Warning: Phonetic Scottish, bad gammar, lots of typos and in-text author notes in the following chapters

The Experiment

By Dark Ice Dragon

In The Beginning

"Three. Two. One.…Let it riiiiiip!"

We both ripped out our ripcords at the same time. They were spinning around furiously -my one was spinning around near the lip of the dish, whereas my opponent's one was spinning around in attack position but lower down and in the opposite direction. We did that for about thirty seconds, waiting to see if the other would make a move. When that didn't happen, my opponent's 'blade -the blue-ish purple one- rushed towards my silver one. When it made contact, it extremely lucky that my beybladehad beengoing at the speed and direction it was, if Ihad beengoing any slower my 'blade would have shot out of the dish. I gripped my ripcord and my launcher tightly. The only thing that seemed to be working out for me was my speed. But we both knew that that wouldn't win the match. My opponent was faster and surdier than I was. I knew that I had to finish this now and quickly.

"I don't think so."

I looked up sharply, just for a second away from the dish. "What?"

"You're thinking that you have to finish this quickly. Well, that's not going to happen. Because it's going to be me who finishes this. Attack!" my opponentordered confidently.

At his command his beyblade rushed towards my own one once more. "Dodge it!" Once the command had left my mouth I saw it take on a burst of speed -too late;a second faster and it would have been cleared of being hit. Instead, the two 'blades glanced off each other but my blade started to wobble. Before it could recover I heard:

"Attack it again!"

Which it did, completely knocking my 'blade out of the dish. Then time seemed to return to its natural speed. Irealised how longthe beybattle had actuallytook.

Just under one minute.

Well, that sucked. So much for improving.

I crouched down to pick up my 'blade which had landed at my feet. It was still smoking and was slightly hot from the battle but apart from that it seemed all right. There was no scratches or cracks on it where I could see. It was all in the one piece, which was good considering the amount of damage that 'blade looked like it could do. I looked up as I felt my opponent's eyes on my neck. The way he was looking at me it seemed like he was expecting me to cry. I stood up, walked over to him and held out my hand expectingly.

"What?" he said. I don't think he expected that. Well, why else would he say that if he did?

"Well? Are ya gonna shake me hand or not?"

"Why should I? You are the one who lost," he said as his eyes started to narrow.

"Uh, good sportsmanship? Aw c'mon! All ya gotta do is shake me hand. Anyways, it doesn't mater that I lost."

"What? I have no idea what you just said."

I sighed. No one here really understood me. My accent was a bit too think. I repeated myself, pronucing every sylable.

He started at me like I was weird. But grudgingly shook my hand.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it?" I said patronisingly.

"Whatever. I'm going anyway," he started to walk away.

I shrugged. "Fine. See ya around then," and I walked in the opposite direction. I headed home. Home. It still seemed weird. But I had only been here for about a week anyway. Most of the time I just walked about the city, letting myself get used to the sites and to know where I'm going, stuff like that. My parents didn't really worry when I did that. They were assured that this place was safe; there weren't any attacks on kids or anything so I was okay. By the time I got home it was getting dark as the darkening clouds above me told me. It was about sixish so even as I turned the key in the keyhole I heard the rattle of pots and pans of them making dinner. I rushed up the stairs to put my 'blade in my room.

"Charlie? Is that you up there?"

Icould swear thatmy mum has ears like an elephant. They're extremely sensitive but then I was running up the stairs anyway so maybe it was just me then.

"Yeah, it's me mum. I'm comin down," I said as I walked down the stairs.

"Okay, dinner's ready."

I had already sat down when my dad came in with spaghetti bolognese, with extra sauce. I grinned stupidly when I saw it. They both knew that I loved pasta but that...the way that they did it made my mouth water.

"So, did you anything today?" my mum asked me as she watched me eating.

I paused to swallow before answering. "Yeah, I got in a beybattle with someone."

"Heh, what did I tell ya? I told ya he was gonna get in a battle soon enough," Dad cut in.

"So what happened?"

I laughed at that point. "I got totally creamed. The guys here are alot tougher than in Scotland. I don't mind anyways," I said, shrugging.

After eating I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into mypajamas and just climbed into my bed. I didn't really care what time it was. I just wanted to lie there and look over what had happened today. Lie, get comfy, think, and then probably fall asleep. Well, of course I'll end up falling asleep, it'd could be that I'd do the list in a different order.

'Well I doubt there was anythin that I could do in that match anyway. He was too experienced for me,' I thought as I wrapped the duvet more tightly. My eyes started to droop and I didn't try to keep them open..


I felt my eyes open rather groggily but soon cleared up after blinking a lot.

'What time is it? Did I sleep in or somethin? It's too bright!'

I turned to my right to look at the clock by my bedside. It was 11:41 AM. Huh? How did I sleep in this late? I shrugged and sort of crawled out of bed and changed. What I decided to wear was a plain white shirt and jeans. I went down that stairs to see if I would be getting breakfast or lunch.

"Morning sleepy head," my mum grinned at me as I stumbled into the kitchen.

I mumbled something back. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"You looked so peaceful sleeping like that."

I poured out some Crunchy Nut cereal and took some milk from the fridge. I poured the milk on the cereal and walked to the sitting room/ dining room to eat. As I chewed I thought where I was going to go. Maybe I would go to the park or something? The city wasquite big and I could do lots of things. After that, I returned to my room to collect my 'blade and a jumper -just in case. As I walked down the stairs I half yelled, "Mum! I'm goin out now. See ya later."


I walked out and scanned the skies to see what kind of weather it would be. Dark. That waswhat the sky looked like. There were heavy looking clouds, which seemed to bring the smell of rain. I didn't mind. I was used to it as it is since I was from Scotland. But what everyone said wasn't true. We do actually have sun and it doesn't rain every single day. What is true is that you should never trust the weather forcasters. They never seem to get it right.

I walked about aimlessly for a bit, not thinking what I should do. I just let my feet go wherever they wanted. I had stuffed my hands in my jumper, which I had put on when the wind began to get stronger. Out of habit my fingers traced the edges and grooves of my beyblade.

Like I said, I wasn't looking where I was going. I didn't notice that I had come to a new area that I hadn't explored before. There was no one about. Not even any cars. I guess that was because of the threat of rain. I just kept on going in the same direction as I did before, wondering if I kept on going I might end up somewhere I had been before. I heard the rumble of a car engine behind me. I didn't think anything of it. I then heard the click of a door opening and two people stepping out.

The soft tapping of rain came to my ears. Finally. After about two hours warning, it had finally come. Something to remind me of the home that I had left behind. Little did I know that was about to happen again. I heard the sharp tap of the peoples' shoes on the pavement. They were coming straight for me. I moved out of the way so that they could pass as it sounded like they were in a hurry.I didn'tnotice until it was too latethat when I moved, the footsteps changed to become parallel to mine. By now they were practically right on top of me when I felt someone's arms go around my waist. As I sharply turned to see who it was I felt the sharp jab of something enter the top of my arm. As soon as that had happened I felt the strength of my legs just disappear. I barely had enough strength to keep my eyes open let alone yell for help. That was my last thought before my world turned into hazy and then... Total darkness.

…Well? What do you think? Anyway. I need some help which what genre this should be. So, do you guys understand what Charlie's saying? If you don't tell me. Hmm, the ending isn't what I wanted it to be. It sounded a lot better in my head. So don't forget to R+R! This is my first BeyBlade fic so don't blame me if it goes wonky or something. And if this ends up like my last two fics (Animorphs) I swear I'm gonna shot myself!…if I had a gun. Which I most certainly don't. So R+R!

Dark Ice Dragon