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Sequel to "Theft Through Seduction"
"You may deny your fate, but you cannot escape your destiny."

After reviving a young human child with his Tenseiga, Sesshoumaru allows the girl to remain in his presence for reasons he cannot explain. But as she grows and he finds himself doing things for her, he questions why he still keeps her around. Determined to be rid of her, he begins to send her to a human village in hopes that she will get used to it and plans to abandon her there one day. But the memory of jasmine forces him to reconsider feelings for the girl he is trying to get rid of.

For Rin: Chapter 1 - God-like

Rin sat atop a hill, carefully examining each flower she had picked with a scrutiny that might have made it shrivel up and die. When did flowers become so lovely to her, she often wondered. Perhaps it was the day she found him. The day when life took on a new meaning and she found happiness again. She remembered it as if it were yesterday.

She had stumbled upon Sesshoumaru and had immediately mistaken him for some great God. His long silver hair flowed over his back and the kimono he wore was nothing like she had ever seen. It was white but for the red on the shoulders and sleeves. And he wore armor and a sword at his side, both held up by a beautifully decorated blue and yellow obi. She immediately noticed the markings on his cheek and the crescent moon on his forehead mostly because he growled at her the moment she approached him. Who, she wondered, had dared to hurt this beautiful God and spark his anger?

Though she knew not who or why, she made a vow to appease the God's wrath for she knew that it could be mighty. She felt that at that moment, they were very much alike. Hurt and alone, defeated and unwanted, despised and so so alone... She had no one and it appeared neither did he. So she brought him food and water even though he denied it. And when he asked how she received her bruises, she could do no more than smile, knowing she had soothed the wrath of the caring God. She skipped off to her village in happiness that radiated brighter than the sun. But it soon faded away.

There was a man in her poor excuse for a home and he brought with him danger. For those seeking him brought wolves that barked loudly and fed upon the flesh of the villagers. She ran from those screams into the forest in hopes of escaping to the safety of that beautiful God. But she never made it. Pain and darkness became her escape.

But she awoke as if it were a dream, to stare into golden eyes surrounded by silver hair. Had she been able to speak in the first place, she would have been stunned to silence. The great God had came for her and showed enough pity to chase away the darkness and pain. In that moment she loved and loved completely unconditionally. When he set her to her feet and turned to walk away, she hesitated for only a moment before she followed after him. And since then, she was always with him.

But it was so long ago, or was it? In her happiness, Rin had lost count of the days she spent with Sesshoumaru. And she quickly learned that he was not an actual God, but a powerful youkai. Still, she would always think him God-like as that was how she believed he carried himself. He seemed noble and full of wisdom. So powerful that he was so content in it, he had no need to smile. Yes, he was very much a God-like youkai.

Rin lifted her head, as if compelled to, and saw Sesshoumaru coming towards the hill, his hair flowing slightly in the wind. How beautiful and graceful he was. She rose, a smile brighter than the sun across her lips and raced down the hill to meet him. He merely turned away and walked into the forest. She of course followed after him, slowing down her pace once she reached him. He stopped by a hot spring and held out something to her.

"For Rin?" Her voice squeaked slightly, as she was still getting used to using it again. She stared up at Sesshoumaru and the kimono he held up. It was checkered orange and a soft yellow, with forest green circles placed randomly around it. She spotted the matching forest green obi, resisted the urge to touch it, and waited for Sesshoumaru to respond.

"It is for Rin." Sesshoumaru set the kimono and obi on a rock then turned to leave Rin to bathe.

"Arigatou, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin quickly caught on to what she was supposed to do and wasted no time. Upon finishing, she sought out Sesshoumaru and asked him what to do with her old kimono. Obeying her orders, she left them on the ground and followed closely behind Sesshoumaru, ignoring his servant's constant frown.


He did it only for his sake, not for Rin, Sesshoumaru told himself. He could no longer stand the constant eyesore that was her raged kimono. And she smelled of the wolves that brought her death, of fish water and other unpleasant things. This kimono was made from special fabric that would not absorb many foul odors quite so easily as her first. And since she spent so much time amongst the flowers, he knew it would absorb their lovely scents and keep out the others. Soon she would smell of the forest and perhaps, himself, should a demon with a sensitive nose come by. But he didn't intend to keep her for that long. For now, she was welcome by his side and if he could directly benefit from it, he would continue to do things for Rin.

At the moment, Sesshoumaru was trying to think of which pet youkai he could use to entrust Rin to as he had no desire to drag the child every where he went. There would be very few occasions when he would need to bring Jaken along during his travels. During those occasions, he did not wish to leave the child alone. Perhaps his two-headed beast would suffice. Though timid, Sesshoumaru knew that the creature was strong and reliable. This Sesshoumaru would have it no other way and thus, it was perfect for Rin.


Rin stood in the middle of the river, her sleeves rolled up and her hands in the water, and stared down at her hands. She waited patiently, her hands calm and steady, until she found a chance to catch a fish. She was so good at it, her mother had constantly told her. Pleased with herself, she always volunteered to catch fish when her mother wanted to cook some for dinner. They would have plenty of fish for a few days.

She looked up at the sky and noted where the sun lay. She still had some time before the sun disappeared, but she knew her older brother and father would already be returning from the fields. So she placed her last catch in her basket and half skipped home, smiling the entire time in knowledge that her family would be proud of her.

Rin looked through the trees as she came closer to her home. Confusion filled her head as she saw a strange man come to the back of the house. Fear made her body go still when she heard her mother scream, as she saw how she was dragged around the house. Her brother came next, kicking and yelling, followed by her father's unmoving body. She started to call to them, but she couldn't speak. She tried to move forward, as if to go for help, but only her hands moved, falling to her sides and dropping her catch. And she watched in fear and pain as her family was murdered. In her head she screamed, screamed until she collapsed to the ground, holding her head and rocking, urging the sound to stop.

And then she was running, the sound of barking replacing the screaming echoes in her head. Her fear was new and she could all but feel the pain that was sure to come. She raced towards a light, her heart pounding in her chest as if it were about to explode. But before she could reach the light, she fell, and fell and fell and fell, into a never-ending darkness.


Rin awoke in a cold sweat. Her head was pounding, but she was grateful for that silence the eased the pain away. She sat up, gladly chasing away the images of dreamt memories from a past she longed to forget. She was safe now, and under the protection of someone who actually cared for her. No one in her village had opened their arms to her as Sesshoumaru had, so she no longer needed to think of the past. She was happy with Sesshoumaru, glad that even when he was away, he was protecting her as he had left Ah-Un with her. She rose to her feet, petted the gentle two-headed beast whom she believed she had given a lovely name too. No, she did not need the past. All she needed was the present and future.

And so Rin skipped over to the river and took a satisfying drink. With the future on her mind, she began to think about Sesshoumaru. She never doubted that Sesshoumaru would come back for her, but she always liked to think he would arrive in the next second. Keeping this hope in mind, Rin began to hum and put words to her melody. She sat on a rock next to Ah-Un, swinging her legs until she was satisfied with what she came up with. Maybe her song would make Sesshoumaru come back sooner.

"In the mountain.
In the forest.
In the wind.
In a dream.
Where are you Sesshoumaru-sama?
With an ally like Jaken-sama.
I will wait alone until you come.
Sesshoumaru-sama, please return for Rin."


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