A New Love
Chapter 5

"Umm, make yourself at home." Rahne rambled as she opened the door. Stepping quickly into the apartment she made a quick check that nothing embarrassing was visible. "Really you don't have to do this."

"I am afraid I must. I will not have Ambassador Baker sending United States Marines into my offices, for abusing an American Citizen."

Looking at her stoic employer Rahne smiled, "Did you just make a joke, Yasha-sama?"

"You may call me Kenji." He corrected ignoring the rest of the statement.

"Change the subject huh?" She asked. "Umm, look I'm going to hop in the shower, and then fix some ramen and head back. And, I don't think the Ambassador is too concerned about me. You really don't need to stay. I mean I appreciate you walking me here, but I know you're busy..."

"Woman, are you never silent?" He interrupted. He fought back the smile that threatened as she seriously considered his question for a moment.

"Yes, but never when I'm nervous." She watched him watch her for a moment then shrugged, "You're not leaving are you?"

"I have all ready said that I am going to escort you to lunch." He explained patiently.

"OK. Don't touch the painting on the easel," at his puzzled expression she explained, "it's still wet. If you want some tea it is in the kitchen next to the coffee maker. Cups are in the cabinet. Give me a half hour and I'll be ready."

He watched her walk through the only other door in the small flat, soon he heard the sounds of water running. He walked to look at the painting on the easel. His breath caught in his throat, Rin sat on Ah Uhn looking forward, Jaken held the staff of skulls and he stood near the dragons head. He could almost feel the wind of their movements in his hair again. Backing up he sat on the couch, his eyes never leaving the painting. At feel of a book underneath him he half rose and pulled it from underneath him. He was not surprised to see it was yet another sketch book. Normally he would have placed the book aside not looking, but for some reason he opened it.

Page after page was filled with sketches at the beginning were the typical fruit in a bowl, or draped figures you would expect in any sketchbook. Then they began to change, instead of the male model that was in the first few drawings, his own draped form. Some were sketches of his life with Rin, things this girl should not know. Rin at his feet playing in mud, her muddy handprints all over his kimono. Rin standing behind him braiding flowers into his hair. Him standing at a balcony of his castle looking at the moonlight. Rin, as a young woman, anger radiating from her eyes at him. Him helping Rin as she grew large with their child, Leena. Closing the book he looked out the small window, wondering if he would ever see her again. It had been three years since they had left Cain in America to find her. All those years wasted before they had made peace. Now another seven years was gone. He had been so lost in his memories and thoughts he had not heard Rahne walk back into the room.

She watched him from the doorway. Such sadness radiated from him. Quietly she picked up the nearest sketch book and a pencil. With quick sure strokes she began to draw the figure before her. Where most people would have captured the moment with a camera, she had always captured them with pen and paper. There in her cluttered apartment sat the wealthiest man in Tokyo. Yet his pain called out to her as nothing ever had. Laying the completed sketch down, she moved to his side. Her hand reached out tentatively, then with more confidence continued, coming to rest on his shoulder, followed quickly by her cheek against his back.

"Rin?" He questioned softly laying his hand against the one on his shoulder. Turning his head slightly he saw the chestnut hair of the artist and stiffened. "Forgive me, Miss Tyler."

"No need. Rin? Was that your wife?" At his puzzled expression she continued, "It's in your bio. Childhood sweethearts, she died before you founded Western Lands." He nodded. "You really don't have to take me to lunch. I can make us some miso soup and rice."

"I have made reservations for us. Thank you for the offer. Shall we go." His mask was once again securely in place.

With a sigh she gave him the space he silently demanded. "Sure." She walked to the door, for some unknown reason she regretted him closing himself off again. "So where are we eating?"

"Ume no Hana." He answered.

The simple serenity of Ume no Hana, calmed both of them. . They had been greeted graciously by the hostess who had shown them to their table. Rahne was glad of the deep well each table was located in allowing her legs to stretch comfortably. She was almost use to the low tables but a life time of tables and chairs made eating while kneeling uncomfortable. Their server dressed in a simple pink kimono knelt at the table on the tatami mat.

"What would you like, Miss Tyler?" He asked.

"Oh please call me Rahne, Kenji-san. I really don't know would you please order for me." Rahne had never allowed a man to order for her, but for some reason this felt right.

"Certainly." He turned his attention to the server "Michikusa bento for the lady and I shall have the shiawase zen." After the server had left, "the bento is a nice sampler I think you will enjoy it."

"Thank you. I appreciate you doing this."

"Think nothing of it." Then remembering why Inu Yasha had sent him after her in the first place he continued. "My sister-in-law would like to meet you. She has suggested that I escort you to a dinner with her and my brother tomorrow night."

Rahne giggled, at his frown she quickly spoke, "Sorry, it's just funny that your brother would set you up with me. I mean he does know how we met right? I would love for you to escort me."


A/N Useless information, but here it is anyway.
Howard Baker is the US Ambassador to Japan
Ume no Hana is an actual resturant in Tokyo, that looks the way I described it and the dishes Sesshomaru ordered are actually on their menu.
The picture of Rin playing in the mud is on deviant art the name of it is "Mudpies"

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