Boy Meets Boy

by S_Star

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: If they were mine, Draco and Harry would've been shagging by the end of OotP, not turning each other into slug-things.

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Summary: You know the story.  Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy makes girl's life into a living hell.  That's kinda like us, isn't it, Potter?

AN: I would like to thank Emma Darby for being at school on sports day, thus allowing me not to run the 200m and instead sit on a patch of grass and write this little fic.  Not that she'll ever read this, of course, but y'know…

Boy Meets Boy

You know the story – boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy doesn't know it, boy pulls girl's hair, pushes her over, laughs at her, and generally makes her life into a living hell.  Girl cries and walks away, and boy doesn't know why he feels so sad and hurt about it.  After all, they're young and naïve, and when they're older they'll know what was going on and make things right.

That's kinda like you and me, isn't it, Potter?  Except instead of harmless taunts and pigtail-pulling – although your hair is probably long enough – we say it in bites and scratches and curses and pushing each other down moving staircases and waiting for the 'crack' as the other hits the bottom.  If the other hits the bottom at all.  No wonder it took so long for us to grow up.  Nearly seven years, in fact.  But we did.  So now I guess we're kinda friends.

Friends, that's a strange word for us.  I don't think we're friends, although I haven't exactly for much experience in that field.

I mean, I don't ever remember you and Weasley trying to find any excuse to touch each other or having heated arguments over (quite literally) nothing in the corridors.  Weasley and Granger, maybe, and come on, we both know how they ended up, don't we?

And if what they say is true, and the more pain you cause, the more attracted you are to each other, then we must be soulmates or something.

So sod the whole friendship thing; this is out of your hands now.  I've got the story all planned out, and this is how it goes: boy meets boy, boy likes boy, boy hurts boy and makes him cry and bleed and scream, and this goes on for years and years until the boys understand what's going on.  Then the boys become friends, but they like each other too much for that to last very long, so one day they kiss, and then they become lovers and live passionately ever after.

And then I wake up and I smile, rolling over to face you and kissing you softly on the cheek, because after hundreds of years, this fairytale always comes true.


AN: Aww, how sweet.  Scary, really, I haven't written anything this cute in ages.  And I know that a coupla my betas are shaking their heads and saying that compared to some fluff, this is like chapter 21 of 'The Golden Snitch – Don't Wing Yourselves, Boys!' (NB: read it if you haven't already: it's one of my faves. It's by Michael Serpent and it's available on, but this is actually my own brand of sugar-free fluff equivalent.  ^_^  Any good, or do you prefer the full-flavour stuff?