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            No one believes that Mutants are real.  They are the stuff of urban legends and tabloid papers. They are the stuff of nightmares and campfire stories.  They live in the rantings of insane men and the imaginations of children.  But they aren't real.  Nothing like Mutants could ever really exist, not in the real world.  Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, aliens, these things have a greater chance of being real than Mutants.  Mutants belong in the realm of fantasy with the dragons and unicorns, not the real world.  This is what humanity believes, this is what society decrees.  So no wonder there was panic and fear when the world learned the truth.  Mutants are real.

            There were the riots and the protests all over the world, of course.  And also the widespread fear and suspicion, who knew who was a mutant and who wasn't?  Who knew what the mutants would do?  What they are capable of?  No one wants to live near a Mutant, work with one, go to school with one.  It was like the Red Scare of the Cold War all over again, only instead of Communists the threat has become Mutants.  No one could be fully trusted; anyone could be one of them.  But if you think it was bad for normal humans, then it was pure Hell for the Mutants themselves.  One day you could be a normal teenager, the next you could find yourself a Mutant.  Suddenly all your friends leave you, your family fears you, society shuns you.  Jobs are lost, lives are ruined, and fear and hatred breed and spread.

            Here the domino effect takes hold.  A person loses their job, their friends, their family, their life essentially.  They become isolated, alone, depressed maybe; they sink out of society and into the shadows.  They begin to question why this is, why things are this way, why people hate them so.  And this questioning can eventually lead to bitterness, resentment, anger, and rage.  Some chose to turn against the society that threw them away, inflicting their revenge on whoever they can. 

            But some humans found a way to take advantage of this hatred, violence, and pain.  Drug gangs, crime lords, and corrupt politicians found these Mutants very useful indeed.  They became bodyguards and hit-men to their new bosses, earning good money and enjoying.  Soon others who were not as violent or hateful stepped forward for the jobs, they were desperate for money and this was the best way to get it.  The bosses and politicians were only too happy to provide them with this in exchange for their 'jobs'.  And so the underworld grew stronger and stronger, and with Mutants involved things were just that much worse.  Most police forces and government agencies couldn't stand up to that, and the few that could were largely ineffective.  So what were the forces of law and justice to do?  The answer was simple, fight fire with fire.

            America was the first, offering registered Mutants jobs in law enforcement, the armed forces, and some government positions.  Not long after this all sorts of countries from world powers to third world nations joined in.  Every country suddenly had to have them and Mutants became a hot commodity.  Not only were Mutants offered jobs in visible places, they were also given a chance to work in the realms of shadow, behind the scenes.  They entered secret worlds hidden from the general public, the land of black ops. and hidden agencies, places that, like Mutants, were relegated to the pages of tabloids.

            And there was a third group apart from the legal and illegal, the independents.  Mutant mercenary groups who will work for whoever pays them enough, but they are usually not associated with either side; the major exceptions being Charles Xavier's 'X-Men' and Magneto's 'Brotherhood of Evil Mutants'.  The X-Men usually side with the government, while the Brotherhood is committed to subjugating all of humanity, which brings them into conflict with the X-Men on a regular basis.

            With this explosion of employment for Mutants there were more protests of course.  People felt Mutants were stealing jobs from honest, hard-working, normal individuals.  This increased tensions between both sides.  Riots and hate crimes against Mutants continued to increase by the day and there was no end in sight.  It took a lot of time, money, and effort on the part of several powerful countries and companies to stem the tide of violence.  Even with this, however, the tension remained, waiting to explode with the tiniest provocation.  Perhaps it will always remain dangerous to be a Mutant, but they don't let it bother them too much.  Most Mutants just try and live their lives as best they can and they try not to let humans ruin it for them.  This is how the world works today, the Cold War has been reborn into the Shadow Wars, and Mutants are the secret weapons.