the same area as them. The group backed away from the evil, his massive power falling on them like a ton of bricks. The evil looked like a fiery shadow with glowing, angry, red eyes.

There was a soft crying noise, everyone, including the evil creature that stood before them, turned to see who it was. It was the young girl who had led them there. She was sitting in the corner holding her knees to her chest crying softly, her ball beside her.

All attention turned back to the evil demon when he started laughing, it then moved quicker than they could see to the other side of the crystal. Yusuke did the same after realizing where he had gone. He didn't want the evil monster to kill the girl, since she was their only hope.

The shadow lunged for an attack on Yusuke. The young girl in the corner scream and something shattering was heard as well. Just before the monster hit Yusuke, something pushed him from behind sending him to the side, out of harms way.

Whoever had shoved Yusuke to the side was hit though, for the sound of a fist making contact with someone was heard clearly. The person went flying because of the force behind the hit; what ever was hit went through the waterfall into the chamber beyond it. This happened almost too fast for anyone to see.

Yusuke sat on the ground in shock, trying to decipher what had just occurred.

The monster growled, obviously annoyed by something. It was then that the group realized why, the crystal that once stood in the center was now in pieces at the monsters feet. The girl was nowhere in sight.

"What just happened guys?" Kuwabara asked.

Before anyone could answer him the evil rushed by, running into the chamber beyond. Yusuke and the others quickly followed. When they were in the chamber they saw what had really been hit and what the evil went after.

A girl clothed in white was getting up off the floor from the other side of the chamber. She was in the shallows of the small lake. The evil stood some distance away, in the middle of the lake, growling angrily.

'The girl from my dreams,' Touya thought as he looked at her amazed.

"She escaped," Hiei said aloud, utterly surprised.

The monster went for an attack on the teenage girl, but she dogged it and smashed her leg into his stomach. The evil than went to punch her, she caught his fist, he then swept her feet out from under her.

The evil went to kick her but she put up an energy shield to guarding herself from his attack. He growled and punched the shield with all his might hoping to break it but to no avail, the girl flinched slightly at his strike on her shield but held it up non-the less.

"It's obvious," Koenma said to himself.

The others turned and looked at him, "What's obvious," asked Yusuke.

"Huh?" Koenma turned and looked at the group, "Oh, sorry, I was talking to myself. I just meant that it's obvious that both fighters don't have their full strength back. After all they were dormant for five thousand years."

"Are you joking, that evil things power is humongous and your telling me they're not at full power," Kuwabara yelled.

"Calm yourself Kuwabara, your spitting on me," Koenma said calmly.

All talk was cut short as they saw a funnel of water come up out of the small lake. The group stood astonished at this, they had never seen anything like this before. The closest they had come to seeing this kind of technique was with Jin's air bases attacks.

The funnel of water crashed brutally into the evil creature, he let a cry of pain as he was flung from the chamber into the corridors beyond it. The girl quickly got up and went after him.

"Hay wait a minute, come back," Yusuke yelled to the hero and started running after her. He stopped just before exiting and turned to the others, who were close behind him, "That little girl in the cave, we can't forget her," Yusuke cried.

"She's not there Yusuke," Touya told him, "I think she was just the younger form of the hero. After all she did look like her, only younger."

"Yes, she just lead us to her older self, when she was released the young child disappeared. I have a feeling she knew what was going on," Koenma told him.

Yusuke nodded his head in understanding what had been said and ran out into the corridor. The girl stood in the corridor alone, the evil nowhere in sight.

"Where'd the little devil run off to," Jin asked curiously, looking around.

"Who knows and at this point I could care less," Hiei stated.

The girl before they looked over her shoulder at them, she gave a weak smile. She then started walking down the corridor, some ways down she half way turned to them and bid them to follow with a small movement of her hand. She continued walking, the group following a moment later.

The girl was some ways ahead of them so they lost her for a while, but they just followed her energy, which she let purposely flow freely for them to follow. When they found her, physically, she was sitting in a tree happily munching on what looked like an apple. All around her where old homes which still stood standing, some in perfect condition. It was evident, by the way some of the houses looked, that a great battle had taken place here.

Jin looked at the girl in the tree and gave one of his heart filled laughs, "She's quite happy now I'd have to say."

Touya slowly walked up to the tree in which the girl from his dreams, the only hope of anyone's survival, sat happily eating. Before he could say anything she lightly tossed him an apple looking fruit. He gave a small smile and a light "Thanks," before biting into the fruit. He was surprised at the way it tasted, it was sweet without being to sweet, and it had the perfect texture. This was like nothing he had ever tasted before and it was beyond delicious. He happily bit into it again.

The girl gave a small laugh, she may not understand what they say but she could understand expressions and emotions quite well. She threw one to Jin who was walking over, he laughed. She jumped out of the tree and motioned for them all to come and have some. They all ate the fruit happily, forgetting what had happened a short while ago. This sense of peace did not last long though.

"What are we going to do now guys," Kuwabara asked, "I mean we can't understand her and all, we don't even know her name."

"Perhaps Yukina and the other ice demons have found something of use, it would be hard to track us down after all," Kurama pointed out.

"We should probably go to ice world and see, it'll also get us out of here. That thing could come back at anytime and I don't want to be here when he does," Touya said getting up.

Everyone agreed and slowly got up. Touya went over to the girl and gave her a hand. She gave him a strange look, as if she were trying to place him somewhere.

"Ah, what is it? Is something wrong?" Touya asked nervously.

She put her index finger under his chin and lifted it so it was level with her face. She looked at him curiously. She slipped her finger out from under his chin and traced it up his cheek lightly, barely touching his skin, to his green bangs.

"Um," was Touya only response while blushing ever so slightly, whether it be from embarrassment or from nerves is unknown to all, perhaps even from himself.

She picked up one of his bangs, lightly. She smiled and breathed a small sigh before she withdrew from him completely.

Jin put his hands behind his head a looked at his good friend, "Are you alright Touya?" he asked looking at his tense friend.

Touya looked at him and started breathing again, he hadn't realized he'd stopped until now. "Ya, I'm all right Jin," he replied.

"Let's get out of here guys," Yusuke half cried as he raised his fist in the air.

The group, including the girl, laughed at him. They all began to leave, Touya turned around to find the girl looking at her old village.

'She looks so sad,' Touya thought to himself, 'She probably remembers the battle that happened here.' He sighed mournfully and walked over to her. He gently put his hands on her shoulders making her turn and look at him, "Everything will be alright," he said knowing she didn't understand him anyway. He gave a weak smile and took her hand in his. She smiled back at him, knowing he was offering comfort.

The two of them quickly ran to catch up with the others.

What is going to happen with the ancient hero? What is her name? What is the evil's name? What's going to happen with him? And how is the team going to communicate with her?

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The ancient hero is reviled to be a powerful, yet amazingly young, water apparition named after her goddess. The group is still learning about their newfound friend and her unique powers, in some cases they are even unknown to even her.

But worse happens after the first real fight, something the group does not bode well with. What could this problem be? Is it able to be solved, or is the world doomed for destruction?