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Note: This story is written before Andromeda gets her new crew!!

I Can't Forget

The day was starting out alright!! Dylan was on his second cup of coffee, and nobody had started shooting at them yet. He could get used to this, but these days were rare. They even had a break from the constant noise of Harper's tools. He had sent Harper to some remote drift to get some materials, so Harper could start on building some new force lances and hand weapons. They went through them pretty quick around here.

"Brace for slipstream" Beka called, jolting Dylan from his thoughts. A few minutes later they exited smoothly, to the place they were supposed to meet Harper at in about 8 hours.

Dylan had just opened his mouth to tell Beka to go relax for the rest of the day, when Andromeda appeared on screen.

"Dylan I'm picking up a ship of unknown design. They are hailing."

"On screen."

A woman, girl really, appeared. She was blond, too thin, and looked like hell. She couldn't have been more then 16.

"Please! Is Seamus there? Seamus Harper? I need help! My companion and I are in danger!! There is a Go'auld on board our vessel!!" The girl spoken with a queer accent, one that Dylan couldn't place.

"We'd be happy to help, but what is a Go'auld.."

"And how do you know Harper?" Beka interrupted, glaring suspiciously at the screen.

The girl was suddenly picked up from behind, and thrown into a wall. A man wearing the queerest outfit Dylan had ever seen stood over her, furious.

"You will bow to you God," he proclaimed, while holding a hand over her, "You will bow to you God or die!!"

"I will bow to none! Especially a snake!!" At her words, the man's hand began to glow, and a pulse struck her in the head, making her whimper with pain.

"This is Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant. Release her immediately, of I will be forced to fire!" Dylan didn't know who theses people where, but he was unwilling to stand by and watch someone torture a child.

Before the man could even reply, the supposed child stabbed him viciously in the chest. The man staggered back. The girl crawled over to the screen.

"If it's okay with you, I set the autopilot to dock. When you come aboard ,where some sort of protective suit. The Go'auld could change hosts." She punched some buttons then looked up, confused, "Where's Shay? I...." She broke off, her face contorted in pain, and as she fell, unconscious knock a button, and turned the view screen off.


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