By: Aliana

"We are all bound to something, or someone, at certain times in our lives, right?  Or is it an illusion, a weak dependency to be needed, wanted and even sometimes used?"



A pale petite young woman ran through thick fog, running, trying to escape the Hell that was her life.  Memories and meaningless alliances flooded her mind and tortured her.  The words weak and fool popped up occasionally making her scream in hurt.


            Suddenly, Seifer came into view, Hyperion at his side, unnaturally gleaming in the darkness.  A sickening grin played on his face as motioned for her to come near him while in the distance images of destruction, death and war raged on.  When she resisted his call, he urged again only more cocky and sure.  She could feel her body slip toward him as he whispered her name. 


As she touched his hand he vanished and she was alone again.  Fingers pointed at Fujin and a shrill laugh filled the void as the voice followed her running form.

You are nothing but a slave,

....a slave


            Fujin's body jolted to a sitting position.  Sweat drained down from her pale skin.  It was raining again for the third night in a row; the only difference tonight was that it was thundering.  Another crack broke through the sky and she involuntarily flinched.

-Another nightmare-

            Fujin ran a small hand through pale gray hair while uncovering herself to get out of bed.  She lingered for a bit at her bedside, sitting there gazing absent mindedly out of the window.  The words from her dream, no, NIGHTMARE, still ringing in her ears.

            A slave……

            Fujin silently sighed and got up from her sitting position.  She slowly walked over to the open window.  Unlike other soldiers, she was highly revered.  Her room was one of the best.  The room was furnished nicely with soft sheets and a beautiful view.  But…Fujin cared nothing for such pleasures, well in this case, such distractions.  She lightly moaned at the flash of lightning that illuminated the sky.  Fujin sat herself on the window seat and curved her legs toward her.  She propped herself up on one hand while the other idly ran down her supporting arm.  The moon's pale gaze shone clear through the storm and once more she sighed.

-Another full moon.  Another phase of my life wasted-

            She shut her eyes and propped her head against the frame.  Tonight was the night Ultimacia would be having fun with Seifer…AGAIN.  Fujin shuddered in distaste.

-That dog. -

"That's all you are now, a DOG."

            A wet breeze met her skin and she quivered at its contact.  It was ice cold.  The wind started to pick up and a light whisper could be heard upon it.




            Her eyes popped open and suddenly she felt queasy.  Her body couldn't stop trembling and she cursed to herself the name of Ultimacia.  Now, not even her room was safe from her taunts.  She shook her head and got up, plunging her feet into her boots and grabbing her eye patch on the way out.  Her breathing returned to normal once she was outside.

-Might as well walk-

            Fujin stuck her hands in her back pockets and made her way down the corridor.  Her room was on the very end of the hall while Raijin's was on its extreme.  The rooms between them were empty and the other soldiers living quarters were elsewhere.

-More than likely the basement-

She scoffed and continued her stroll until she reached Raijin's room.  Fujin knew the number for his room and she quickly dialed it in.  The door opened with a 'swoosh' and Fujin stood in the doorway.  He was fast asleep.  Not surprising, after all, he adored thunder.  She remembered that the mere thought of it lulled him to sleep.  Usually seeing the big guy eased her mind, but tonight there was no easing her conscious.  Her GUILTY conscious.  Fujin rubbed her forehead as she stepped out of the doorframe into the hall, allowing the door to close.  She huffed in frustration.

"So many emotions.  Oh HOW do you deal with them all?"

Fujin's head shot up.  The voice echoed harshly through the hall.  The sarcastic amusement in the tone of voice nearly made her whimper.

"How frail you are, and yet so strong.  Strong for a slave that is."

Her breathing had quickened and she forced it to even.  Fujin tried to walk but felt her boots glued to the ground.

"Uh-uh ah.  Bad slave.  I think it's about time you've learned your place."

            A wave of nausea gripped her body and she nearly toppled over.  Her feet were no longer her own as they marched to the elevator and finally, to the chamber of their master.  The door slid open to reveal Ultimacia's back to the door.  When Fujin didn't step in, her feet did it for her.  With a light clang the door shut, leaving her trapped inside.

Ultimacia looked over her shoulder and glanced at Fujin.  Instantly waves of anger filled her body as she remembered Ultimacia's possession of Matron.

"My, my, my.  Aren't we the hothead?"

            A wickedly beautiful smile graced her face and a light giggle of delight escaped Ultimacia's throat.  She turned and in the course of action her long nightgown revealed a kneeling Seifer.  Fujin's eye filled with emotion while her body stayed still.  An evil laugh was met with her response.  Seifer's icy blue eyes looked up and connected with Fujin's and she immediately succumbed to their hazy power.  Fujin's body was like a marble statue, frozen in time.  Ultimacia motioned for Seifer to rise and he did.  As she silently commanded, his eyes never left Fujin's: Ultimacia's power flowing through Seifer to Fujin.  She circled around Fujin placed a hand under her chin.  Ultimacia caressed her face and brought her lips close to Fujin's. 

"Now, lets see your memories and feelings."

            Fujin could hear Ultimacia and even though she couldn't talk, she tried, but it only came out as a mental message. 


To her surprise, Ultimacia received it and answered it.

"Simple my dear.  Because I can, and you make the best counterpart to my slave."

-Oh the THINGS I am going to do to you-

            If she could, in that passing moment, Fujin would have quivered.  Ultimacia made Seifer hold Fujin's hand and she stroked his cheek in Fujin's view.

"Let's have some fun."

            Ultimacia's lips locked with Seifer's and all three swirled into total darkness.


            I'm planning to make more chapters.  I really don't see many Seifuu's anymore, or probably ever, so here we go.  Review if you wish.