Note: Thank you to those continueing to read this story. It never fails to amaze me and I am quite unsure of where it is going. I want to see if anyone can figure out who Francis' mom is from the clues I'm leaving....I could offer a prize....anyone want a cranky old grey cat??

The disclaimer is in a previous chapter and I want everyone to know I think I'm being totally original here.

Opening her mind, Jean found Scott in the Danger Room office with Jamie. Her son had acquired a dish towel somewhere, tied around his waist like a little Samoan boy. He was sitting quite contentedly on 'uncle' Scotts' shoulders as they both intently watched the action below. Francis and Jubilee seemed to be running a very low intensity scenario and the furry boy was almost a blurr as he avoided the bots and lazer fire. Jean ran a hand over her hair, smoothing it and rubbed at an unidentifiable stain on the leg of her Juicy sweats before catching herself. The guys didn't acknowledge her as she stepped into the booth, Scott just pressing some buttons as he kept her son balanced on his shoulder with one hand. She stood for a moment, realizing the intensity of the program had increased. Somewhat concerned, she gently probed only to find that Francis was actually enjoying himself. " Well, he definitly takes after his mother." she ventured as the boy blithly sprang through a barrage of lasers, unscathed.

Scott smiled "I think he bears more than a passing resemblance to our bouncing blue Beast as well." he chuckled. Opening the intercom, he announced the end of the training session, shutting down the simulation despite the groans and protests feeding back over the com. Scott looked at the skinny boy still perched on his shoulder. " Is it too late for ice cream?"he asked.

Jamie cocked his head as if he needed to think about it, then started clapping his hands babbling happily (but for once quietly) in his head. Scott placed him on the floor so he could run down to the Danger Room to invite the others to share the treat. Jean watched her son scramble off, then looked at Scott. "So what brings you around? I thought X Force was keeping you too busy for social calls."

Scott turned to face her, his face unreadable due to the ever present ruby quartz goggles. He shrugged. "Well, you know how it is." He started to walk toward the kitchen, following the happy chatter reacher there ears. "I hear you've been busy,too. How did the presentation to the Senate go?"Jean sighed. "That bad, huh?"

"Not bad, just the same. Our country is never going to accept mutants until it has us all catalogued museum specimens!" She stopped, almost running into Scott as he abruptly stopped. He stared at her...or at least turned his face in her direction.

Scott looked at her for a moment longer, then started walking again. "Said the Conservative Pacifist to the Radical Leftist. Really, Jean, I thought I was the one leading the wanted revolutionaries in the desert. But you can have the role if you want, really."A hint of bitterness had crept into his voice.

Jean grabbed his arm. This didn't sound like the man she'd almost married. "I haven't said 'Lets' assisnate the president and bomb the stock market'. I just said..."

"Jean, if you-who claim the 'humans-and-mutants-can-live-together-in-peace Charles Xavier as your mentor- can say what you just did with such passion, then what future is there for our kids?" They were standing just outside the kitchen, happy jabbering audible through the door. "You seem to have decided that its US against THEM. And that is dangerous thinking...thats' what caused Magneto to build Avalon and you do remember how that ended, don't you? That wasn't human versus mutant, that was mutant versus mutant. Brother versus brother. You hold the unique position of actually being heard by the people in power. Don't forget that."Taking a deep breath as though to say more, he suddenly pivoted and stepped into the kitchen.

She stood for a moment, speachless. Where had that come from? When she had first married Logan, Cable had been thrown into a rage. He called his father an flonqing idiot for loosing Jean and Jean...well, he'd apparently decided it was better to say nothing to her. His team had shown up some time later, looking for him but the X Men couldn't help. Wolverine had done an extensive search despite the fact that Jamie had been due any day, but turned up nothing. After the birth, Scott announced he was stepping into his absent sons' shoes. Attempts to amalgamate the two teams had just resulted in increasing strife and tension. No one had tried to stop him, perhaps picking up an underlying tension between him and the new family. As she stepped into the familial warmth of the kitchen, Jean realized no one really encouraged him to leave, either. Taking in the scene of Jamie, sitting on the island, Betsy standing with her hands on her belly, Warren standing with a hand on his best friends' shoulder as Jubilee almost visibly drooled as Scott made one of his famous Summer Sundaes jean came to a realization. No one had really felt him leave in there hearts, either.