Consider this my Christmas gift to JAG fans...

A Song for Sarah
By Donna
Classification: Vignette
Spoilers: None
Summary: News of an accident starts Harm thinking about the
meaning behind the songs of the season...

Mac looked up as Harm entered her office. Noticing the
concerned look on his face, she quickly put down the paper
she had been reading.

"What's wrong, Harm?"

He shook his head. "Nothing...not really..."

He wasn't very convincing.

"Harm..." Her tone left no room for argument.

He sat down in the chair across from her and ran his
fingers through his hair.

"I just got off the phone with my grandmother."

Mac leaned forward. "Is she all right?" she asked, her
voice filled with concern.

"She's fine," Harm hastened to reassure her. "She just had
a bit of an accident the other night."

"Was she hurt?"

"No, just a bit shaken up. Her car is going to need some
major repairs, though."

"What happened?" Mac asked him.

"Well, she came home from grocery shopping the other day
and pulled up and parked behind the house so she could
carry her bags directly into the kitchen."

Mac nodded, picturing Sarah Rabb doing exactly that.

"A deer had apparently been nibbling on some of the plants
she has on the back porch and was startled by the car
engine. While she was gathering her purse to get out of
the car, it came bounding off of the porch, landed on the
hood, and went right over the top, off the trunk, and into
the woods."

"Wow," Mac commented, sitting back in her chair. "That
does sound a bit unnerving. I'll bet she's found something
about it to laugh about, though," she added, noticing the
twinkle creeping into Harm's eye and imagining one just
like it in the eye of his grandmother.

"Oh, yeah," he assured her. "She wanted me to know because
she thought it would make me better appreciate that old,
classic Christmas song."

He watched Mac's face, fighting a smile and waiting while
her brain flipped through the list of Christmas carols. He
knew the instant she came up with the right one as she
suddenly burst into laughter. Together, they took a deep
breath and began to sing...

Outside Mac's office, Lt. Lauren Singer wondered what the
duo found so amusing about the song they were singing.
Personally, she had never really seen the humor in "Grandma
got run over by a reindeer."

The end.

Authors note: So... call it a gag gift. I plead temporary
insanity. Blame it on the GKR (Grandma killin' reindeer).
If you've been shopping recently, you've probably seen
them. They're these cute little plush deer that burst into
'that song' when you push a button. Lucky me, I work
retail, meaning that we have a large number of these GKRs
in our store and every person that passes one feels the
need to push the button. This weekend, I was subjected to
the tune approximately 975,368 times (that's just a guess,
of course). Hope you found it humorous. For those
offended by the song and those whose grandmothers have met
their fate at the hands (hoofs?) of those dastardly
creatures, my aplogies. For those who found it amusing,
the sequel will follow shortly. Either way, I'd love to
know what you thought.