What can I say my muse is doing overtime, and decided a certain big brother needed a new love interest.

New Love

The sounds of the alarm clock blared in her ear, she groaned but sat up and stretched. She wanted to be at the Sunset Shrine by dawn. Why was a question she had no answer for. She dressed quickly in a pair of jeans and gold silk shirt, running a brush through her shoulder length chestnut brown hair she decided against putting it up but thrust an elastic into her pocket for later. Grabbing her sketch book and pencil case she dropped them into the bag sitting beside the easel. She took a look at the painting she had worked on last night. A child rode a two headed dragon, beside her stood two figures a toad dressed in a kimono and him, the man she had dreamed of since she was five. His kimono of red and white, the golden belt with the purple and blue swirls his silver white hair, 'damn that had been hard to get right', hung down his back, his aristocratic profile dared danger to approach the child. She ran to the elevator and waited. Looking down at her watch she noticed the time. Sunrise would happen before she got there. Running she started down the stairs. "Good thing you spent all those hours on the stairmaster." She told herself. Dashing out the lobby door she hailed a cab and set off for the shrine.

She barely waited for the taxi to stop before throwing a handful of yen at the driver and dashing up the steep stairs. Yep, it had been a good idea to spend so much time on a stairmaster before coming to Japan. Reaching the top she took a deep breath and moved to the center of the yard. A quick look told her this was the spot. Dropping her bag, she quickly seated herself on the hard ground and pulled out the sketch book and pencil case, Grabbing one she feverishly began sketching the scene before her. She didn't hear the conversation behind her or even see the man backing towards her.

He was to busy listening to his grandchildren describe the fun they'd had and didn't notice the girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the shrine grounds. Until he tripped over her, natural reflexes took over and he leapt over the girl to keep from falling. Landing lightly he started to say something but was stopped.

"NO!" He watched with amusement as the sketch book flew one way, while the pencil another. Then the girl before him stood. "Don't you watch where your going?" Then her eyes met his. "Your. Your real." Once again his natural speed saved the girl from injury as he caught her as she collapsed.

Sesshomaru looked at the unconscious girl in his arms. "Why wouldn't I be real?"

Her eyes slowly fluttered open, she looked taking in her surroundings. It was a comfortable Japanese home. Nothing fancy but nothing was in disrepair either. She forced herself to remember what had happened as she sat up. Someone had backed into her and then suddenly been in front of her blocking the rising sun. Her temper had gotten the better of her and she had thrown her sketchbook and pencil in opposite directions. Her eyes had met his golden ones and then the world had gone black. The man of her dreams, that strong yet delicate profile, those kind yet distant eyes, those lips that had stared in so many of her fantasies. But the markings she so loved, the blue crescent moon, the purple stripes were not there. With a shuddering breath she forced her thoughts away from the direction they were threatening. She owed the man an apology and thanks to the owners of the room.

"So, you are awake." She spun to the soft, silky, seductive yet dangerous voice behind her. There he was again, his tailored suit emphasizing all the strengths of his body.

She swallowed and spoke. //Rahne is very sorry, Rahne was so rude earlier. Rahne should have chosen a more out of the way spot.// She watched as he paled visibly at her words. //Rahne had said something wrong? Forgive Rahne. Rahne's Japanese is not good.//

"Stop speaking that way." He hissed, his body tense.

She smiled at him and spoke again. //Rahne is sorry. Do you speak English?//


"Thank God. I am so sorry. My Japanese sentence structure is horrible. I never did understand how to say I, me, mine, or my. If I offended you I do apologize. My name is Rahne Tyler. I am sorry for being so rude, and it was my fault entirely. I was just so desperate to catch the sunrise." She smiled at him again.

Sesshomaru's iron will ceased the trembling that threatened to overtake him. How dare she speak of herself in the third person. In his long life only one person had ever done that, Rin. He forced himself to speak. "Why did you say I was real, as if you knew me?" He felt the muscle twitch on his cheek.

"It's silly really. Here I'll show you. Umm my bag?" He pointed and she nodded, reaching in she pulled a sketch book out. Opening it she flipped through, color rushing to her face at times until she found what she was looking for. Stepping to him she held out the book.

Taking it from her, he glanced down and saw his own face staring at him, complete with his demon markings. Her voice interrupted his thoughts. "I've drawn that man since I was five. At first it was from the back only but over the last three years I've begun to see his face. The resemblance is amazing." She was about to say something when he flipped the page and froze.

Sesshomaru froze on the page before him was a picture of the worst moment of his life. In his arms was Rin, in hers a baby, one of her hands to his cheek Slamming the book closed he stared at the woman. How could she know these things? How could she draw them? He rose quickly, his instinct to destroy the woman strong, then he heard his grandsons voice in his head. 'She is grandmother's reincarnation, sir.'



Rahne is pronounced Rain

//Rahne speaking Japanese//

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