Final responses and comments...

On the Epilogue-

Ok, the epilogue may have seemed a bit random (maybe) but I shall explain. I wanted to do a slight glimpse into the future just so that things felt a little more 'closed.'

The fic needed to end with a brohood scene...just them, basically because I just wanted it too lol. I wanted to show them moving on but still very close- just not *dependent* on each other anymore. The three of them are all living their own, very different lives, yet they still just needed a time out for just them.

The issue with Lance waiting a semester to move out was included because I didn't want it to seem like he just accepted what Logan told him right away. The ending with Todd and driving and all that was my weak attempt at symbolism. (GO CALAMARI RINGS FOR THINKING SO!! WOOHOO!) It was kinda a symbol of Lance accepting that he was no longer the responsible adult in Todd and Pietro's lives. Also, they drove *away* from the boarding house. Lance left behind his adult role with the rest of the house. Lame... yeah maybe, but I still like it hehe.

I'm way mad at myself though because I meant to include that Lance would be placing kids with Xavier so that in some form, he would be working for baldy. That way he would have some way of repaying Xavier for paying for school. I was going to explain it a heck of a lot better than that in the fic... but I *completely* forgot. *kicks herself*

Other than all that, I wanted to fit Pietro having a cow over his uniform in there somehow :)

On a sequel-

Ack. I thought and thought and thought about this and decided that I don't think I could do a sequel even if I wanted to. It could quite possibly ruin Turning Point... not to mention I would have to write an adult Lance and I so don't think I could pull that off. I attempted a sequel to the first fic I did and I must say I want to *burn* it. It's awful... and I keep forgetting to remove it... I need to do that. I just don't want to butcher this fic.

However, as I was thinking, another thought came to me... what about a PREquel? *shrugs* It would essentially be plot-less I guess, but only kinda. It would basically cover the life of the brohood just b4 Fred goes bonkers up until they make the decision to go to the mansion. All the stuff like when Mags came for Wanda, when Pietro goes running for the first time, when Lance's headaches are really bad and he doesn't have pain killers from McCoy would be in it. I'm still playing with the idea, so we'll see. Maybe I'll make it my next project... but sadly I'm getting a job *mumbles about stupid moving violation tickets that have to be paid for. It wasn't like I *hurt* anyone... just the guy's bumper... heh* and with a job, and school, and church... ack. Busy busy busy. But I *will* be back... with something. I may end up doing a bunch of spin offs from this... I don't know yet. I have loads of random ideas floating around up in this crazy head of mine.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime with suggestions or just whatever. ( I'd be happy to take anything into consideration.


First of all, I cannot thank you guys enough. Feedback is what makes writing worthwhile. This fic wouldn't have been completed if it hadn't been for your wonderful comments, suggestions, opinions, and even compliments.

About three chapters or so from the end, I realized where the original insanity to start a brohood angst fic came from. It was after I read KS_Fan's "Between the Bars." Since she was both the reason this fic came into being, and has been an absolutely wonderful reviewer (along with many of u) I figured I may as well give her a plug and my specific thanks.

Anyway, I shall miss this fic cuz it was loads of fun to write... but all stories must end. Thank you all for reading. (Cue sad and depressing music because I completely made this sound like a funeral or something lol. O well... I guess I'm not in my usual nutty mood.)

Incrediblecuznz- Thank u so much. I came to really look forward to ur reviews. I'll most certainly bug furious frenzy about "hiding away"... thanks for suggesting that one. I haven't gotten around to Scribbler's yet though. Anyway, I truly appreciated and enjoyed ur comments... thanks.

SilverFox1- I most certainly will. It just may be a while... sadly.

Maikafuinal- Both excellent sequel ideas... I just don't think I'm willing to attempt it. Like I said, I don't want to butcher things. I'm sure I'd majorly kill some characterizations. Thank u so much for reviewing though.

Kamikaze Angel- Aww thanks. I figured that even an ego maniac like Pietro had to be oblivious to *some* things. And yeah, I wanted him to be a littler more himself now that things have settled down... hence the reason he's still giving everyone hell :)

Gohan Hunter- Yeah, I think I will write another long fic eventually. Thanks for the compliments.

Fimimi Love Bakure- Danke my dear. :) I appreciate it.

Eboni- I consider what you said about "There are still some unanswered questions like with Wanda, and Fred...but all good stories end with them. It leaves the reader with a sense of closure, but like real life, everything is never truly perfect and can end like a fairy tale with a happily ever after," to be a *huge* compliment, so thank u tons.

Yma- Awww, thanks. Also, trying to write another story to follow this one *would* be a whole lot of work. Then again, so would a prequel but still. Thank u tons for *all* the compliments but *ESPECIALLY* the one about Mags. The little bugger is suuuch a pain to write... at least for me.

MiracleChick- Thanks so much for sticking with this till the end. You've helped a lot to influence this fic and I've enjoyed hearing from you every time. Thanks.

Kamalakali- Woohoo! Someone reads my ramblings lol. Thanks so much for ur reviews and compliments.

Maria Christina, Storm Pietro, Pistachio Torte- Thanks tons :)

Calamari Rings- I'M SOOOO EXCITED U SAW IT AS SYMBOLIC!!! YAAAAY! Lol. Thanks a ton for all ur feedback.

DemonRogue14- Thank u so much. I will be glad to keep u updated. Feel free to e-mail me all u like. I love e-mail...a certain person in Iowa seems to neglect it (but u have NO idea what I'm talking about so I'll shut up) anyway, thanks for ur comments.

SkyDancerHawk- hehe... No plans for one yet... but u never know.

KS_Fan- I'm sure you know by now how much I adore ur reviews and how much I appreciate them. Yeah, John's easy to depict as evil...but at the same time he's just as easily portrayed as loveable and confused. That's the beauty of cartoons with no depth, you can make them however u want. As I mentioned in the notes. I *meant* to add the whole thing with Lance placing kids with Xavier... u read my mind again. Again, thank you *so* much for all ur help and compliments. I'll miss ur reviews lol.

Ilex9- Hmm, all very good ideas. I just may end up doing some spin offs of this. It'll just be awhile I suppose. If you ever do decide you want to do a Todd-Rahne-Sam thing feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for ur feedback.

Black Arachne- Thank you...specifically for saying u appreciate my putting time into this. It's nice to know it doesn't go to waste. I've appreciated all your comments. Thanks a ton.

IceBlueRose- Thank you thank you thank you. Character depth is what I work the hardest on I think, so for u to compliment it makes me happy :) Thanks.