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Chapter 1: Debts to be Paid

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"Your so-called telepathic powers ain't helping you now, is they?"

The young man, possibly 16 or so, glared up at the large, burly man he was gambling with.

"What is that, another five thousand on the 18 you already owe me?" he said.

Ivan Whisky thought about his piling debts. How was he going to pay them? His light blue hair shook into his face as he tried to think about his possible solutions.

He knew he was now in serious trouble

Especially with the boss.

They called him 009, because when he was through with you, he would have felt like you died 9 times.

The bastard… Why was he, Ivan Whisky, in debt while the self-flattering son of a bitch was living large?

His anger was vented on the Mafia boss, as was the man's at him.

"Kid! You listening? You still owe me from last week, too! I should report your gay-ass behind to the Boss right fuckin' now!" His large fist smashed down on the table, making the glass bottle of beer he had been drinking fall to the ground, smashing glass and alcohol everywhere.

No one looked back at them.

This bar was known for its dangerous customers… It was run by the Yakuzu, so it had to be.

Ivan wondered how he had ever gotten into the mess. He used to be a 'good' boy. How had he ever become what he was now?

Had it been his father's marriage to a woman who already had a daughter?

No… He got along with Françoise quite well.

Or was it because of all the pressure to be smart, or popular, or some other whim of his fathers?

Getting warmer, but still no.

Perhaps it was because his father had been like this, too.

A gambler, a drinker, a smoker…

Yes, yes, it had been that.

For his father couldn't say he was being stupid; Ivan was following his example!

Too bad he was dead.

Shot in a drug bust a year ago…

Not that he cared. He hadn't even showed up at the funeral, though Françoise criticized him about it later.

His thoughts instantly went to his sister, his lovely sister of 18, with her sunshine hair and eyes as blue as the May sky. She was calm, gentle, shy, and in all and all, the most perfect person he had ever seen. She had been born in France, as he had been born in Russia. Their parents had met on a business trip to Japan, and decided to marry and live there.

That had been over five years ago.

After a particularly bad business failure, he had resorted to drugs and alcohol…

His father, the one who demanded excellence, had turned into a lying, filthy man he didn't want to know he was related to.

Of course, Ms. Arounl, Françoise's mother and his stepmother, did not know. She thought his nightly outings were to the office, doing late night work, not to a seedy bar in the wrong area on Tokyo.

How shocked she had been when she discovered the truth: he was found dead, alcohol-level in his blood stream four times the legal amount, and obvious brain damage from drugs.

So shocked that she had died almost two months later, lamenting over the deceitful man she was still in love with.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, Françoise had just turned 18. She was old enough to support herself, along with him.

But how tired she had been ever since! College, with a few part-time jobs in between, had ripped her energy apart.

All she could do when she got home was sleep, too tired to even eat.

She would have had to drop out of college, if not for her scholarship and pitying teachers who helped her along.

And what about him?

He was worthless, every bit the jackass his father had been.

How was he suppose to pay the debts?

How was he suppose to tell Françoise?


Françoise arrived at home, surprised to see that Ivan wasn't already there.

'He must be studying for that test he told me about at the library again, like yesterday,' she decided.

She walked to the phone, which she saw had a message on.

Surprised, she played it:

"Françoise Arounl," it said, "Your bother, Ivan Whisky, is being held by the Yakuzu. He owes us 25000 yen. If you wish to ever see him again, you will bring the money to us, at Gokuaku no Michi. You will see a large bar. Good night."

Françoise sank to the ground, shock flooding her body.

She had every right to not believe it, but she had been a bit suspicious about him lately.

His teachers had called and said he had skipped class more than once and was failing most of them, something he always had crazy answers for, and the smell of beer she had smelled from him mouth when he arrived late at night.

She wanted to go berserk, cry, and leave him there all the once.

But the better part of her won, and she ran back into her car.

She told herself that she would be able to convince them to let him go, and that they would pay the debts, and… She just had to try!

He was her baby brother, her only living relative, and although they were not blood-related, she loved him as if he was.

What had led him so astray? How could she have let this happen?

She had to get him back!


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