Pokemon Adventure

My first fic so be nice.

Disclaimer: Here for my disclaimer is…Scyther.

Scyther: -__-" I ain't doing it.

Scyter187: Yes, you are!

Scyther: Or what

Scyter187: I'll show ya a picture of your grandmother's feet.

Scyther: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ok Scyter187 does not own Pokemon…Well she does own Max and all his Pokemon, Monica and her Piloswine and that's about it.


{Pokemon translation}


Sorry for the short chapter next one will be long promise. Well please read my story, flames are invited but only if they say things like "your idea is bad" NO CURSING OR MY SCYTHER WILL RIP YOU TO SHREDS!!!!!!!!!!! *Inhales* so read and review.