Chapter 20

A few days later, Buffy heads into the cemetery and towards Spike's crypt. It's barely after sunset, but she was going to hang out before patrol. Her leg finally finished repairing the muscle and she was given a clean bill of health from Giles, as well as permission to start patrolling again, so long as Spike went with her. Like she would protest to that.

She was curious about one thing though. The farthest Spike was willing to go so far was just making out, but she was quickly wanting, no needing, more than that. Maybe he was just waiting for my leg to finish healing. She hoped. She started to think about her dream again, the one she had in his crypt, and hoped it would be very soon.

She couldn't wait to be his. Her hand moved of its own violation up to her neck and she started to run her fingers over the spot where he marked her in her dream.

That's when she noticed idly that the outfit she was wearing, a tank top and warm-up pants, was the same one from her dream. Maybe dreams do come true. She quickened her pace to his crypt, arriving there in record time.

She slowly opens the door and enters the room, closing it behind her so no stray bits of sunlight would hit him.

"Spike? You here. I've been given permission to patrol again. Yeah."

There was still no response, so she heads towards the entrance to the lower level. She pauses for a moment, then drops through to the lower level, all lit up with romantic candles, his king size bed situated in the center with red silk sheets and a black comforter adorning it. On one of the large feather pillows is a single blood red rose. She smiles as she walks over and picks it up, caressing the soft petals lovingly. Just like my dream.

She hears footsteps behind her and turns slowly to see the charming face of her lover. He stalks purposely towards her, a predator after his prey. Neither say a word as he pulls her close and nuzzles her neck, hands around her waist. The rose is forgotten and slips from her fingers as she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his mouth to hers in a searing kiss. Her fingers tangle themselves in his hair, pulling him closer. Always closer. He slowly moves his hands from her waist, travelling methodically up and down her sides.

He kisses her luscious lips again and again, then makes his way up to her now closed eyelids, then back down her face to her cheek, then he finds her lips again. He licks her lips with his tongue and she moans into his mouth, allowing him to enter. His tongue slowly travels over her teeth and gums, trying to memorize everything about her. Then the dance he could never tire of. Her tongue and his. It's his turn to moan.

Slowly, he trails kisses from her lips down to her neck gently kissing all the right spots and feeling her smooth skin with his tongue. Continuing his travels, he moves along her shoulder, reaching one hand up to move the strap from her top out of his path. He slips her spaghetti-strap off of her shoulder and then slides his hand up into her hair, pulling her closer to give him better access. She moans again in pleasure.

Her hands slipped from his hair and are now feeling their way across his upper body. She slowly trails her fingers over his shoulders, then slides them down his biceps and grabs hold of his arms, pulling him even closer to her.

While his tongue works wonders on the soft, silky skin of her shoulder and neck, he sensually moves the hand that was previously resting on her waist upward. He finds the hem of her top and slowly slides his hand under it. He then trails his magical fingers up and down her spine, earning him a gasp of pure ecstasy.

He captures her mouth with his yet again. She pulls him even closer to her. He moves to give her other shoulder the same treatment, again sliding her strap out of the way. This action causes her top to slide down some, exposing even more cleavage. He sees this and begins his travels again.

He trails kisses down her neck, to her chest and starts down her cleavage line, effectively earning yet another moan from his beloved. He smiles and goes back to kissing her, pulling her mouth to his once more.

The hand in her hair moves down her back and joins the other underneath her small top. His fingers dance across her skin, leaving a tingling sensation with each motion. He lightly trails designs on the small of her back, then moves slowly farther up her back, pulling slightly at her top as he moves his magical fingers.

Before she knows it, they're on the bed locked in a passionate embrace, their clothes forgotten in a pile on the floor. He leans down and whispers sensually in her ear.

" I love you Buffy."

"Mmmmmm. I love you Spike."

He moves his head closer and softly kisses her neck, right on the pulse point, before gently slipping his fangs in momentarily. Buffy moans from pleasure. He pulls his fangs out and whispers into her hair one word that makes her whole body tingle.


"Yours." She whispers in return.

As she falls asleep some time later, one thought drifts through her mind: Yep, dreams do come true.

The End

{Well, Actually it's only the Beginning for our Heroes}