Chapter 1

(A/N: My first Hamtaro Crossover! GOODIE!)

It was 11:00 in the morning and young Mimi Tanikawa (I didn't know her last name so I gave her

a new one) was sitting outside looking very depressed. Beside her sat a small hamster cage which

housed her pet hamster Panda. From inside she could hear screaming and crying which belonged

to her baby sister Tina.

"Oh man" Mimi said sadly "All mom and dad care about now is Tina, Tina, Tina, I wish I had a

new friend to play with". As she looked down and saw the sad look on Panda's face, she quickly

said "I mean a new human friend Panda, ha! ha!"

Suddenly there was a POOF! sound and a cloud of pink smoke appeared. When the smoke

cleared, Mimi gasped in surprise. Inside the cloud were two people.The one on the left was male

and had ruffled light green hair, green eyes, a happy and slightly stupid smile on his face, and was

wearing a white shirt with a black tie and black pants and shoes. The one on the right was female,

and had light pink hair curled up in a bun and had pink eyes, red lipstick, a kind face, and was

wearing a yellow shirt and black pants and shoes. The odd thing was that both of them were

shorter than she was and were floating. The oddest thing was that they both had gold crowns on

their heads and had wings on their backs and were both carrying a black magic wand with a gold

star on top.

At first Mimi was terrified, but finally she worked up the courage to speak "who are you?" she

said nervously. "Well I'm Cosmo!" the male one said. "And I'm Wanda" the female one said.

"And we are...." they began as they raised their wands up. Suddenly a puff of smoke billowed and

when it cleared, there was a stage, spotlights and the words FAIRY GODPARENTS in big

yellow letters "your Fairy Godparents!" they finished together.

"Well" Cosmo said "what do you think?". At once Mimi turned he head to the door a tried to call

her mother "MO.." but before she could finish, Wanda raised her wand and produced a big zipper

which closed around Mimi's mouth.

"Don't worry" Wanda said "we wont hurt you, in fact we are here to help you!". "Help me?"

Mimi said once the zipper had vanished "how?". "Well you see Mimi, we are magic and grant

wishes to miserable kids, and you are our newest assignment!". Just then, they heard Mimi's

parents footsteps walking to her. "OH NO!" Mimi said "how am I going to explain to my parents

that I have two fairies with me?"

"No problem" Cosmo said as he and Wanda raised their wands and vanished in a puff of smoke. A

second later, they reappeared in Panda's cage as pink and green hamsters with gold crowns on

their heads and magic wands in their hands. Just then Mimi's parents came outside "Mimi honey"

her father said "are you okay?, we heard a strange noise out here"

"I'm fine dad" Mimi said as she looked at her cage and saw that Cosmo and Wanda had hidden in

Panda's little house. "Well okay" her mom said "if your sure". Just then Tina started to cry again

which caused Mimi's parents to run back inside. "Whew" Mimi said "that was close, something

tells me my life just got a lot weirder".

To Be continued...

Next time: Cosmo and Wanda visit the Ham-Ham Clubhouse!

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