Mariah's baby

Disclaimer: Lady Ezzora does neither own beyblade nor any of the characters This story was written together with a friend, we had quite some fun writing this. Pairings: Tyson x Max, Kenny x Kevin and Mariah x?????(mistery guy, he's not an oc ^_^)

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Mariah was standing in front of the window, she sighted, her periods were two weeks late. Behind her Lee woke up "Mariah what are you doing there, get back to bed", Mariah turned around and looked at Lee's half naked body, a memory seemed to return /had it been Lee???.. Four weeks ago..\ "Mariah!" "I'm coming Lee" Mariah walked to the bed and laid down beside Lee, and he wrapped his arms around her. "Ow Ray," she sighted. "Did you say something" Lee asked her, while looking at her with suspicion, "no, I did not say anything" She felt felt warm hands touching her, and she imagined those hands were Ray's, she sighted again and closed her eyes. "You like that, don't you?" Lee said. Mariah opened her eyes again." is there something wrong?" Lee asked her when he saw the sorrowful look in her eyes. "No. no. nothings wrong" Mariah said, while turning her face away from Lee. He turned her head so that she faced him again and he kissed her Mariah thought, and she tried to keep her tears from flowing. "Grosse! Get a room you two" Both Mariah and Lee looked up, and they saw a pissed Kevin standing in the doorway * "Kevin get lost! Can't you see I'm busy" Lee shouted, and Kevin walked away, while cursing Lee. Kevin walked out of the door, into the rain, tears were running down his cheeks. /Why did she choose Lee, why that selfish bastard\ Kevin sat down next to the wall. "Are you interested in some yaoi files"** suprized Kevin looked up and saw Kenny standing in front of him, holding his laptop. Kenny sat down beside him and opened his laptop, Kevin looked at the screen "but aren't those pictures of ..","those are just some fan-arts, wait till you see the real stuff" and Kenny showed Kevin some photo's "Tyson and Max?" Kevin looked suprized. "Well you see the have problems keeping the noise down.."Kenny blushed a little "wouldn't you like to try that out?" Kevin said, and he saw Kenny's eyes widen. He stood up and pulled Kenny up, "let's go"

The next morning Mariah woke up because of some stomach cramps, she wrestled herself out of lee's arms and ran towards the toilet, Lee had woken up and was wondering why Mariah After a few minutes Mariah came back into the room, looking very pale, "What did you do that for" "I just had a stomach ache" Lee looked at her "get back in bed" Kenny opened his eyes and turned around and found himself looking at a sleeping Kevin. He smiled and lay back on his back. "What did you think of my crazy monkey attack?" Kevin grinned as he looked at Kenny "Quite impressive" sighted Kenny. "OW MY LORD!!!!!!!!!" both boys looked towards the doorway and they saw Tyson standing there, speechless, well almost speechless "Tyson what are you doing here" "what am I doing here? What is he doing here "Tyson pointed at Kevin who was starting to get out of the bed "ehmm, well you see.."Kenny did not know what to say "nothing happened, we where just." "nothing happened eh, well then I'll just take my leave" Kevin got dressed and walked towards the door "I'll be seeing you, Kenny. And Tyson, nice action pic's" Tyson stared blankly at Kevin "Action pic's?" he looked at Kenny "Ï have no idea what he was talking about"

Ray: I do not appear in this chapter

Kai: Neither do I, thank god

Lady Ezzora: Lady Ezzora will let Kai and Ray appear in the next chapter

Kai: great I can't wait.

* They all sleep in the same room, like they did at the Asian championships

** whahahaa, Lady Ezzora had to put this in, Kenny just seems like the type to keep yaoi files on his laptop (dizzy must love that, right)