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Chapter 11

Life Goes Ever on

Legolas stood on a balcony in the house of Elrond. The group had returned to Rivendell two days ago. The journey home had been in silence. Now back in Rivendell, all the elves mourned the death of Idril.

Legolas silently stared into the woods holding Idril's necklace in his hands. His heart felt empty and alone. He was weary from the battle and the journey home, but he could not rest. Nor could he eat. It had been many days since he had ate a decent meal. Yet, the only thing he longed for was Idril. He longed for her sweet embrace once again. He longed to kiss her gentle lips and to hold her in his arms.

"You should eat to keep up your strength." Elrond said as he walked closer to Legolas.

Legolas didn't even turn. "I do not long for food. I only long for her."

Elrond sighed. "I know how much she meant to you, Legolas. I wish there were something I could do to ease you pain. I am skilled in the healing of many wounds, but there is nothing I could do for your broken heart. That wound can only be healed in the passing of time."

Legolas didn't respond. No words could express his pain that he felt.

For a while Elrond was silent. Then he placed a hand on Legolas's shoulder. "Come eat some food and regain your strength."

Legolas slowly shook his head. "I cannot eat."

"Then will you at least let me bandage you wounds?" Elrond asked.

Legolas again shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore."

Elrond slowly began to walk away, but he turned around. "Idril would not want you to give up on life." He began. "She would want you to continue on in life, fighting for any good left in this world." With that, he walked away.

Legolas swallowed hard. He knew Elrond was right, but how could he continue living? How could he live in a world without her at his side? Was there something that was even worth him fighting for? He had only a short time to think, for he heard someone else behind him.

"My father told me what happened. I wish there was some comfort I could offer you." Arwen said

This time Legolas turned, unashamed of the tears that ran down his cheeks. "I loved her so much, more than anything." Legolas said sadly.

Arwen stood beside him. "And I know she loved you. She found and rescued you. Don't let her sacrifice be in vain. She loved you so much that she gave her life for you."

Legolas looked down at Idril's necklace in his hand. "I wish there was something I could have done to save her."

"It was not your fault Legolas. No one blames you. Why do you blame yourself?" Arwen asked gently.

"Because I swore I would protect her. I failed her." Legolas said as he clasped his hand around the necklace.

Arwen shook her head. Tears were in her eyes. "You didn't fail her, Legolas. You gave her joy before she died. Many years ago when Idril left for Gondor with her father, she told me of her sadness. She told me how much she longed to be among her people, but she would not leave her father. Her life was always full of grief and sorrow."

Arwen placed a hand on Legolas's shoulder as she continued. "However, the day before you were captured she told me that she was now happier than she had ever been. She told me that you had given her more than you could ever imagine."

Legolas looked at Arwen. Tears were still in his eyes. "Thank you, Lady Arwen. That means more to be than you'll ever know."

Arwen slightly smiled. "Before she left to find you, she asked me to give you this if something were to happen to her."

Arwen handed Legolas a piece of paper. Legolas took it and nodded a 'thank you'.

Arwen slowly walked away as Legolas looked at the paper.

'My Dear Legolas, If you are reading this right now, than I imagine your heart is troubled. Do not mourn for me. My time has passed away, but you still have many long years to live. I imagine soon that you will be traveling to the undying lands. Until you do, fight for the people in Middle Earth. Fight to protect any good left in the world. Do it for me. Namárie, Legolas, my love. My love is forever yours, Idril'

Fresh tears flowed down Legolas's face as he held the note close to his heart. For a moment, he stood there with his eyes closed. As he opened his eyes, he saw the sun setting. As he looked at the beautiful scene, he remembered the memories he had shared with Idril. He would always hold them close to his heart.

The next day, Legolas and a small group of elves traveled back to Mirkwood. Legolas still had grief and sorrow in his heart and he forever would, but slowly as time passed, it began to fade. Idril's memory remained in his heart and Legolas promised to fulfill her wish and to fight for the free peoples of Middle Earth.

Five years later, Legolas was able to keep his promise. For he was summoned back to Rivendell where he chose to protect a small hafling on his way to destroy the ring of power. Legolas did protect him for as long as he could. He continued on fighting for Middle Earth until he finally traveled in the undying lands many years later. He held fast to all of his promises, especially his promise to never love anyone, as he loved Idril. To this, he was forever true.

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