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Jean let herself into the mansion, kicking her high heels into the hall closet on top of the neatly arranged shoes. She groaned in ecstacy, wriggling her toes as she leaned on the open door.


She opened her eyes and smiled at Storm. Her warmth was not returned. 'Jean, you need to find reliable care for your children if you wish to remain on active duty. I don't think anyone here signed on to babysit." Before Jean could respond, Storm brushed past her, leaving the mansion. Dimly, Jean registered that Storm had been dressed in her X men uniform. Closing the door, she dropped her briefcase against the wall. ~Logan?~


Hastily throwing up shields, she hurried to the livingroom trying not to slip in her nyloned feet. ~SHHHHbabies, hush, shhhh~ Despite her caution, she would have wiped out in the doorway if not for her telekinesis. A large blue projectile hurtled out of the livingroom, attaching itself to her neck. "Aunty Jean!!" the boy cried in delight, almost crushing her ribs, "We've missed you so much!!"

~Francis, I can't breath!~ Fighting a smile, Jean took a deep breath as the boy reluctantly let go of her. Looking at him, she was grateful for her telekinesis again. Hank McCoys' son was the spitting image of his father. Blue, furry, and incredibly...heavy. She affectionatly ruffled his hair. "What brought your dad back?" she asked, walking over to the couch. The sight that met her eyes was not pleasant, albeit familiar. Her twin girls, Shaylynne and Crystal were clad only in diapers and chicken bits. A bucket of fast food chicken sat between them. "Francis, who is watching the girls?" she asked with distaste. Obviously, she needed out of her Chanel suit before she could even THINK of touching them.

"I am, aunty!! Dad said he had to catch up with Uncle Logan so as soon as he came home..."the furry boy faltered, seeing the dark look that crossed his aunts' face. He looked at the twins and back to Jean. "Dad said I could share my chicken with them..."

"Did you say Logan came home while you were here? Who was watching the twins?" Jean asked carefully, pushing down the bubbling anger. Everytime she had to go on a mission, the same damn thing happened. Logan had the attention span of a three year old. No matter how many times Charles made sure they never went on missions at the same time so one parent was always home for the kids, he was always gone when she came home. And everyone was mad at HER for not arranging things better. Finally registering the crestfallen look on Francis' face, she sighed. "I'm not mad at you, hon. But who was babysitting before you?"

"I was. Snap, pop." Jubille cracked her gum nonchalantly. She walked over and looked at the babies. Backing away, she muttered " They WERE NOT this...gross.. when I left! She glared at the younger mutant. " Why didn't you watch them better? I'm not touching them now!"

"Stop!" Jean interceded as she watched Francis' face contort in anger. She suddenly noticed an abscence in the room and the happy yammering in her head had stopped. "Where is James?"

Jubilee was still glaring at the blue boy. "Hes' in the tub."

Jean picked up her daughters and the bucket of chicken with her TK. "Jubilee, I'll take it from here." she stated, marching them all out of the rom. Francis stuck his tongue out and bounded ahead, using the back of the couch for a springboard.

"Jean-" Jean turned and gave Jubilee her best disdainful look. Snap! Crack! went the asian girls' bubblegum. " You DID know who were marrying when you walked down the aisle, right?"