Author: Star-crossed lover

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Buffy/Spike of course

Summary: Buffy gets into trouble out on patrol and discovers what she wants. Hopefully it's not too late.

Disclaimer: The characters are Joss and co. I'm just using them for my personal entertainment, though I'd like to use Spike for more than that, but who wouldn't?

Background: Basic Season 6, Buffy's return. Set before "Smashed" and the whole Buffy/Spike destructive 'shipper.

Everything in italics is an internal conversation/problem.

Out of the Darkness


The darkness slowly crept up on her. Cold. Loneliness. Death. Those were her friends now. She was alone tonight, no one to help her. That's how is always seemed. But tonight it was true.

But that was good, right? No one would stand in her way. She didn't need the help. After all, I am the Slayer. The sworn protector of mankind from the Big Bad.

Where did that come from? She was thinking about Him again. But why? And since when does she talk like Him? –She says she doesn't care for Him. At least that's what she tells everyone else, even herself…

It was dead quiet tonight. Nothing was out—not even a certain arrogant platinum blonde vampire.

Speaking of which, she could use a little…um…distraction right now. Or something else… Did I just think that?…About…Him? What was she thinking? I mean, he is cute, okay, sexy, but still. …Wait. What am I doing? No nice thoughts about…Him. …It must be something in the air. …Or a spell. That's it. …Someone has put a spell on me to think that way about … Him.

Without even thinking, she turns and heads for his crypt. Lately it had become her second home. Again with the why? She hated him. Why would I choose to spend time with him? The more she thought about it, the quicker she walked towards her security. He's my security? Since when? …Since your friends pulled you out of heaven, that's when. She was arguing with herself again. Always about the same thing: Spike.