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"Hermione, wake up! We're almost there!" said Ron loudly. Hermione opened her eyes slowly, remembering that she was on the scarlet Hogwarts Express on her way to platform nine and 3/4. Going home, she thought. She leaned against the seat in relief. Her fifth year at Hogwarts had indeed been a trying one, not only because of the extremely difficult O.W.L exams, but because of being associated with the Order of the Phoenix, because of Professor Umbridge, and most of all because of Sirius. Yes, she thought sadly, because of Sirius. Hermione glanced at Harry. He was staring straight ahead and seemed preoccupied with something. His sterling green eyes held a touch of profound sadness, and they seemed darker these days. In fact, Harry's whole mood had become darker ever since that night in the Department of Mysteries. Harry had kept to himself and had seemed more subdued than usual when the end of school had come, seldom speaking to anyone unless spoken to.

It was true, Hermione and Ron worried about him a lot and had often wondered aloud to each other if he was okay. Now Hermione looked at his face and found it to be drawn and pale, slightly off color.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Hermione asked, a frown creasing her forehead. Harry looked up, almost as if startled.

"Nothing," he said quietly, smiling a smile that didn't touch his eye. "Just thinking about going back to the Dursleys, and Dudley, you know. Not exactly my idea of a perfect summer," he muttered, laughing bitterly.

"Oh, Harry, I would have you come visit, but me and my parents are taking a trip to Egypt this summer. We're leaving tomorrow morning. I'm sorry," she finished, indeed feeling very sorry for Harry.

"Don't worry, Harry, you can visit the burrow for a few weeks this summer, Mum'll love having you," Ron piped up. He had been staring out of the compartment window, eating a chocolate frog.

"If Dumbledore lets him, that is," Hermione said quietly, immediately regretting it. For a moment she had seen a flash of hope on Harry's face.

"Pipe down, Hermione," Ron snapped., "I'm sure he will."

A few moments later the whistle had blown and the station came into view. Hermione peered outside anxiously to see if Mrs. Weasley was waiting there. Hermione had wanted to ask her a favor about Harry. Hermione quickly grabbed her luggage and headed out of the compartment door before either Harry or Ron. She set off into the crowd to look for Mrs. Weasely. Finally she spotted Mrs. Weasely's flaming red hair, the trademark of the Weasely family.

"Mrs. Weasely!" Hermione called, shoving her way through the bustling crowd.

Mrs. Weasley spotted her and gave her a quick hug. Then she asked, " Hermione, dear, how are you? Where are Harry and Ron?" Mrs. Weasley smiled a warm smile.

"Oh..." Hermione started, "they're still on the train. Getting their luggage, I expect."

Mrs. Weasley nodded and Hermione continued, "Um... Mrs. Weasley... I have a bit of a favor to ask you. You see, I've been worried about Harry lately. He hasn't been... himself, lately, is what I mean to say." Hermione fidgeted with her necklace and continued, "He really needs a family right now, Mrs. Weasley. Although Dumbledore won't allow him to leave the Dursleys for the whole summer, it would be great is he could visit the Burrow for at least a few weeks. And... you could visit him, whether the Dursleys like it or not. And sending him plenty of owls would keep his spirit up, too." Hermione sighed and took a deep breath. "It's been really hard for him with... with Sirius being gone and all. I wouldn't ask you unless I was really, really, worried about Harry, and I am." Hermione finished with a sigh of relief.

Mrs. Weasely stared at Hermione for a moment and then exclaimed, "Why, of course we will, darling! Didn't you expect me to do all of that in the first place?" Mrs. Weasely beamed down fondly at her.

" I think that it's so sweet of you to care, dear. Harry needs friends like you and Ron right now." Mrs. Weasely hugged her again.

A few moments later Ron and Harry appeared out of the crowd, looking quite tousled. Hedwig squawked loudly.

" How are you, Mum? And Hermione, how in the devil did you get out of that mess so fast?" A grin played on Ron's face as he spoke.

"I'm wonderful, darling, how are you?" Mrs. Weasely said briskly. Then she hugged him and Ron hugged her back quite reluctantly, his face going red.

Mrs, Weasely stepped back and looked at them.

"My, my. You have all grown," she murmured. Just then Ginny appeared out of the crowd.

"Ginny dear!" Her mum yelled, throwing Ginny into a hug. Then she sighed. "It's so nice to have you all again. Harry and Hermione, I want to have you two a lot this summer to the Burrow."

"Well, I best be off, Mrs. Weasely. My parents will be expecting me outside," Hermione said lightly. Then she hugged both of the boys and Ginny.

"I'll write to you loads, both of you," she said to Harry and Ron, " We have to stay in touch every single week." Both Harry and Ron nodded, Harry nodding extra vigorously.

" Bye, Hermione!" They both yelled as she disappeared into the crowd.

Hermione walked through the barrier and came out into the muggle world. She looked towards the muggle cars, expecting to see her parents waiting there for her, but she couldn't see them. She scanned the rest of the crowd for a few minutes. There was no sign of her parents. Perhaps they're a bit late, she thought doubtfully. They had never been late. She leaned against the wall and waited there for a few more minutes.

Soon the crowd of Hogwarts students began thinning, waving goodbye to their friends and walking off with their parents. The sun began to sink low into the sky and only a few students remained.

Why are they so late? Hermione wondered angrily. They couldn't possibly have forgotten. Ridiculous, she thought.

She took her luggage and began walking towards the parking lot. She hadn't walked ten meters when a pair of hands roughly grabbed her from behind. She felt a gag being stuffed into her mouth before she could scream. Suddenly she was lifted off her feet and swiftly carried away.

* * * * * * * * * *