Title: Getting to Know You

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Summary: Charlie O'Neill and Nathaniel Carter get into a fight at High School, prompting Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill to get to know each other better.

Author Notes: Set in Season 1, Humour/Drama, Charlie O'Neill IS alive in this story, and Sam has a son with Jonas Hanson.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

~ Getting to Know You ~

Copyright (c) 2003, Ruth


The bell rang for the end of classes, and hundreds of children spilled out of their classrooms and away from the school.

Nathaniel Carter, now a strapping 15 year-old every bit like his father, walked down the corridor in big strides, knocking away any person who dared to get in his path. He was royally pissed off because he was now spending his time with his mother, who he hated.

His mother worked in the Air Force, and he rarely ever saw her. This didn't matter to him, he much preferred spending time with his dad, but she insisted on seeing him regularly. Tonight he was going to have to be nice and talk about school and the things he liked doing.

He spat on the floor in annoyance and pushed a lock of his blonde hair behind his ear. He knew it needed to get cut, but he couldn't afford it and his dad told him it looked fine.

He was pulled from his thoughts when he roughly elbowed another boy who was coming towards him. Thinking nothing of it, he carried on down the corridor.


He turned around, ready for a fight. Facing him was Charlie O'Neill. He was older than Nathan, much to his disgust.

"Yeah? You got something to say, O'Neill?"

"Yeah! Think you're tough, do you? Think you can just walk down the corridors and push people out of the way?"

"Yeah, I do!"

"Oh, really?"

"You wanna take this outside, O'Neill?"

"Yeah! Yeah, maybe I do!"

By this time, a crowd of excited teenagers had appeared, cheering on their friends.

"Go on, Nate! Beat him up!"

"Knock his block off, Charlie!"


In the briefing room, Jack O'Neill sighed and looked down at the folder in his hands. Daniel had been going on about his rocks for hours, and he had to get home to be with Charlie. He only had another four days with his son and then he would go back to living with Sara until their next visit. He looked at his watch and sighed. 3:45pm. He'd be on his way home now.

Samantha Carter sat next to her CO, wondering what on earth she was going to talk to Nathan about tonight. He was going through an extremely difficult and rebellious stage, no doubt the work of his father Jonas. He normally just yelled at her for a while and stamped upstairs to his room, slamming the door. Still, he was her son and she loved him. He'd also be home by how, which would make him more angry.


Nathaniel pulled back his fist and slammed it into Charlie's face, hearing a satisfying crack as he made contact with his nose.

Charlie stumbled back, his hand flying to his nose to stop the flow of blood.

Nathaniel grinned, and turned around to greet his friends. Charlie found his strength again and rugby-tackled him to the ground, beating at him with both fists.

Nathaniel pulled Charlie off of him and back down onto the grass, not anticipating Charlie sticking his knee up into his crotch.


As Nathaniel pulled himself to his feet Charlie struck him another blow to his nose.

By this time their fellow students were going wild with excitement.

"Go on Nate! Finish him off!"

"You can do it, Charlie! Rip his bollocks off!"


Daniel finally stopped talking about his artefacts, and Jack fought back the urge to cheer. He waited for General Hammond to officially finish the debriefing and then he would be on his way home to see Charlie.

"Thank you, SG-1. You have no offworld missions scheduled for the next four days, so it'd be a good time to catch up on paperwork, Colonel."

"Yes, sir," Jack replied, even though he had no intention of doing so.

Sam got up and went to the locker room, quickly pulling on her clothes and leaving the base. She was already late, and Nathan would be in a terrible mood if he hadn't had anything to eat.



Unfortunately, the teachers had arrived. The watching students instantly vanished leaving Charlie and Nathaniel by themselves.


Nathaniel and Charlie did not answer.


"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."


Jack arrived home, whistling cheerfully. Now he had the whole night to spend with his son.

"Charlie! Charlie, I'm back."

There was no reply, and Jack couldn't hear the thudding of his music stereo coming through the ceiling.


Worriedly, he went over to the answering machine. The display read 1 message. Still concerned, he pressed the play button.

"Mr O'Neill, this is Charlie's school principal. I'm afraid he's been involved in an incident with another pupil today, and I need you to come to my office immediately. Thank you."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Jack moaned, pulling his coat back on and heading back out to the car.


"Nate! Nate, I'm back! Listen, I'm sorry I'm late, but..."

Sam looked around the room in confusion. He wasn't there. Worriedly, she climbed the stairs to his room but didn't find him there either.

"Nate? Nate, are you here?" she asked, but got no reply.

She went back downstairs and was about to go back out when her eye fell on the answering machine. Wearily, she pressed the play button.

"Miss Carter, this is Nathaniel's school principal. I'm afraid he's been involved in an incident with another pupil today, and I need you to come to my office immediately. Thank you."

"Oh, Nate!" she shouted angrily at nobody in particular, pulling her coat back on and going out to her car.


Nathaniel and Charlie sat on chairs in the principal's office, awaiting their doom at the hands of their parents.

"What'd ya have to go and call my mom for, sir?" Nate asked, picking at the dried blood on his knee.

"Your father wasn't in, Nathaniel."


There was a knock on the door that Charlie instantly recognised as his father's. He swallowed.

"Come in."

Charlie's suspicions were correct - his father was standing in the doorway.

"Come in, Mr O'Neill," the principal said, "We're just waiting on the other parent."

Jack sat down next to Charlie, looking at the boy opposite him. There was something about him that looked familiar, but Jack couldn't quite put his finger on it.

There was a second knock on the door.

"Come in."

Sam entered the room and her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

Jack stood up to meet her and looked equally shocked.


"Sir?" she squeaked.

Charlie and Nathaniel looked at each other. This day was getting weirder by the minute.


Sam sat down, swallowing nervously. Oh shit, she thought, the Colonel is going to want an explanation for this...

Jack sat down, still half-paralysed with shock. Carter had a son? She'd never mentioned him. Why?

The principal looked at them.

"You know each other?" he asked.

"Yes, we work together," Jack replied, casting a look over at Sam who was incredibly interested in her shoes.

"Ah, I see. Well, I'm sure you know why we're here. Charlie and Nathaniel got into a fight after school today, and they both sustained some injuries."

Sam looked at Nathaniel and was shocked to see his left eye was blackening and his nose was bruised and swollen, as well as having a split lip and a cut knee.

Jack looked at Charlie. His nose was definitely broken, and his face was bruised, and his hands were cut.

Sam couldn't bear to think of how she and Jack would be able to talk afterwards. Her son had broken his son's nose!

"What I want to know is how this started," the principal continued, looking at the two boys.

They said nothing, just looked at the floor.

"Boys..." his voice carried an unspoken warning.

"He did it!" they shouted in unison, pointing at each other.

"I don't care who started it, just why!" the principal snapped, turning redder by the second.

"No reason, sir."

"No, sir."

The principal sighed, and took a pen from his pocket. Twisting it between his fingers, he looked at Sam and Jack.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to suspend them for a week," he said.

Nathaniel almost cheered, but Sam and Jack knew that this was going to be a problem.

"Uh...that's sort of a problem," Jack began.

"You see, we work very long hours," Sam continued.

"And we wouldn't be in for the entire day," Jack finished.

The principal looked at the two of them carefully.

"Would it be possible to get some time off?" he asked.

Jack pictured the scene in his head. "Oh, excuse me, General Hammond, my son and Carter's son decided to beat the crap out of each other today, so they got suspended. Would you mind letting us take a week off?"

"We could try," Sam said, looking at Jack.

Jack nodded.

"Or ya could take us to work with ya," Nathaniel suggested, picking at the scab on his knee.

"I...don't think..."

Charlie joined in. "Oh, please dad!"

Jack looked at Sam in desperation. She looked back, equally distressed.

"You'd be spending the entire week together, you do realise that," Jack said.

Charlie looked at Nathan, and Nathan looked at Charlie.

"And we still have to clear it with Hammond," Sam said.

"Yeah. I think that's gonna be our biggest problem."

The principal sighed. "I don't have a problem with it as long as your employer is willing to take full responsibility for them. Oh, and I'll need that in writing."


Sam and Jack walked ahead of their sons as they exited the school.

"You mind telling me why I never heard of Nathan before?" Jack asked.

Sam stiffened. "You never asked, sir."

"Well, we're gonna be getting to know each other a little more in the next week."

"Yes, sir. We have to see General Hammond, though."

"Yeah. He isn't going to like this one little bit, is he?"

"To be honest, sir, I don't like this one little bit."

"No. No, neither do I."



Next Time: Sam and Jack explain themselves to General Hammond and someone hears about the situation. By 0900 hours the entire base knows about it! How will Sam and Jack cope?